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Tablet computers from Apple, Google and Amazon: What is better? Nexus 7, iPad ... - ABC Online

Google attacked with the new Nexus 7 archrival Apple with its iPad mini and Amazon with the Kindle Fire HD. But which device has what? . A point-by-point comparison

Google goes into the hardware offensive: On Wednesday, the Internet giant has unveiled a successor to its Nexus Tablets 7th In has been speculation for weeks.

With the new Nexus Tablet 7 Google is trying to take Apple in the parade. Only a day earlier, Apple had reported declining sales of its iPads. The Nexus edition has the same name as its predecessor and is also produced by the computer manufacturer Asus. However, the display now shows 1920 x 1200 pixels, the predecessor there were only 1280 x 800 pixels. 8.65 mm, the new Nexus 7 is slightly thinner than its predecessor. In addition, the display side edges are shrunk considerably, making the tablet comes six millimeters narrower. With 299 grams, it is also slightly lighter than the 340 gram old version.

There is now also a 5-megapixel camera on the back of the case and not just at the front. The new Nexus 7 supports the fast LTE. Because it transmits on all frequencies used in Germany, it should be in this country work in the LTE network of all providers. So far it has not yet been officially announced in Germany: In the local Play Store, there are still only the old ve rsion with the suffix (2012) for at least 199 euros. In the U.S., the new Nexus appears 7 30 July, prices start at 229 U.S. Dollars (about 173 euros).
The new Nexus 7 is the first device with the latest version of Google’s Android operating system. Version 4.3 is called as the previous 4.1 and 4.2 Jelly Bean, there are no major changes accordingly. Most important new feature is the ability to set example for children separate user accounts that can only access certain apps and content. The phone function completes numbers when dialing now automatically, plus there are small changes in dealing with Bluetooth and support for modern graphics and sound standards. When and if Android 4.3 will be available on other devices, varies by model and manufacturer. Prior to the presentation by Google, the American electronics chain Best Buy had put the devices into the network to pre-order.
div His first Nexus 7 Advanced Google about a year ago on the market. So far, the company was not able to interfere with the competition of the market leaders sustainable. By far the iPad from Apple and Samsung in second place with its Galaxy tablets dominate the market. Asus, which also has its own Android tablets in the program, arranged according to the market researcher IDC worldwide currently in third place.

On the following pages we compare the new Google Nexus 7 with the arch-rival of Apple iPad mini and 7 inch version of the Amazon Kindle HD.

Sleep research: All mondfühlig or what? - Times Online

full moon clouds to sleep, many people believe. All rubbish, it was previously. Now, researchers report the first evidence of lunar disturbance.

framed by the earthly lights, the moon orbits in space. The photo took pictures of astronauts on the International Space Station.

framed by the earthly lights, circling the Moon in space. The photo took pictures of astronauts on the International Space Station.

Aaaaahhhoouuu! We already know, the wolf howling at the full moon to the sky. But is clearly a myth. Canis lupus starts at the Earth’s satellite as often as he wants, because the moon phase plays no role. There are many animals in which actually a cyclical lunar clock is ticking. Most are the marine species or even Galapagos iguanas. Their biological rhythm has adapted to the ocean tides, which are known to significantly affect the moon. This brings them as more food because they know when the water soaked and returns.

the animals with such a rhythm man has not one himself. Although many specimens of this species are stubbornly convinced of it. “About 40 percent complain that they sleep worse during certain phases of the moon,” says the Christian Chronobiologist Cajochen, a researcher at the Psychiatric University Hospital in Basel.


brought him a colleague and a full moon night near the banks of the Rhine Basel in a bar with alcoholic beverages on an idea. Together with students evaluated Cajochen a ten-years previous sleep laboratory study new. The 33 subjects had at that time issued an average of 3.5 days in the hands of science. Was explored at the time of the daily sleep-wake rhythm, over which man has no doubt. The old data Cajochen now compared with the dominant phases of the moon, to which the “very healthy”, not smoking and no drugs accepting participants had once gathered for controlled night’s rest in the hospital.

“No one has then asked if they were moonstruck” says Cajochen. Good prerequisites to track down lunar influences. “We did not expect to find anything.”

thought wrong. The data showed the lunar comparison: During full moon phases, the electrodes recorded brain activity of the participants fell into a deep sleep periods by 30 percent. In addition, the observed sleeper took five minutes longer to nod off. The total length of their sleep also decreased at full moon by 20 minutes. The magazine Current Biology published the results now.

study without practical relevance

Does Luna

So actually even away from the superstition our sleep? The sleep researcher Jürgen Zulley is skeptical. Previous studies had found no influence of the moon on our sleep cycles. In the current evaluation, it’m also rather long-term monthly rhythms and not to the question: If we sleep poorly at full moon? Except there is nothing esoteric clues there. Those who believe in it, he may sleep poorly, experience and self-fulfilling prophecies.

