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The Telekom thinned, flat rates from - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Long went the argument about whether the German Telekom may throttle their Internet connections. In October, the Cologne Regional Court

decided and forbade Deutsche Telekom to slow down the transmission speed DSL flat rates from a certain data volume used.

Now Telekom has apparently decided to back down. The Group will not appeal, reported the “Rheinische Post” and the “Focus”. As a result of the court decision, Telekom will in future only be unrestricted DSL flat rates refer to as “flat rate”, wrote the “Rheinische Post”, referring to the business community.

Now Telekom intends loud “Rhenish Post” in the future on the one hand market DSL tariffs with clearly defined limits on a unthrottled available data volume. On the other hand, it should continue to give real flat rates, but at higher prices. “We want to become more transparent and customer-friendly,” it says according to the report at Telekom internally According to “Focus” which the term “flat rate” DSL prices with volume limit should be removed as early as December.

The plaintiff had

the Consumer Association of North Rhine-Westphalia. She argued that the company had advertised its tariffs as “Internet Flatrate” and must provide an “up to” speed. A subsequent throttling was then a “unreasonable disadvantage of customers.” The recognition of the judgment by the telecom designated the head of the Consumer NRW, Klaus Müller, in the “Rheinische Post” as “a victory for consumers.”

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Telekom thinned, flat rates from


Telekom thinned, flat rates from


Can the telecom throttle the speed of Internet flat rates? No, a court ruled. Now Deutsche Telekom wants to give. She calls the tariffs will no longer “flat rate”. The term is completely abolished but not.

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Defeat in court - apparently wants to choke telecom tariffs no longer "flat rate ... - Sü

news on Sü Digital

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30 November 2013 14:13

A court had ruled that the term “flat rate” and a throttling of the surfing speed are mutually exclusive. The Telekom reportedly now responded with a renaming of the corresponding tariffs. However, consumer advocates is not enough.

The German Telekom will reportedly DSL flat rates no more than “flat rate” denote volume limit. Thereby following a judgment of the Cologne Regional Court, which had banned the group to slow down the transmission speed DSL flat rates from a certain data volume used. The Telekom waive an appeal against the judgment of the end of October, report the Rheinische Post (Saturday edition) and the news magazine Focus , citing the business community. With the abandonment of the term flat rate, Telekom could thus want to save their controversial decelerator in the fixed-line Internet.

Telekom spokesman declined to comment on the reports on Saturday. He referred to a planned for Monday press conference with Germany’s board Niek Jan van Damme. DT wants to then explain how they continued to work after the Cologne judgment. The court had the firm for a “flat rate” sold prices “Call & Surf” and “Entertain” prohibits the throttling.

“We want to become more transparent and customer-friendly”

DT wants reported to future market on the one hand DSL tariffs with clearly defined limits in data volume for unbraked connections. True flat rates with no volume limit there is to be continued – albeit at higher prices. “We want to become more transparent and customer-friendly”, it is stated internally

at the Telekom

The recognition of the judgment by the telecom designated the head of the Consumer NRW, Klaus Müller, in the Rheinische Post Although as a “victory for consumers.” The attorney for the Consumer, Thomas Brandler, however, said the Focus, Telecom customers should continue to insist that a monthly volume limit is ineffective as long as originally booked fare was sold as a flat rate.

The plans of telecom for a restriction of the surfing speed had caused a stir, the company has been derided as “Drosselkom”. Who exceed a certain volume of data a month, should then be only significantly slower in the network on the go. CEO René Obermann had justified the plans, among others, with huge investments for the expansion of broadband networks that have to be earned back. Critics saw net neutrality at risk.

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source and arranger: Sü / AFP / dpa / sks / jst

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This accessory will bring more out of PS4 and Xbox One - THE WORLD


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computer image

This accessory gets more out of PS4 and Xbox One out

Playstation 4 and Xbox One are hammer devices doubt. But an online game without a headset? Racing without matching steering wheel? For the new consoles, there are already a lot of useful accessories.

