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17 May 2013 16:20

Google founders Sergey Brin with the Glass-glasses

(Photo: REUTERS )

Chosen Nerd noses may already carry these days and test Google’s new cyber goggles. U.S. Deputy CEO Page make clear, however: Google Glass must respect the privacy of citizens


American politicians are calling to 14 June clear words of Google CEO Larry Page for Glass Glasses: In a letter to CEO Larry Page, the Republican Congressman Joe Barton and others worry about the privacy of citizens (PDF). The signatories are members of a group of parliamentarians from both major parties, which advocates for privacy.

The crucial question for them is how much emphasis is put on privacy in the company of high-tech wireless glasses. “We are uncertain about Google’s plans to integrate the protection of privacy in the unit. There are still unanswered questions is” , it says in the letter. Total Page politicians put eight questions to various Google technologies.

One: How will prevent the upgraded with all sorts of digital technology glasses “accidentally” collect data from the user’s Google? Even passers-by with smartphone running the wearer on the road could be affected, according to deputies. After a short instruction can take the wearer’s environment.

U.S. politicians play with it on a former public relations disaster for Google: A few years ago the company was in the headlines through Google Street View. At that time, technology was photographed aboard the cars, the streets and houses, illegally collected personal data over wireless networks.

not until about a year the cyber glasses Glass will come on the market. Selected developers and designers are already using prototypes. Barton asks Google now disclose what “proactive” steps to protect the privacy of the company takes. The MPs are concerned primarily due to the planned face recognition. You want to know if the glasses can actually see people. If so, the second question arises: Has the population a way to escape this analysis


developers make special glasses Apps ago

MEPs want to know in detail what content Google scans and what the group wants to collect information about users. Personal data will be fed into and out of the Asian networks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr have unveiled at the developer conference Google I / O this Thursday their special app offerings for the glasses. Even media houses like the New York Times and CNN want to show users the latest news in the right lens.

the skull transmits the Google Goggles to the user acoustically weather forecasts or navigation instructions. She reads emails and takes a button on the temples photos and short videos on. With a nod to the neck Google Glass is awakened from sleep.

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