Sven Stockrahm

Sven Stockrahm


Sven Stockrahm editor is in the department of knowledge in ZEIT ONLINE. His profile page click here.

“I can only assume that most subjects were rather less esoteric,” says study leader Cajochen. Among the 17 young people who participated in the study a decade ago were mainly students. “Their main motive is usually the money.” An obvious speculation, because a few nights in the laboratory are properly compensated. On average, the participants reported already to have mostly slept well. With good will you can assume that most observed sleepers were not particularly religious moon.

Ultimately, the evaluation of their sleep quality was nevertheless “not impressive”, says sleep researcher Zulley. “Whether you need extra five minutes to fall asleep, you do not notice.” Even 20 minutes less sleep lie within the normal range, which can not be separated from the accident. The study was well conducted, observing statistically significant. “The practical relevance but you can totally forget.”

Swiss scientists confirm: insomnia during a full moon is not a myth - ABC Online

evening beer and a full moon Swiss researchers has brought an idea. They compared the data of a completed sleep study with phases of the moon and came to the conclusion. Sleepless at full moon – maybe not a myth

full moon around people sleep worse and shorter . The report by researchers from the Centre for Christian Cajochen Chronobiology of the University Psychiatric Hospital Basel in the journal “Current Biology”. You have in a study by its own account for the first time found a convincing scientific evidence that the moon actually influences the human sleep. It is also a game of hormones.

Beer and full moon led to research

The idea came to her study, researchers at having a beer in a bar – in a full moon night. They thought, once again re-evaluate the data of a completed sleep study and taking into account the phase of the moon. In the study, researchers had previously examined various aspects of the sleep-wake cycle in 33 volunteers.

Your new analysis now revealed that the subjects had used extra five minutes on average during a full moon to fall asleep. They also had less sleep per night total of 20 minutes and the quality of their sleep and poor self-assessed.

full moon lowers melatonin levels

And there were measurable biological evidence of a “moon” factor. The brain activity showed that the length of deep sleep decreased, the researchers report. Finally, the full moon fell and the melatonin levels. This hormone is involved in the control of sleep and wakefulness.

This is the first reliable evidence that a lunar rhythm of sleep can affect the structure of the people, the researchers write. Maybe the moon also influences other aspects of our behavior, such as mood or mental performance.

Does the full moon night's sleep but the sleep? - Sü

news on Sü Health

Sü Set as Home Note Do not show Close

26 July 2013 08:58

Swiss researchers have shots of people taken from her archive, which dwelt at random during a full moon in her sleep laboratory. What were the data that physicians really surprised.

Hangs the moon huge and bright outside the window, many people believe poor sleep.

(photo: dpa )

The Moon insinuate people countless influences, though this mostly missing documents. The Chronobiologist Christian Cajochen of the University of Basel now published data, which he himself regarded as an indication that the person actually sleeps at full moon differently ( Current Biology , vol 23, pp. 10432, 2013) .

The team led by the researchers retrospectively evaluated data from 33 subjects who were for a purpose other study in the sleep lab at the University years ago, then of whether sleep is altered by the full moon around.

raised, among others, the EEG data showed that the subjects took an average of five minutes longer to fall asleep, and saw the entire night slumbering less than 20 minutes. In addition, it was found that the brain activity associated with deep sleep was reduced by 30 percent during a full moon.

proof of the influence of the full moon but it was definitely not, Cajochen says, “I myself am still very skeptical.” The sample size was very small, and the researchers were able to analyze only 27 nights in each of which a subject was asleep randomly at full moon in the laboratory. “These are very few nights, but the conditions were hyper-controlled,” says Cajochen. The influence of the full moon so remains a mystery.

Einschlaftipps ten aids for a good night

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  • source and Editor: SZ on 26.07.2013/sehe/beu

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    watches asleep What robs us of sleep

    From Berit Uhlmann more …

    London Underground turns 150 sleep and alcohol As the nightcap, the recovery robs

    more … ?. Guides sleeping

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    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    New study: The full moon disturbs our sleep - N24

    It really exists – the “moon” factor. Researchers have proved that the lunar rhythm influences the human sleep. Other aspects of our behavior could be “controlled moon.”


    full moon around people sleep less and less. The report by researchers from the Centre for Christian Cajochen Chronobiology of the University Psychiatric Hospital Basel (Switzerland) in the journal “Current Biology”. You have in a study by its own account for the first time found a convincing scientific evidence that the moon actually influences the human sleep. It is also a game of hormones.

    The idea came to her study, researchers at having a beer in a bar – in a full moon night. They thought, once again re-evaluate the data of a completed sleep study and taking into account the phase of the moon. In the study, researchers had previously examined various aspects of the sleep-wake cycle in 33 volunteers.

    During the full moon of the melatonin level


    your new analysis now revealed that the subjects had used extra five minutes on average during a full moon to fall asleep. They also had less sleep per night total of 20 minutes and the quality of their sleep and poor self-assessed.

