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Apple hires Dolby chief technology officer Mike Rockwell at – Macerkopf – Apple news from Cupertino

In recent years, we have experienced one or the other staff changes at Apple. Sometimes the manufacturer of Cupertino loses a senior employee and another time, the Group can secure the services of another specialist.


time Apple has even slammed on the labor market and the services of Dolby Executive Vice President Mike Rockwell secured. This will enhance Apple’s hardware division, as 9to5Mac. According to an insider Rockwell Apple has hired to improve the audio and display performance of future Apple products. The possible range of products coming in question is so big.

From Rockwell’s Linkedln profile shows that this is working for Apple since February. However, an exact description of the tasks has not been defined. Dolby Rockwell was last in the Advanced Technology Group operates, where he was responsible for new technologies and new business. Previously, Rockwell was involved in the development of innovative sound quality in Cinema, Home and portable devices


Dolby probably most of you for be multi-channel audio solutions known. In addition, Rockwell was inducted into Dolby’s Vision for advanced displays. The new Apple employee is not the only audio expert, to which the Group has nabbed in recent years. In addition to the acquisition of Beats Apple hires among others Thomason Holman of THX.


Technology: IBM plans to invest billions into the Internet of Things – H

Image: IBM

IBM intends by his own admission within invest four years three billion US dollars in a new division which will deal exclusively with the Internet of Things. The resulting services to be offered, especially business customers.

How IBM offers from now on as a co-operation with the Weather Company of sensors collected, comprehensive weather information to customers about the Cloud services the company can use in real time and in combination with other data. This should, for example, large retailers can identify in combination with their sales, how their sales are correlated with certain weather conditions or how these weather conditions affect the supply of certain products.

Another scenario applies to insurance companies, compare their claims experience with the meteorological data and their customers in the future can so effectively warn of storms. And also very different industries such as tire and drive manufacturer to be won as customers for the new data sources and rates.

Further step away from the hardware store

The provision of weather information should only be the beginning. In the medium term plans to offer other real-time data from sensors in buildings, machinery and equipment IBM. This makes the announcement shows that the former core business, the hardware will continue to lose relevance at IBM. By 2018, the business with cloud services, Big Data, Security and the Internet of Things around 40 billion US dollars will contribute to annual sales forecasts IBM, which would correspond to a share of almost 50 percent.


Wi-Fi Display technology is considerably improved with Windows 10 – WinFuture

Windows 10, Windows Threshold, Windows 9, Threshold, Windows” Threshold “Threshold Windows 9 Windows 9″ Threshold “, Windows 9 Technical Preview, Windows 10 Threshold Source: Microsoft

In Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 are among other significant improvements in the Wi-Fi Display technology be included. This allows wireless transmission of screen playback on various external devices such as TV or projector. Good work so far the technique, for example, when transferring a relatively constant visual material such as a video stream. The problem was, however, when changing the image resolution or frame rate during the session. Microsoft now integrated a method to detect such changes and adapts the signal without interruptions, the developer Rafael Rivera said.
Furthermore, Microsoft integrated a new latency control in the Wi-Fi display technology. This is to ensure that the latencies and the resulting consequences be adapted to each situation. So there is undoubtedly applications that require the lowest possible latency in the transmission. Above all games are here doing the very front. In other cases, however, it is better to give the system more time – for example, if you are streaming videos. It is better to get some frames to buffers and for the best and most artifact-free images.
‘) were A further problem with the image transfer via wireless previously Applications that require user interaction. In addition to games, this affects the normal operation of the source system. Due to the latency in the transmission of the response was delayed here partially noticeable. Microsoft therefore separated the mouse moves completely out of the actual picture out and only provides for this now own a small but very high-performance streaming.

