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Widely used: cyber bullying among students is a problem - STERN.DE

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One in five students has already been the victim of harassment on the Internet. To elementary and secondary schools is very often bullied over the net. ©

F ast one in five students in Germany has been a victim of bullying on the internet. Harassment, incitement and insulting, especially through social networks are a growing problem. This is an extensive study of data from nationwide 9350 students, parents and teachers of all school types out who introduced the Alliance against cyber bullying on Thursday in Cologne.

Many students also admitted to have ever been bullied themselves. Nearly 60 percent of surveyed educators therefore know of cases of cyber-bullying among their students. At about a third of schools shall meet at least once a week, such a case on.

In the representative survey reported 17 percent of students to be victims. And 19 percent of students admit that they themselves were once Bullies. Frequently mentioned motives are “bored” or “fun”, but also the goal to “make ready” someone. The crime scenes are social to 80 percent networks like Facebook.

Social responsibility must perceive

providers of these platforms would have to take their responsibility more, demanded Uwe Leest, CEO of the Alliance – a coalition of researchers, doctors, educators, lawyers and parents. You should provide information on hazards and risks and act on bullying messages immediately.

are most affected, according to the study, young people 14 to 16 years. But even with eleven and twelve years, shows a significant increase. “The results show that cyber bullying a significant problem in all German schools,” is a result.

in elementary and secondary schools were being watched comparatively many cases. But it is already happening in the elementary school. As the Alliance’s prevention expert warned Catarina Katzer, “The primary schools are increasingly on the rise.” Ideally, the Enlightenment had to start at the daycare center. The phenomenon occurs overall in the eastern states rarely than in western Germany.

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