    And there were measurable biological evidence of a “moon” factor. The brain activity showed that the length of deep sleep decreased, the researchers report. Finally, the full moon fell and the melatonin levels. This hormone is involved in the control of sleep and wakefulness.

    This is the first reliable evidence that a lunar rhythm of sleep can affect the structure of the people, the researchers write. Maybe the moon also influences other aspects of our behavior, such as mood or mental performance.

    Google TV Stick Chrome Cast: Can little, but a lot of benefits - Spiegel Online

    Cast Chrome, Google has introduced, provides plenty of confusion. The device the size of a USB stick is plugged into the HDMI input of a TV to play back videos, photos and music from the Web to the TV set. Control is via mobile phone, tablet or PC. Hardly anyone had had reckoned that the Internet giant will show such a device. And many have mistakenly perceive it as a competitor to Apple’s AirPlay technology to. But that’s it, at least for now, not yet.

    The fundamental difference between the Google technology and the Apple product: Via AirPlay so you can play content directly from your phone, tablet or computer on the TV or monitor speakers with chrome cast will not do. Instead, Google will stick by phone only receives control commands, the desired content from the web even worried.


    Who wants to look at his just now geknipsten with the smartphone snapshots on TV, it must be only upload to Google+ to download it then back on the stick via streaming. The network connection provides the stick itself forth. However, he ruled exclusively 802.11n wireless technology. If you have an older wireless router that does not know this technique, you must upgrade.

    not made to play

    This principle makes it clear that a broadband connection is absolutely necessary to use Chrome Cast sense -., but that’s all streaming boxes as


    Web-centric operation also means that you can not flip on the TV screen the contents of the controlled device. Unlike with Apple’s AirPlay, so you can not use his tablet as a game console, by redirecting the graphics output on the big screen and uses the mobile computer as joystick replacement.

    Totally erroneous the vaunted Google appears to play music via Chrome cast. Because Chrome cast can only be connected via HDMI, you would have to fire up the TV. This is both absurd, because the speakers in modern flat screen TVs usually do not produce acceptable sound and secondly, because it would be unfair if the big-screen TV running while listening to music. That would be as if you Start his car, listening to the radio.

    Who wants to listen to music wirelessly, currently finds better solutions, such as the Sonos network speaker or the various players and powered speakers, which can be controlled via Airplay or Bluetooth. And finally, there is the alternative of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which enables cross-platform sharing of multimedia data and is integrated into many media players, TVs and cell phones.

    Why Chrome cast still works


    Chrome cast is often received with enthusiasm, especially in the U.S. anyway, is located on the promise that you finally could thus get an easy, fast and above all cheap way to use video on demand services on the TV . Whoever buys a Chrome Cast in America for $ 35, so that gets delivered a three-month subscription to the popular web-TV service Netflix. That is exactly what Chrome cast in its present version is ideal.

    However, there is Netflix so far only in the United States. And so the success of Chrome cast the rest of the world is likely to depend on whether and to what national video-on-demand provider Google convince them to open up to the new technology. Potential candidates would be max cathedrals in Germany and Watch Ever. A bundle of a Chrome cast stick with a three-month subscription to one of these providers a price of 40 euros would be in electronic markets, convenience items, the sale could be many thousands of times.

    it depends on the content


    long term that will not be enough to make Google’s technology successfully. This can only succeed if many manufacturers are doing now working to develop devices for the Chrome cast technique. Also airplay has not become a success because it is an Apple TV, but because there are dozens or even hundreds of devices that are used to take advantage of the Apple technology.


    More importantly, there must be more providers who adapt their offers to the Chrome cast technique and can play movies and music on the Google drive. Without even the nicest content streaming stick is no more than a piece of dead technology.

    Study: Researchers demonstrate influence of the moon on sleep - Spiegel Online

    Now there is scientific evidence, which many people know from their own experience: When the moon is ever increasing, the quality of sleep decreases. Swiss scientists have been able to prove this relationship in a study, as they report in the journal “Current Biology”.

    Researchers at the Basel Chrono biologist Christian Cajochen analyzed data from previous studies, again in relation to the lunar cycle. Information were included in the analysis of 17 young adults and 16 older people who had stayed several times in the sleep laboratory. While their brain waves were recorded, as well as the movement of the eyes and the release of certain hormones -. Including melatonin, which plays an important role in the control of the day-night rhythm

    20 minutes less

    the internal clock of the participants not to confuse, they slept in the laboratory at similar times at home. The conditions were the same for all: little light, a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, snacks and drinking water as needed. Above all, got the test sleeper neither the time nor evidence on the current moon phase.

    this, the electroencephalogram (EEG) reflected more clearly against the clock of the moon. At full moon were found in the brain flows 30 percent fewer delta waves, which are regarded as signs of deep sleep. Participants also took in an average of five minutes longer to fall asleep. The bottom line is that their sleep shortened by as much as 20 minutes.