The Microsoft developers also integrated a more detailed error reporting in the technology. This should allow users with problems can now be informed of concrete, instead of them just is notified that something has happened – what do you usually will notice anyway based on the failed image itself. Windows 10, Windows Threshold, Windows 9, Threshold, Windows & quot; Threshold & quot ;, Windows 9 Threshold, Windows 9 & quot; Threshold & quot ;, Windows 9 Technical Preview, Windows 10 Threshold Windows 10, Windows Threshold, Windows 9, Threshold, Windows “Threshold” Threshold Windows 9 Windows 9 “Threshold”, Windows 9 Technical Preview, Windows 10 Threshold Microsoft


Monday, March 30, 2015

LG 65EG9609 Review (1): Is OLED better TV technology? – Digitalfernsehen.de

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PwC Germany and IBIS Prof. Thome AG: Digital technology support … – PR Newswire (press release)

Frankfurt am Main (ots) – Leading accounting firm and innovative IT company Strategic Partnership / quality and efficiency of auditing rise thanks to unique data analysis noticeably

PwC Germany concludes with the IBIS Prof. Thome a strategic partnership. The aim of the partnership is to further improve the quality of auditing the use of digital technologies and to develop innovative technological solutions together. A first result of this collaboration is an intelligent software to fully support the auditor in identifying audit priorities, the implementation of system and process audits and the audit of individual items. The analyzes are carried directly into the systems of the client.

“As a leading accounting firm, we want to offer our clients the most innovative testing methods. Thanks to the cooperation with IBIS we can with our jointly developed solution ‘Halo for SAP’ for the first time comprehensively analyze all the data of the audited company and develop the examination so crucial on. So we build our technology leadership in public accounting from that enhance the quality of our examination further and create value for our clients, “says Harald Kayser, Chief Auditing at the auditing and consulting firm PwC Germany.

“Halo for SAP ‘based on the’ Reverse Business Engineering ‘methodology and the’ RBE Plus’ technology of IBIS. The analysis package provides a comprehensive technical support of the auditor. It expands the view of the information systems of the audited company massively and allows the auditors, business transactions faster and safer to analyze than ever before. This was the breakthrough in the use of digital technologies in auditing is reached, “said Dr. Andreas Hufgard, Chief Development Officer of IBIS.

In recent years, the auditing of the systematic recording of business processes and tests on a sample-based testing, analysis by automatic controls has developed into a close-knit examination of complex process flows and their internal control systems. With the help of an extensively tested even for large companies RBE software and methodology to test the efficacy of business process controls and the identification of critical areas of testing can be significantly improved.

About PwC:

PwC firms provide industry-specific services in the areas of auditing, tax and management consulting. There we provide our clients the added value they expect. More than 195,000 people in 157 countries across our network develop their ideas, their experience and expertise fresh perspectives and practical solutions. In Germany PwC achieved in 29 locations with 9,400 employees with a total capacity of about 1.55 billion euros.

The term PwC refers to the PwC network and / or one or more of the legally independent network companies. More details at www.pwc.com/structure

About IBIS Prof. Thome AG:

The Würzburg Institute for Occupational Information Systems (IBIS) was founded in 1994 by a research team at the University of Würzburg hived off. It specializes as an innovative software provider on the economic analysis of SAP systems and established with RBE Plus analyzes for more than twelve years worldwide. More details at www.ibis-thome.de


 Dr. Stefan Bießenecker 
External Corporate Communications PwC
Tel .: (069) 95 85-62 65
E-mail: stefan.biessenecker@de.pwc.com

Dr. Stephan Streller
Business Development IBIS
Tel .: (0931) 79686-41
E-mail: streller@ibis-thome.de


Deka technology CF funds: 02/2015 report, 100% invested – Fund Analysis – FinanzNachrichten.de

Munich – The investment objective of Deka technology CF Fund (ISIN DE0005152623 / WKN 515262) ​​is a medium to long-term capital appreciation through a positive trend in the prices of the assets contained in the fund, the experts of Deka Investment.Das fund management pursues the strategy, To achieve objective through a risk-diversified, global investing primarily in equity securities of companies that would generate their revenues or its financial results mainly in the technology sector or technology-related areas. Furthermore (derivatives) could Shops derived from an underlying financial instruments are made. Read the full story …


Saturday, March 28, 2015

US military sell weapons and technology on the Internet – German Economic News

The Department of Defense of the United States has apparently lost control of domestic weapons and armor units. On the internet sell military weapons and high-tech equipment. However, the US Navy refers to the illegal sales, but has little handle to tackle it.

