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Outdoor use successfully: ISS leak closed - T-Online - T-Online

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12.05.2013, 09:19 clock | AFP, dpa

ISS space station leak (source: Picture Alliance / EPA Nasa handout)

ISS after successful repair fully functional again (Source: Picture Alliance / EPA Nasa handout)

In an hour-long outdoor use in all two U.S. astronauts have sealed a leak in the cooling system of the International Space Station. Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn had replaced a control box, a pump, said the U.S. space agency NASA on Saturday.

“No leak, we bring Tom & Chris back in,” the Canadian ISS Commander Chris Hadfield tweeted enthusiastically. The Russian ISS flight director Vladimir Soloviev had classified the incident as “very serious damage”.

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    astronauts were discovered, according to NASA before, “little white flakes” on the ISS, which was attributed to the escape of ammonia. The toxic gas is used for cooling an electric circuit to the human outpost in around 410 kilometers altitude.

    space agencies of the United States and Russia stressed, however, neither the station nor the six-member crew were in danger.

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  • as early as 2012, a leak in the cooling system

    Approximately five and a half hours took the risky outdoor use. For both astronauts, it was always the third “space walk” – the first two they had performed together


    In November 2012, a leak had occurred in the cooling system. Then installed two ISS crew members with an outside use a bypass line.

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