    Participants self-rated their sleep as well as subjectively worse in these phases. In addition, the hormone levels decreased: only about half as much melatonin was paid at the full moon, so probably got the internal clock also overall a bit confused

    . moon cycle as a legacy from the past

    “In contrast to the day-night rhythm lunar rhythms are not so obvious and more difficult to document – but they do exist,” the researchers to conclude from the results Cajochen. So far, the influence of the moon already in marine animals could be detected. So also the Moon moves in the pitch-dark deep sea plankton following up and down.

    Still puzzled scientists what is on the people behind the measurable influence of the moon. Christian Cajochen suspected, the rhythm could be a relic from earlier times, when the moon is even more important for the clock had been living together. But that does not explain how exactly does the Earth’s satellite on the body.

    gravity, the researchers conclude from anyway. Although the tidal effect is clearly in the oceans but does not extend to smaller waters -. Amounts of water in a human body not to mention


    track of the news

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    everything about chronobiology

    Google's new Streaming Stick: Is Chrome cast a revolution? - NEWS

    class=”category”> Technology

    The Chrome Cast is powered via USB. power supply and cable are included. The Chrome Cast is powered via USB. Power supply and cable are included (Photo: Google).

    Thursday 25 July 2013

    by Klaus Wedekind

    Google brings to the HDMI Stick Chrome Cast a device on the market that makes it seem simple to transfer content from smartphones, tablets and computers wirelessly to the TV screen. But is that really true?

    A small

    HDMI stick that Google introduced at a press breakfast next to the new Nexus 7 and Android 4.3, makes for some users and media for enthusiasm. Finally a low-cost device, which allows you to easily stream content from other devices to the TV. Who needs Apple TV


    the Chrome cast with 35 dollar is actually, but who expects uncomplicated to send him videos and pictures, for example, are stored on the smartphone from the sofa to the TV screen, you will be disappointed by the stick. Because, strictly speaking, the technique used is Google cast a cloud streaming service. Or, as Google writes: “With Chrome cast you can easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your HDTV.”

    Apple TV can more

    In the future there may be other apps that make Chrome cast interesting. In the future, it could further give apps that make Chrome cast interesting (Photo: Google).

    No more and no less, the drive, the operating system is a lightweight Chrome OS. “Heise Online” explains how it works like this: “In terms of architecture resembling Google cast most DLNA, AirPlay and Apple less Miracast / WiDi. The stick itself renders the streamed data and gets the phone to put it simply just supplied a URL” Smartphone or tablet display “mirror”, where exactly is shown on the TV screen, which is displayed on the external device, Chrome cast can not.

    If Google’s streaming stick will soon be available in Germany, users can actually “redirect” only Youtube videos, Google videos and music play via smartphones, tablets and computers to the TV or other receiver with HDMI input. They can also view open tabs on the television in the Internet browser Chrome.

    It also goes without

    Chrome Cast

    For users who already have external devices and televisions, which can connect via DLNA, Air Play, Miracast or WiDi, Chrome Cast is therefore rather uninteresting. The same goes for owners of smart TVs that Youtube and video services have been integrated.

    More about
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  •  The second is Nexus 7 Android 4.3: Google introduces new tablet before 24.07.13 The second is Nexus 7 Android 4.3 Google launches new tablet in front of
  • Greetings to Kate and William: Google sends the longest Map 23:07:13 Greetings to Kate and William Google sends the longest map
  • Interestingly

    Chrome Cast is currently mainly for users who like to buy videos and music with Google Play or save it there. You can watch the movies on your HDTV or listen to MP3s, for example through the AV receiver to a home stereo.

    But even if

    Cast Chrome is currently only interesting for a few users, the principle is not doomed to failure. Google provides an interface (API) available that can make cast-able with the one-side apps to its developers. So maybe come applications from game developers make the Chrome cast into a bestseller. But even that makes Google Chrome Cast Cast and not to a technological revolution.


    Streaming: Google's Chrome cast to annoy Apple - Times Online

    videos from the streaming stick: Google brings Chrome cast of film and television programs onto TV. The short test revealed only a small disadvantage.

    Google Chrome Cast hoping to conquer the market for online video broadcast on television. Google Chrome Cast hoping to conquer the market for online video broadcast on television.

    Google makes a second attempt against Apple’s online box Apple TV. Google’s Chrome cast is connected to a TV and plays video from Google’s YouTube service from, the movie portal Google Play or, at least in the U.S., the popular online movies service Netflix. The biggest selling point: a price of $ 35, and you can also use with an iPhone or iPad


    a free HDMI port is required for connecting the streaming device the size of a USB memory stick and if possible a free USB port on the TV. This is used to power the Chrome cast sticks, or a power supply must be connected. USB cable and AC adapter are included with the product. It is the source of her, a perfect picture in full HD quality appears.