Playstation 4 and Xbox One are hammer devices doubt. But an online game without a headset? Racing without matching steering wheel? For the new consoles, there are already a lot of useful accessories. From Ingolf Leschke

The joy is huge, as soon as Playstation 4 or Xbox One are drawn in the living room. But without the right accessories can not gamble on the Daddelkisten in a double, nor make reasonable arrangements in the online game. “Computer Bild Spiele” provides useful accessories for both consoles newbies before.

For The duel

conflict unsubscribe to the console a duel? This requires a second controller required. Hook: The there’s currently only available for a lot of money in the stock of Sony and Microsoft


Why? Before the sales release of the console accessory manufacturers is not known if Sony and Microsoft open or closed wireless connections (PS4: Bluetooth, Xbox One: Wifi Direct) use for their wireless controllers. So this will take a while, bring to companies like 4Gamers, Hama, Speed-Link or Thrustmaster cheap gamepads on the market.

For videos, photos and music

The same is also true for remote controls, with the reproduction of vacation pictures, video clips and favorite music can comfortably taxes. Only Hama has currently announced a remote control, but only on 3 February 2014 goes on sale.

For Racing Games

Formula One racing cars and high-powered series Renner zirkeln player sensitively and realistically by steering wheel and floor unit with gas, brake, and ideally also a clutch pedal around the course. Anyway: First models are already on sale starting


For the gamepad battery

Is the gamepad battery is flat it needs for more gaming power. Of the accessory manufacturers it got its stylish charging stations or long USB cable with the easy to fill the battery during the game.

For network game

Who gambles many online games in a team, you need a headset for collusion of the battle plan. Good news: first models are available. And who is annoyed by constant wireless crashes, should combine his console by corresponding network cable to the router. Also, manufacturers have plenty of it on offer.

More about:

Xbox One: All about the new Microsoft console

Source: “Computer Bild Spiele”. More Tests at


Old consoles

You can still do with PS3 and Xbox 360

video player story body video player
The new Playstation 4 Sony can do much, but not without the so-called day-one update

game consoles

Photo: Computer Bild Spiele Source: “Computer Bild Spiele”

© Axel Springer AG 2013. All rights reserved

No more flat rate for "Drosselkom": Telekom appoints throttle-Fares to - ABC Online

DT wants to emphasize with volume limit the term “flat rate” for DSL rates. The new system should cut in December. After FOCUS information so they dispense with the appeal of a judgment of the Regional Court of Cologne of 30 October this year, after which the group has a monthly throttling had been prohibited in the so-called flat-rate tariffs “Call & Surf” and “Entertain”. Thus, a tariff may only “flat rate” means if the pace remains unthrottled. The plaintiff was the Consumer Association NRW.

critics now fear the Telekom could simply rename these tariffs. Whether it would be enough, however, legally, give DSL rates that have been introduced since the end of April with a data reduction to 75 Gigabit per month (in entry rates), new name without the “flat rate” to is debatable.

Can you tariffs simply rename

“If the only telecom plan will no longer throttled DSL contracts” flat rate “to call, then that would be legally questionable and by no means sufficient,” says consumer advocate and lawyer Thomas Bradler compared to FOCUS. Telekom customers could then continue to insist that a monthly volume limit is ineffective as long as originally booked fare was sold as a flat rate.

Telekom referred to FOCUS request that she wanted to give details of the new collective strategy until Monday. Supposedly she wants for future customers create more transparency.

Bradler also warns telecom competitors such as Vodafone and O2, which also offer DSL flat rates to pursue its throttling plans: “The judgment of Cologne must not be understood as an important signal to the competitor.”

throttle issue busy Telekom for months

The theme throttling keeps Telekom and thus its outgoing CEO René Obermann since the end of April. At that time the T-Group announced the first time that almost all new broadband plans with a monthly throttling – depending on the price – would be provided on 75-200 Gigabit. The move brought edem company the nickname “Drosselkom”. The consumer advocates had then threatened with court action.

In a first step, the Telekom decided to slow down after reaching the maximum data volume to a loading speed of 364 kilobits per second, but what she later recanted. The flow rate was then increased to two megabits per second.


everything was not enough the court. In essence, asked the Cologne judges to take out the extra clause on data throttling back from the new contracts. Whether will now take place a mere renaming of existing tariffs, or the Telekom in turn needs to introduce new tariffs, they will now be announced shortly.