The US Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( NCIS) reports on illegal sales of US arms on the Internet. (Screenshot)

A military monocular microscope, which is not for civilian use is intended, was released in December 2014 unused condition for sale on eBay. (Screenshot)

The Department of Defense of the United States appeared to take control of domestic weapons and armor units lost. On various online auction houses like eBay can night vision devices or thermal’s imaging of the US military used to locate improvised explosive devices that are acquired.

“Since 2009, a part of this advanced hardware is reported missing and is actively sold on a variety of websites, “reports the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in an intended only for internal use document entitled” Diversion and Illegal Sales of Restricted USG Optical Systems “. The military units are sold at 13 sites under the headings sports equipment, fishing tackle and camping equipment. Sellers are apparently active or former US soldiers. A total of 32,000 military units were originally distributed as part of a 750-million dollar Pentagon program to US soldiers and are not intended for civilian use.

In December 2014, eBay military monocular microscope BAE Systems was released for sale. What is noticeable in the product description that the device is said to have been unused. 2012 NBC News reported that US troops to sell stolen weapons to US gangs and foreign states. NBC News based its report on a report of NCIS.

The United States is fighting on other levels with problems of arms control. In 2011, the ex-Marine Dakota Meyer sued his employer BAE Systems. The US defense group to have sold night vision equipment to Pakistan. Meyer feared a transfer of technology which could be detrimental for US troops in Pakistan at the end. The NCIS joined these concerns, without mentioning specifically Pakistan. The dispute between Meyer and BAE Systems was settled in late 2011.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Bohle opened Technology Centre – The bell online

Ennigerloh (hh) – The Ennigerloher machine builders LB Bohle has opened the technology center after two years of construction. As a result, the machine manufacturer has modernized and improved its manufacturing processes.

With the opening of the new technology center, the manufacturer of special machines for the pharmaceutical industry LB Bohle machines and processes GmbH , embarked on a pioneering path for the future.

initiator Lorenz Bohle led partners from industry and research at its headquarters in Ennigerloh together, and in two years time was a reference system in which pharmaceutical customers the benefits of continuous production experience can.

The technology center Ennigerloher the manufacturer of special machines combine two ideas. First, the various machines are also connected for data transmission. On the other hand, they are equipped with modern sensors and measurement technology. The goal is to continuously centrally monitor the production process to control and document.

The holistic approach of the new production process is particularly interesting, said Professor Peter Kleinebudde of the Heinrich-Heine-University Dusseldorf at a symposium, which took place from Thursday to Friday at the opening of the Technology Center. “Our long-term, trusting cooperation scientific cooperation for the development of continuous production line was obvious,” he said. “The goal is to concatenate the individual process steps and to ensure always under the same parameters. This could ensure that science still not secure. “

In order for the production of new preparations from six to eight weeks could be reduced to a few hours, said Dr. Hubertus Rehbaum, Scientific Director of LB Bohle, the decisive advantage. Together with partners from industry and academia to have virtually the intelligence, that is the brain of the system developed. Alone in the light-filled building of the technology center two million euros have been invested.

“In the next few years, we have several million euros available to further advance the issue of cross-process control loop in the continuous production,” announced senior director Lorenz Bohle. “We bring the experts to Ennigerloh” screed added, putting on the breakthrough of continuous production processes in the pharmaceutical industry.


3D Nand Flash technology brings higher capacities – ZDNet.de

Intel and Micron have new flash memory chips announced that will provide up to three times the capacity of chips currently in use. They are based on a 3D stacking technique called the Samsung had presented last year. According to Intel, can such a flash memory with a capacity of 3.5 TB be implemented in the size of a gum strip.

In addition, Toshiba has announced a 3D NAND chip to have similar capacities as the products currently offered by Samsung. This Samsung taken a unique feature, which could lead to a new price war.

3D NAND flash chip from Intel and Micron (Picture: Intel).

3D NAND flash chip from Intel and Micron (Picture: Intel).