    After starting the chromium cast app in the test on a Nexus 7 tablet that connects to the streaming stick and then a connection between drive and wireless router. The whole thing lasted only two minutes. That’s the trick: not the tablet or smartphone sends the music or movies on the TV. They give the stick only command them kindly to get yourself out of the web.

    A click on the “Broadcast” icon and you can select on which Chrome cast, as in the living room or in the nursery, the program should run. Guests who bring their own online movie library for movie night, can also be simply dial in and get started.

    The positive effect: tablet or smartphone free for other things like email or Twitter. The downside: Movies that are stored on a tablet, can not be played. This in turn can rival Apple with its Apple TV box and “Airplay”. This also explains the low price of the Chrome Sticks: Actually, there is nothing in there except a slimmed Chrome operating system and a few sockets and chips. In Germany, the stick should come in the coming weeks on the market.

    it depends on the content

    The whole thing has basically already given under the name Nexus S, only one size bigger and then with the Android operating system. Presented at the developer conference last year in San Francisco, did not make the cuddly online TV and audio sphere but to the shops. $ 399 was just too much for the performance offered, and many features were missing. The project was quietly buried and reissued under the code name “Dial” in January. And lo and behold: it is also for $ 35


    To prevent another collapse like the Q, Google encouraged from the start other vendors to retool their apps for the Chrome cast stick. There is a separate software package.

    Because only the contents make the difference. In the U.S., Roku TV box is already quite successful. Whether HBO, Netflix, Hulu +, or Amazon Instant Video – everything is received to when you have the right subscription. Only missing an important channel. What is that? Exactly: Youtube. But: The entry box Roku LT costs only $ 49.99


    Google jumps on the moving train

    Apple TV is also well positioned in addition to their film library to find Netflix, HBO, Hulu and radio services such as Pandora. For the elegant black box $ 99 will be due.

    for Google, it is crucial to offer a lot of content if the Chrome Cast-stick is to be successful. The market for these streaming devices is not significant, but that may soon change with the trend toward more mobility. At least when Apple first signs of a small boom are already visible.

    Since 2007, the Apple TV box, and according to CEO Tim Cook, it was sold about 13 million times. This sounds only once at not very huge. But half the equipment was sold in 2013. The train picks up speed, and jumping on Google.

    Chrome cast to work with Android devices from version 2.3 and Apple iOS devices with iOS 6.0, in addition to the house Chromebooks and Windows 7 and later. Windows phones or BlackBerrys are not on the program.

    Released in Handelsblatt

    Chrome cast presented: Google wants to conquer TV sets - STERN.DE

     Google Chrome stick, Apple

    With the newly introduced Chrome stick moves the competitors Apple and Google in the race for streaming content on the TV to the fur ©

    G oogle makes a new wireless stick for Apple TV competition. The new device, called Chrome cast can bring Internet content to TV screens, according to the search engine company. In Chrome Cast run a stripped down version of the operating system Chrome OS, Google announced at a presentation. With the stick that is plugged into the back of the TV, users can transmit over various smartphones or tablets contents on the TV.

    The Chrome cast will be available immediately in the U.S. for $ 35. A start in Germany is planned later. Apple is already active with a set-top box to the TV market. It is connected to a TV or a monitor and can play different media on this content, it receives over a local network.

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Google Play Games: The Android Game Center - Phone &

    Google also has its central administration Games Play Games for Android presented to the press event for the Nexus 7 and Android 4.3. Whose functions are similar to Apple’s Game Center and to make playing on Android at least somewhat comfortable and social future. The APIs, Google had presented at the Google I / O in May, the developer, now the first version for tablets and smartphones in the Play Store is available.

    class=”bild_links c1″>
    Play Games, there are smartphones and tablets. Games use all the functions are still scarce. enlarge In Play Games application all at Play Store bought games listed, not even installed games to display. For custom games, users can back up saved games in the cloud, sync over multiple devices to make and distribute as virtual trophies for achievements. In the unadjusted he only has the option to start the game and get some info.

    There is also central high scores and the ability to invite friends to multiplayer games. However, they must have a profile on Google+. Thus it should be possible later, cross-platform play and compare the performance. What games have installed the friends is not currently displayed. Acquaintances on Google+ are flat displayed as a possible player. In the settings you can at least prevent games annoy friends with notifications of the latest high score or turn, these inquiries.

    games using play games in full are so far few and far between. You can even not specifically filter out. Some of the new options for example use Riptide GP2 or Osmos HD. (asp)

    Streaming Stick Cast Chrome Google wants to conquer the TV - Sü

    news on Sü Digital

    Sü Set as Home Note Do not show Close

    24 July 2013 21:55

    Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPlay: streaming stick Chrome Cast

    (Photo: Bloomberg )

    challenge to Apple: Google introduces the Chrome Cast, a thumb-sized device that you can bring online video to the TV. The streaming stick makes it the smartphone for remote control – and will cost only $ 35