To save your wet cell phone

Telekom called throttle tariffs no longer "flat rate" - Heise Newsticker

The network operator Telekom wants future, only unlimited DSL flat rates refer to as “flat rate”. The report, the news magazine Focus, and published in Dusseldorf Rheinische Post (Saturday edition), referring to the business community.

The group thus responds to a judgment of the Cologne Regional Court, which had forbidden him to slow down the transmission speed DSL flat rates from a certain data volume used. Telekom will appeal against this procured by the Consumer NRW judgment contrary to initial reactions no appeal, write the two media. The court had on tariffs “Call & Surf” and “Entertain” throttling allowed, since these deals had been sold as “flat rate”.

role reverse: in the future wants to choose their plan names and the contents according to the telecom. Flat-rate tariffs in which all traffic with the monthly subscription is already paid for, is to continue to exist – but at a higher price. Click to enlarge
Picture: AP, Rolf Vennenbernd
In the future, Telekom intends on the one hand DSL tariffs with clearly defined limits the amount of data without the term “flat rate” market. True flat rates with no volume limit, it should continue to be – but at higher prices. “We want to become more transparent and customer-friendly,” says intern

at the Telekom

Ineffective limitations

Klaus Müller, head of the Consumer NRW, saying in the Rheinische Post a “victory for consumers.” Attorney Thomas Bradler other hand criticized the focus, the reaction of the group: “If the only telecom plan throttled DSL contracts will no longer be” flat rate “just to name but different, so that would be legally questionable and certainly not sufficient.” Telekom customers with existing contracts could then continue to insist that a monthly volume limit is ineffective as long as originally booked fare was sold as a flat rate. ( Dpa ) / (bb)

YouTube does not delete Accident Videos - THE WORLD


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Justizia (icon)

YouTube does not delete Accident Videos

A German teacher with a diplomatic passport in Moscow caused a fatal accident. He is there not prosecuted. Videos that show it may remain on the Web, the court will decide.

A German teacher with a diplomatic passport in Moscow caused a fatal accident. He is there not prosecuted. Videos that show it may remain on the Web, the court will decide.

The video platform YouTube does not delete videos to a five year old fatal traffic accident, although the cause is identified. This was decided by the Court of Appeal in Hamm. As the Court announced on Friday, justify the public interest in this case, an identifying reporting.

In November 2008, a German teacher had caused diplomatic status in Moscow a traffic accident in which two Russian students died. Due to his diplomatic immunity, the act was not followed in Russia.

Back in Germany the teacher but was brought to trial in 2009 because of the accident and sentenced to one year probation, a fine of 5,000 euros and a one-month driving ban. The accident and its legal treatment at the time were subject in the Russian media.

Also, users of the Internet platform YouTube themed case showed a photo of the teacher, called his former name and a previous address. The teacher had then rely on his personal rights and demanded the deletion.

However, the court ruled that the public interest in the case have priority. The rehabilitation of the plaintiff was not at risk because only older photographs were used and the teacher has changed its name (Az: 3 U 71/13).

© Axel Springer AG 2013. All rights reserved

Friday, November 29, 2013

"Isons" hell of a ride in the blazing sun - Spiegel Online

Thursday night racing comet “Ison” by the sun closest point of its orbit. Just removed a solar diameter, he passed the seething ball of gas around our Sun. In places, his comet nucleus was extremely hot in the small distance, astronomers estimate the temperatures between 2000 and 3000 degrees Celsius. Can a comet, composed mainly of ice, survive such a thing?

NASA had its sun SDO satellite (“Solar Dynamics Observatory”) separately pivoted from its normal direction of observation in order to have a better look at “Isons” Sun Passage. Apparently, in vain, had as SDO researchers Dean Pesnell grant: “The comet seems to have disappeared and vanished in the last few hours.” Because SDO images showed only yawning empty space, where there is actually a comet or at least if his relics should be.