“3D is one of the ways to keep it going Moore’s Law,” said Michael Jackson, Professor of Microelectronic Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is referring to observations of the Intel co-founder Gordon Moore to the development of the processor technology, which states that the complexity of integrated circuits within a certain time, depending on the source of 12 to 24 months, the speech doubled regularly.

The increase in capacity is achieved with 3D Nand fact that more bits can be stored in a memory cell. Intel and Micron will initially offer 256-Gbit chips with 2 bits per cell. To follow later in which a cell can accommodate 3 bits 384-Gbit chips. Toshiba turn stores two bits per cell in its 128-Gbit chips.

So far, the capacity of flash memory chips was increased by the fact that more and more memory cells were placed on a two-dimensional chip surface. Intel and Micron now follow Samsung’s approach with 32 layers of flash memory. Toshiba comes with 48 layers even one step further. All three companies provide immediate first pattern of their new 3D NAND memory chip. Intel and Micron want to bring the finished product later this year on the market. It can be used in smartphones and also in Solid State Drive.

Intel and Micron have teamed up to compete together against the market leader Samsung. Intel had loud Statista last year a market share of 8 percent, Micron came to 14 percent. Toshiba’s share accordingly declined to 22 percent. Samsung secured in 2014 28 per cent of the market.

IBM develops, however, an alternative to Flash called phase change memory. HGST last year already is than conventional SSDs showed a first SSD with phase change memory that can process data requests several times faster. The start-up Crossbar again relies Resistive RAM. The technology will allow up to one terabyte of memory on a single chip.

[With material by Stephen Shankland, News.com]


Technology: Facebook is expanding its short message service from – Berliner Morgenpost

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03.27.15, 02:45

Facebook is expanding its short message service Messenger with new features significantly from .

How to facilitate linkages with other apps sharing animated images, videos and other multimedia content, such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced. Also, the US group wants to encourage companies to take advantage of the short message service messages to their customers and, for example, receive even complaints.

could With the success of the expansion plans Facebook bring users to spend more time on his platform and move parts of their daily communication, for example, from the e-mail in the Messenger. Facebook has about 1.4 billion worldwide users, the Messenger comes to over 600 million.

The Facebook applications get a new video player. The online network is increasingly offering to upload videos directly to itself and thus enters into competition with the Google-sharing website YouTube. In addition, video advertising is becoming the focus, and app developers get free software tools to evaluate the activity of its users.

Zuckerberg announced at the developer conference F8 in San Francisco also that Facebook will soon be 360 ​​degree videos to be supported. This will, in future, technology play behind the 3D glasses Oculus a role that allows immersion in virtual worlds.

Facebook had Oculus 2014 around two billion bought dollars (1.8 billion euros). Zuckerberg hopes that the technology is employed in entertainment and learning. A studio is already experimenting with animated short films for the glasses. So far, however, it is only offered in a kit for developers. When consumers can buy it, is unclear.

  Source: AP

© Berliner Morgenpost 2015 – All rights reserved


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shares New York Deadline: downhill underreporting technology sector – Exchange Online

NEW YORK (Reuters) – At the US stock market on Wednesday it has gone down sharply. Triggered the decline was initially weak job data. The bad mood finally spilled especially toward the technology sector, where there was a particularly sharp downward journey. The Star Investor Warren Buffett threaded multi-billion dollar deal in the food industry between Kraft Foods and Heinz ketchup faded behind it.

The Dow Jones Industrial (Dow Jones) was at minus 1.62 percent on daily low at 17 718.54 points from the day. The broad S & P 500 Index (S & amp; P 500) lost 1.46 percent to 2,061.05 points. On the technology-heavy Nasdaq NASDAQ 100 index of the selection slumped particularly significant 2.30 percent to 4,329.29 meters and was thus as strong as last end of January.

Instead of the previous month to rise slightly, orders for durable goods were decreased significantly by 1.4 percent in February. As the US Commerce Department said moreover, the increase was corrected from 2.8 to 2.0 percent in January down.

‘TRANSFERS AND profit-taking’

However, it was probably come with a view of the imminent end of the quarter also shifts, said an equity strategist. A more market players spoke of profit-taking as a result of the recent strong gains.