    There are two ways to introduce a new product in the world. You can press and professionals in a large concert hall and ask to pick one or the other celebrity on the stage and officially unveil the new device with a flourish. Or you can invite a few people a few – the rest is done online live stream – and sends the lead developer on a small, fairly unadorned podium. Of the new product then simply pulls out of his pocket.

    happen when Chrome cast. About the USB stick-sized device that plugs into an HDMI port on your TV and connected via wifi to the internet. Then the user can play videos, music and other content on the TV via a smartphone, tablet or Chrome browsers. Much like Apple’s AirPlay – but not limited to the products of a company. Chrome cast will also work with iOS apps, it said at the presentation. A challenge to the competition in Cupertino.


    detached from Google Chrome ecosystem cast is not: Apparently the stick must be registered in the user’s Google account. Appears in compatible apps – for example, YouTube or Netflix – an additional button that can send the video to the TV. Chrome cast relates the video directly from the network. Although the tablet or smartphone acts as a remote control, but the user can use the device for other applications, without interrupting the playback.

    Smart TV for retrofitting

    future versions of Google’s Chrome browser to be able to send that to the TV. Appears next to the address bar in Chrome Cast button to view a single browser tab on the TV – and this example galleries or Vimeo videos


    Smart TV for retrofitting so. And not Google’s first attempt to win in this way a firm place in the living room. A year ago, Google had introduced the Nexus S, a streaming PC with Android operating system. Thus, online videos and music should be played on the TV. The Nexus Q was never sold -. Well because the accumulated complaints about the high price of $ 299 in advance

    This fate is unlikely to flourish the Chrome cast. Google has apparently learned from the mistakes of the Nexus Q. The HDMI stick that can hardly less than its predecessor, coming in the next few days for only $ 35 in stores. Google also hopes that other devices in the future – possible DVD and Bluray players are just as television itself – come with built-in Chrome Cast on the market. And that as many app developers as quickly incorporate the feature into their apps.

    lack of resonance, the Group can not complain in any case already present, 40 minutes after the end of the presentation it was said in American blogs that the stick was already sold on the Google Store

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  • source and Editor: Sü / KJAN

    Now most read on the home page of

    case Mollath risk to the reputation of law

    glasses with camera Pornstars turn movie with Google Glass

    more … <... / span>

    competition from Google Who else is afraid of Microsoft?

    From Varinia Bernau more …

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    Protocol to the press conference: Google Unveils New Nexus 7 - and does ... - ABC Online

    Google’s new generation of Nexus 7 presented. At breakfast, the U.S. group confirmed the rumors that have circulated a long time. But a surprise, the U.S. group had yet ready. There are All information on Pressekoferenz here in protocol from ABC Online

    Google had announced a press conference shortly. representatives of the press were in New York City invited for breakfast with Android chief Sundar Pichai. Everything you need to know about the new Nexus 7, “Jelly Bean” Android 4.3 and Chrome Cast read here in the protocol 19.25 clock . And so the breakfast with Sundar Pichai is already over. Gerüchteküchte had cooked properly , plus there were a few old eggs. And at least Chrome cast is the competition not taste

    19.21 Clock:

    The whole thing is now available for $ 35 – about Google Play.. It is unclear, however, whether the USB stick will have to be immediately in Germany

    19.17 clock.

    In order to improve the service by means of a software development kit (SDK) more The function first starts but only in beta status

    19.13 clock.

    Oh, Chrome cast works well from the Notebook: video, music and even open tabs, with about a slide show can be streamed to the TV

    19.11 clock.

    How slowly the real intention peels out of Google: Chrome cast also works with Apple’s smartphones. . Nexus and because users can also stream music to the TV and to the connected home theater – is Google Chrome cast obviously an attack on Apple TV and AirPlay

    19.04 Clock:
    or put the tablet to sleep mode: Chrome cast can also be operated from the lock screen – the battery is thereby less stress

    18.59 clock.

    And who can capitalize on the smartphone YouTube , “also know how it works on the TV”: The smartphone is the remote control of Chrome cast – but can check email while still

    18.55 clock.

    Online Watch videos on the PC? No problem – with a USB stick called Chrome cast, is running a special version of Chrome OS: Stick connect to the TV, connect to Wi-Fi. . Then click the “Cast” button on YouTube – and stream video to the TV set 18.51 Clock: The German market is one of the first to be conquered in the coming weeks.

    18.48 Clock:

    The Nexus 7 is available in three versions:. Wifi 16 GB, 32 GB and 32 GB WiFi + 4G Wife

    18.44 Clock:
    Or is it the young generation? Even on the more serious expectations of students was particularly thought – about: read text books

    18.40 Clock:

    Apparently Google has a very specific Zelgruppe in mind.. For the “fantastic opportunities” for players are instead presented

    18.37 clock.