SDOs enigmatic None led to perhaps hasty farewell to the comet. For other satellites have recorded the hot ride through the sun’s atmosphere, the corona, as successful. Above all, through the instruments of the European-American Scout SOHO sun, the researchers were virtually live.

Unlike Pesnell they come to more positive assessments: “‘Ison’ has the rail industry survived with the least distance from the Sun,” says Hermann Böhnhardt from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Göttingen. The comet expert recognizes current SOHO photos even two dust tails. “One comes from the days before the sun encounter, the other was born in the hours of greatest close to the sun – something we had expected.”

opinion changed

Karl Battams has revised his initial pessimism. “Isons” fateful encounter sun could astrophysicist from the Naval Research Laboratory, according to be expired: Already on the way the comet began to fall apart, but its fragments were not too large. As evidence Battams alluded to the great quantities of dust, which grew in this phase to a long, thin tail – this can be seen clearly on the SOHO images


Then flew “Ison” in the corona, which further advanced the resolution process: The comet completely lost its gaseous envelope and its tail – like the Lovejoy comet in 2011, which is also set to lose its tail in its solar passage. But when “Ison” then back away from the sun, seems to be at least somewhat left of his comet nucleus. Because “Ison” took its activity again and again pushed gas and dust out! Battams: “Just like then, at the Lovejoy’s tail grows back.”

The researchers stressed that this scenario is preliminary and at crucial points still incomplete. “We have no idea how big the remaining comet nucleus is, if it exists at all.” Therefore, it is too early to forecast whether it will create “Ison” in early December at the evening sky.

secrets of Urstoffs

But it is clear already that “Isons” sun ride is a treasure trove for researchers. For a long time they had to prepare for the unique opportunity as well as at Göttingen MPS. Scientists led by Werner Curdt yesterday for the first time the spectrograph SUMER (“Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Emitted Radiation”) of the SOHO satellite used to decipher the chemical composition of a comet.

This is possible because “Ison” has left its spectral fingerprints in the interaction with the hot corona. With the measurements, the researchers break new ground: “From such a fresh comet, which is also approached so close to the sun, never before spectra have been recorded.”

The observations took place at a critical moment, as “Ison” was invisible to all other telescopes. Because the sunlight is usually shielded by a shutter in the optical path. Curdt: “Exactly the largest perihelion, when the comet disappeared in other telescopes behind the diaphragm, SUMER went into action.”

hundreds of spectra, the MPS researchers were able to record before was fired after 50 minutes, “Ison” out of sight. The evaluation will take some time. The data will probably reveal some secrets about the primary matter of the birth of the solar system.


Watch them

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Part of Comet Ison has survived - Frankfurter Rundschau

29 November 2013

The comet Ison (below) moves toward the sun. The recording was made with the help of SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory). The sun was covered, as it would outshine everything. Then a shot of the sun was inserted by the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory). Photo: NASA / AFP

comet Ison approaches to plan the sun – and no longer appears. After a number of scientists have already written off the comet, a part of him appears yet again in the photographs.

condemned live longer: Comet Ison has emerged surprisingly after his approach to the Sun and the subsequent disappearance. The show pictures of the Sun SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory). Previously used the comet researcher Karl Battams the blog of the “NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign” optimism: he had discovered on the flight path of the comet a dust spot, which did not want to disappear, he writes in his blog entry. “We see something that slowly begins to become lighter.”

why he puts on a theory that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the day. His theory: Ison began to lose large parts, as he approached the sun. As the comet was moving through the solar corona, he might have lost his tail. What the sun escaped in the end, could have been a small, but possibly related nucleus, Battams speculates in his blog post. This core could be further leave dust and gas – its tail returns


“The theory has holes”, which is Battams is well aware, as he writes in his blog post. “But it looks as if at least a small part of Ison has survived and gives material.” Until scientists can clarify the mystery surrounding Ison, Battams asks for patience: “We analyze the data and try to figure out what happened.”

experts are baffled

Up to 1.17 million kilometers, the comet Ison had approached at night the sun. Several space probes that usually observe the sun, Ison had on the way to perihelion – the closest to the Sun point of its trajectory – observed, including those operated by NASA and ESA SOHO spacecraft. It is unlikely that Ison had survived the approach to the Sun, the U.S. space agency Nasa wrote at night on their website. Because the comet was weaker, while he was observed by SOHO and could no longer be detected then.