In addition, constantly geistere the question by the trading floor, when now the US central bank will probably usher in the interest rate reversal concrete. This also care for uncertainty after the indexes have climbed steadily ever new heights.


The announced merger of the two tradition corporations Heinz and Kraft Foods had the power shares soar by nearly 36 percent. The new company will be called The force Heinz Company and with sales of around 28 billion US dollars, the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the world number five.

Another assumption sparked a second course Fireworks: The printer manufacturer Lexmark wants to grab the Sofwarehersteller Kofax. While the Kofax then shares jumped 46 percent upward, the Lexmark papers prices increased by over 6 percent.


In the Dow, the only winners were the shares of oil companies Chevron and ExxonMobil plus 1.41 percent ( XOMA ) which rose by 0.40 percent. The reason was the rise in oil prices, despite a record high of US oil reserves. The decline of the dollar had given the buoyant oil prices, it said on the market.

The biggest losers were the papers by Microsoft with minus 3.36 percent and and Intel Apple, which lost 2.92 percent or 2.61. On the Nasdaq, the title of the developer of PC chipsets NVIDIA lost a good 6 percent. The papers of the company is also working for the semiconductor industry KLA-Tencor and Applied material lost more than 5 percent / ck /. hey


Mannheim lucky stone base: New part of the Technology Center is … – Rhein-Neckar Zeitung

Yesterday was the second phase of construction the technology incubator Mafinex opened at the Lindenhof. Photo: Gerold

From Jan Millenet

Mannheim’s startup scene has gained another point of contact , The second phase of the Mafinex Technology Center at the Lindenhof was officially opened on Tuesday. With a total of two sections of over 8000 square meters, it is now the largest business incubator in the region and with a value of nearly 22 million euros the most valuable administrative building of the city of Mannheim.

“It is an important measure for the city “Thus also said Mayor Peter Kurz in his opening speech. Mannheim is a city founder, whose targeted promotion to none. “Nowhere else is there such a wide range of start-ups,” said Short.

And the recognition is also reflected in the EU-project promotion resist. With a total investment of 11 million euros, the country supported with funds totaling 2.5 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and additional state funds the construction of the second section.

About 200 companies are short already emerged loud in Mafinex. These include major companies that now employ more than 100 employees in part, world-wide. “This shows the potential that can develop from such a center.”

The first phase of Mafinex is already at full capacity. In the new part of the first tenants have moved in with 60 employees. “This will probably triple over time,” predicted short, the already spoke of plans for a further phase of construction.

New in the second section is a childcare provision by which the incubator further incentives for young entrepreneurs want to create. The association Sterntaler takes care of the children from zero to three years. Is childcare provision underutilized, may also residents of the district Lindenhof, where the technology center is located, use the services.

Secretary of Commerce Peter Hofelich spoke of an outstanding project. “The country supports cities such as Mannheim with funding from the European Regional Development Fund, so that they are prepared for the European challenges of structural change and expand its competitiveness,” he said. Mannheim took a chance and evolved in recent years from a pure industrial site into a center for innovation, technology, service and creative industries. “Just what we need in Baden-Württemberg is a good climate for entrepreneurs so that new ideas and jobs can be created.”, So Hofelich

3500 square meters are in the new building office space from a size of 18 square meters incurred. Companies operating benefit from a modern environment are being built in the lucky stone-quarters of subsidized rental prices and an involvement in the networks of the Mannheim GmbH incubators (mg: gmbh). It operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the city not only the Mafinex, but all Mannheim existence incubators like the music park or the German-Turkish economic center.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wearables: Beautiful toy or technology of the future? – Free Press

So-called “Activity Tracker” by Misfit be more popular. Doctors look at the data storage connected to minicomputers skeptical

Berlin (dpa) -. They monitor blood pressure and sugar levels, calories uptake and -consumption, the movement in sleep or muscle activities during the day: close to the body portable minicomputer. The so-called Wearable Devices, short wearables, are probably of a breakthrough in Germany.