    And even that has been around: Chrome, Google Maps, Messenger and Hangouts video chat with several people appear to have no new features 18.34 clock . An update to Android 4.3, there are already today: First, the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 of the first generation and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can be customized

    18.29 Clock:

    Good news for mobile gamers and video: The graphic demos look promising. . Moreover, different devices to be easily networked together

    18.25 Clock:

    With an advanced multi-user support can be made and saved settings for different users 18.23 Clock:

    “Jelly Bean” is also there: The new Nexus 7 is the first device with the new version of Android 4.3

    18.22 clock.:
    All with the highest density on the market. 323 PPI

    18.19 Clock:

    And the rumors were correct to the phenomenal resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels. ” br />
    18.17 Clock:
    In fact: Shortly after the cat is already out of the bag. The new Nexus 7 is supported on the stage: black on black design.

    18.10 Clock:

    Then it’s still going on. Sundar Pichai looks back: The last years have seen major changes in the computer world. People need to move more and more between a multitude of screens back and forth – an “exciting time”. These developments and requirements to be better matched to one another with Android and Chrome.

    18.04 Clock: have

    Two minutes before the start of the press conference:

    Meanwhile, more than 50 000 users are

    17.58 clock. already almost 15 000 spectators turned in the Youtube channel. But they all just see a black screen and the message that there are technical difficulties

    17.55 clock

    . However important change is in accordance with the specifications mentioned by Best Buy the Android operating system in the new version 4.3, called “Jelly Bean”. In addition, the new models are equipped with an additional front camera. According to the technology blog “The Next Web” to the tablet from the 30th Be available in July.

    17.52 clock

    : In the online store of Best Buy, meanwhile users can already a new Nexus 7 in two versions with 16 and 32 gigabytes of storage for around 230 or $ 270 (203 EUR ) Pre-order. Both devices have therefore as the first Nexus variant a seven-inch screen, but the achieved improved resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels.

    17.46 clock

    : The case is obviously slim, but remains in the material’s plastic – for the price it’s no wonder: In the current Groupon newsletter the Google Nexus 7 ( 32 GB, WiFi) available between foosball table, and a scale for 199 euros. The 32-GB model with Wi sold in Google’s online store for 249 Euros or other Internet dealer for price go up to around 230 euros down. 17.43 clock : Also, Google wants the tablet apparently spendieren a second camera on the back, they should get a resolution of five megapixels. The processor is also supposedly known – it is a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core 1.5 GHz SoC with his. Than two gigabytes of RAM should be on board. The battery will indeed be worse – 4000 instead of 4325 milliamp hours, but this will be the tablet to wirelessly recharge – so rumors of the beginning of the year. The new Nexus 7 gets Android 4.3 17.40 clock . Already in May, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI wanted to find out further details: The Nexus 7, therefore, call the Google “Nexus New 7″ wants, should continue to cost $ 199. For it, so Ming-Chi Kuo, but the device is a high-resolution WUXGA display with 1920 x 1200 pixels get. By comparison, Apple’s iPad mini brings with 1024 x 768 pixels, the Nexus 7 so far 1280 x 800 pixels

    clock 17:39. What Google today by 18 German clock time will imagine is because perhaps no surprise more. Namely long simmering rumors about them: bloggers and experts speculating for months about the specifications of the iPad mini-competitors

    17.38 clock . The Presentation of the 2013er model of the Nexus 7 was expected in May to the Google Conference I / O – but since the Internet giant is still shrouded in silence. Meanwhile, however, the first images and a YouTube video have surfaced.

    Spectacular footage: The Earth from 1.4 billion kilometers - STERN.DE

     Earth, Mondo, photo, NASA, U.S., Saturn, Cassini

    itemprop=”caption”> Cassini makes unique shots of the rings of Saturn and the Earth ©

    D ie earth and the moon have been photographed for the first time successfully at a distance of 1.4 billion kilometers. The U.S. space agency NASA on Tuesday released photos of 19 of the 1997 Cassini space probe sent into space on July were taken near the planet Saturn. “The pictures remind us how tiny our planet in the universe,” said Linda Spilker, the project staff.

    Cassini was swung in July 2004 after a seven year journey over 3.5 billion km in orbit around Saturn. The spacecraft is a US-European joint project of NASA and the European Space Agency ESA. NASA pointed out that the image quality of Cassini images is particularly noteworthy because the camera used from the 1990s and comes in more than 15 years in operation.

    The pictures now published Saturn’s rings are seen partly in brilliant sharpness, whereas earth and moon appear only as small luminous celestial body. The recordings were made possible by the fact that the sun was seen at the moment of triggering the camera hidden behind Saturn. Otherwise, the light rays would have been too intense.

    Young academics criticize precarious working conditions at universities - Heilbronner Stimme

    • item
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    unions and academics criticize the working conditions of many scientists in the country. In the broad mass of researchers in the so-called academic background, there is job insecurity, said Santina Battaglia of the union

    Education and Science (GEW), the news agency dpa. Those who can not make it to one of the professors sites, hangele from a time contract to the next and finally fly often completely out of the system. “Universities do not work well when there are 80 limited to 90 percent of the positions,” criticized Battaglia. The science ministry announced until the autumn of reform suggestions.

