Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All details about the new game console: Microsoft's new console - The Xbox One ... - ABC Online


like a DVD player, the new Xbox One combines features of AppleTV with the power of high performance PCs under the surface of Windows 8 A rich blend

div as Microsoft with the Xbox first time in a completely new business area for the company started, you had to make a statement of the housing game console. Not as slim as the competition, but muscled, almost uncouth they had to act so that gamers saw it the inherent power and you were confident despite borrowed from the PC inner life to take on the Sony competition, which at that time with “Emotion Engine” and similar spells chips advertised. The successor, the Xbox 360, it was important to design -. A snake waist, a pretty designed surface, which eventually became populated by virtual characters

Xbox One, presented for the first time three weeks before the E3, is in the household of her owner’s barely noticeable. She looks like a slightly bulkier DVD player from the very first generation, when the devices were still significantly thicker. Only as a secret eye movements and sounds of its users capturing Kinect controller, which is now an integral part of the system could still stand. He now takes over complete control of the system, from the speech input and control of movement. He hears “Xbox On”, the Console reports for duty.

But the software can be one of the Xbox console is not the owner of the sight: it is supposed to learn his habits so that they can recommend it appropriate TV programs. Microsoft integrates sometimes just the functions of a current and sometimes future Apple TV: Unlike the Apple console Xbox One can namely theoretically similar to Sony’s Google TV in every TV channel in turn, as long as it only via the HDMI outpu t the TV box (cable or satellite) is fed.

the part of the system software, the customer gets the most commonly seen (when he’s not gambles, is responsible for a different system), Microsoft has calculated Windows 8 is selected. The system, which is currently struggling with certain problems of acceptance, is indeed better than its reputation – but the coolness factor, the Apple and Sony may also partly to their credit, I’m sure is missing him. Microsoft did with the Xbox one now more than ever the complete home entertainment in mind. However, the non-trivial initial success determine the gamer who like to pay more for a brand new toy.

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