Already 17 percent of Germans have one or more of these helpers. This is a study commissioned by the management consulting firm PwC, the possession of the German Press Agency in Berlin. PwC says that the device “bring many benefits of the Internet directly to the body.” Not everyone shares this enthusiasm

Wearables offer body-worn internet access – Examples:. Smartwatches or Google Glass. Even as jewelry pieces are there. PwC keeping the little helpers not only in the private sector for good – they could also at work a piece bring far more health. “Wearables make the work more effective and safer,” says PwC’s technology expert Werner Ballhaus. With a data goggles as free-hand work will of course – important as search and rescue teams, for warehouse workers or engineers

There are also intelligent textiles, clothing with sensors in the fabric.. To measure a new T-shirt durable body signals and transmits the data as a tablet. Respiratory rate and heart activity are detected. PwC man Ballhaus makes a possible advantage of such clothes in the job carefully: “Networked functional clothing promises better protection for professionals such as firefighters.”

What should we think of fitness functions and watches with added value in the health sector? Potential benefits are obvious: Many patients forget about when to take their medicine. Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe (CDU) already tried to get an eHealth law on electronic health card such Medikamentierungsprobleme particularly in the elderly better grip.

And also a demanding tone at the moment when the jogging pending , Healthcare providers may prove useful. The biggest advantage of wearables is because even for two-thirds of respondents in the PwC study the contribution to health care.

One in four would therefore be prepared to scroll up to 300 euros for such a device. And nearly three-quarters would spend at least another 100 euros for it. A multi-billion dollar market happening because worldwide, rejoices the American banking giant Morgan Stanley. Experts such as the association Bitkom forecast annual growth rates of over 20 percent. Eagerly the new Apple Watch is expected in April – Cost:. From 399 € in the sports version

When buying a wearables are three points in the center, gave the PwC study: a good value ratio, good service – and data security. The doctors in Germany are skeptical here. “The consumer must be aware that the data will be stored and saved somewhere,” says Roland Steel, spokesman for the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. “The development of wearables shows that many people seem to be willing, more or less safely pass data.” The personal doctor-patient relationship can be replaced by any app.

Critics consider it weird when people on measurements rely instead on physical feeling. And health insurance soon awarded bonuses no longer on fitness-participation according to the check-book, but by continuously Gathered use of training and healthy eating? Become an uninvited third parties to see how much beer has driven up the patient’s blood glucose?

Privacy put such scenarios limits. It also remains open whether in future be more fitness programs are available for Healthy in the foreground – or rather specific applications for the chronically ill

In the in the PwC study respondents had at least 5 percent of a disclosure of personal data agreed.. About 50 percent would be willing to share their data for money or preferential treatment from. However, a majority of respondents also looks Disadvantages: 62 percent fear an invasion of their privacy. See 57 percent vulnerability to security breaches as a problem. It could also be technologically possible quickly that the employer via data glasses sees what its employees straight.

Emergency Medical Journal to wearables


Boeing can be patented technology for shield – Gulli

If you like science fiction, knows that the ships are usually protected, for example in the TV series Star Trek by energy fields, repel that attack, preserving the hull of the ship from damage.

shields will soon no longer science fiction

Such a shield technology would be a useful thing, and perhaps could even become a reality. Because the company now Boeing filed a patent for a plasma field that vehicles, buildings, ships or aircraft is designed to protect against the effects of explosions.

Boeing is primarily known for the manufacture of aircraft, developed but in addition also technologies for the military. Now Boeing is working on said shield technology. This works as follows: A set of sensors on the object to be protected determine within fractions of a second, the direction from which comes the explosion. Now lasers and microwaves generate a plasma field before the object. Ionizes the air in this field. In this area, so be absorbed dominate another air density, temperature and composition, thus shock waves prevented from progressing, discarded or.

However, the plasma field does not provide 100 percent protection because of this, the energy expenditure too would be high. Thus, the effects of an explosion in most cases, only mitigated, but not eliminated completely. The force field also has a further drawback: not only the pressure wave of the explosion, but also the light is reflected. In order for the object to be protected, or the people in it, blind for a short time, which of course brings tactical disadvantages.

When the technology enters the market and how well it works at all, which is one see. / Ab