    24 July 2013

    Try Now the newspaper

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    Rot am See clock 10:52

    co-pilot blinded by laser pointers

    Untermünkheim clock 10:51

    Navi steers cyclists on Highway

    Schwäbisch Hall clock 10:46

    motorcyclist critically injured

    maple clock 10:41

    car overturns on A81

    Knight Bach clock 10:40

    total loss after head-on collision

    Korntal clock 10:01

    Seven Years driver caused accident

    Heilbronn Hohenlohe Kraichgau southwest

    New this week at the movies

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    New heating system for yard

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    council will lodge an appeal

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    drought keeps firefighters busy

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    Pirate Party rises in poll to 4 percent

    Rio de Janeiro (Reuters) clock 08:50

    World Youth Day in Rio opened, hundreds of thousands of Copacabana

    Tokyo (dpa) clock 08:50

    Tokyo Stock Exchange closes weaker after profit taking

    Athens (dpa) clock 08:20

    Athens sees no delay at the next aid tranche

    Mexico City (dpa) clock 07:35

    At least 22 killed in clashes in western Mexico

    Beijing (dpa) clock 06:55

    Gloomy outlook: PMI falls unexpectedly in China

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    Grasmück new police chief in Heilbronn

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    legal dispute over the school continues


    Cook & Mayer before bankruptcy


    Helmut Jahn M. Würth Foundation for work

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013

    The Bureau XCOM: 3rd-person shooter angetestet - Chip Online

    The Bureau:. Starting August 23 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

    With The Bureau: Declassified drives developer 2K Games XCOM XCOM series one step further forward. We were the third-person shooter with strategy elements on the PC already pre-play and reveal what the title stands out from the competition.

    Action + XCOM tactics = headshot?

    After the turn-based strategy spectacle XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2K Games is the franchise continues promptly. The Bureau, however, is not a strategy game in the true sense – instead, it combines classic third-person action with tactical elements. The Bureau plays in 1962, while aliens attack the Earth. The player goes directly into the role of Agent William Carter, a war hero and FBI agents. Direct means here: You control the character with the classic WASD keys (or optionally via gamepad). You also pick your weapons, aim and fire at enemies, dodge active and seek cover -. Therefore quite as usual

    Threesome with AI FBI agents

    The crucial element, however, are your two FBI agents that will assist in the dynamic tactical battles, thereby assuming different roles. Who smells now clumsy AI cannon fodder, is wrong. Both companions are passively managed – this means that you give them precise instructions on the battlefield. Depending on the character level and equipment level toss mines, put guns on or heave opponents by anti-gravity device in the air. Especially cool: As in Enemy Unknown you must not only select your campaigners themselves, but also name and leveling equip. This allows you customize the fighting to their own taste. Sniper shooters positioned on high ground and make Aliens under attack from a distance, while Command soldiers to draw attention to himself, park powerful guns and pressure waves send out the throw back the aliens. One of your fighters die in battle, he is irretrievably lost and must be replaced

    Video: The Bureau XCOM Declassified – Trailer.

    Play kewego

    tactics screen: Here you enter your commands.

    Not without my pals

    The combined use their own firepower and shooter skill must be combined with mandatory instructions for the companion. Who just wants to shoot solo, will bite at not more than a few missions into the grass. To issue commands and assign them tasks, the game switches into a super-slow motion. This gives you enough time to convey your wishes with one click. Their comrades then follow the instructions one at a time. The same tactics screen also allows the special maneuvers of Carter himself – such as a group healing – to activate

    Chic look with 60s flair

    Graphically The Bureau has good capacity. The development studio 2K Marin, which has previously been cared for Bioshock 2, again attaches particular importance to the atmosphere. The game actually looks like it was plucked from the 1960s. Charakere and surroundings are very pretty and attractive models in scene. Also, the overall graphics quality is at a high level. Incidentally, we have tried the PC version and also expect to have seen the most beautiful version. However trailer also show in the console conversions a great density of detail.

     Florian Bauer Wood, Deputy. Department Head

    Florian Bauer Wood , Deputy. Head of

    Preview impression

    The first missions from The Bureau have made quite a lot of fun. Combining classic third-person action and profound tactic is quite fast after a bit of familiarization of the hand. Good also that the developers virtually require that you include your comrades into battle heavily. For solo trips and rarely lead to severe losses to success. In some battles you also face a true alien supremacy, which requires a perfect coordination of your three agents. This leads to a strong bond with his comrades and provides true happiness in case of success. In short: Even though we have not seen all of The Bureau, we are now convinced that can not go wrong. We look forward to the final product

    According to current information, the finished version of The Bureau appears. XCOM Declassified on 23 August 2013. In addition to the PC and the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 are provided with a version. A next-generation implementation for Xbox and PlayStation 4 One is not planned.


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