“In the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) we could not see the comet,” says Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Solar Observatory. “That’s why we believe that it is broken apart and disintegrate before the perihelion.”

Whether Ison, who was announced as the “Advent star”, “Christmas Star” or even “comet of the century”, in early December will be seen in the sky, is not yet clear. On Twitter in any case the return of the comet widespread enthusiasm. Many astronomers, however, are extremely amazed. “This is without question the most unusual comet, I and many other astronomers have ever seen,” writes Battams.

Astronomer Phil Plait and Blogger has a similar view: “At this point I’m going to draw any further conclusions more from this comet, he seems to want to confuse us,” he writes in his blog “Bad Astronomer” . “I’ve heard of comet experts, that they are just stunned.”

Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Misty" auctioned for 483,000 pounds - Spiegel Online

The first large dinosaur auctions in Europe ends with a bargain: £ 400,000 plus fees in the amount of 83,000 pounds achieved the 17-meter-long Diplodocus. For “Misty” and their admirers, it is a happy ending: The anonymous buyer wants to exhibit the giant public


“for free here,” says David Thomas auction helper with shining eyes, “is already extraordinary.” His wife, sitting at the information booth at the entrance hall, has never experienced such an interest: “So many media representatives!”

BBC and ITV, Sky and AFP are there, a total of eight camera crews. The reason: On Wednesday, at public auction in the southern English Billinghurst for the first time on European soil, a large dinosaur. One in six of the most complete Diplodocus dinosaurs ever found.

Spectacular Fossil auctions are in the U.S., where fabulous prizes are called to part, not uncommon in Europe does. “Summers Place Auctions” is always with fossils – “Misty” holds since only the record size. “That’s a trend,” said auctioneer James Rylands. “The whole attitude towards natural history exhibits changed,” also believes curator Errol Fuller.

But do not ever seen such a thing in spectacular prices as the auction proved: In the end, “Misty” only a price of 400,000 pounds achieve (478,000 euros). The auction is also a test case

At noon observed Fuller and Rylands how crowded the hall. The atmosphere is cultivated-relaxed, the tension still palpable. Here take gamers to the curious. Right hand waiting at a long table eight phones to which calls the remote bidders. Shortly before 14 clock goes Rylands forward. The three-meter-wide blades of a prehistoric Irish elk are its majestic podium. Let the show begin.

The crowd is rather rustic dressed. That means nothing: is auctioned in the elegant ambience of a southern English exclusive residential area in the country, but also around it is parked on the field. The shoes are already dirty before you are very exited. Sturdy shoes and quilted jacket are there an obvious choice of attire, especially as it is cool in the hall.

The Hall is a dimly lit, smartly dressed functional buildings of approximately 50 meters in length. Along the walls and in two rows in the room are the exhibits of the auction close together. The way through the ranks is a surreal trip: There stands a magnificent, 62 centimeters by measuring mother-of ammonite of rare beauty, and diagonally opposite in a glass case a “Centaur” which has mounted an artist from the skeletons of a small hoofed animal and a monkey .

hang on the walls next to the Triassic crinoids impressive modern Taxodermie plants, arrange the birds or parts thereof artfully. Everywhere animal trophies are presented, as they are in the 19th Century loved: An threads hanging birds behind glass bells, heads of rhinoceros, antelope, buffalo. Under the ceiling float two zebra heads that have been assembled together into a kind of macabre heart.

Giant ammonites, fossil palms, Dodo bones, Ice Age walrus and mammoth pine stand or lie as a matter of course in addition to modern art or numerous small dioramas. This is the name behind the glass combined, arranged in scenes stuffed animals, as we know from many large natural history museums. For your own home you took in the 19th Century but also less like natural scenes: In two approximately one sees squirrels playing cards. “Which I like best,” says David Thomas helpers. The were funny.

All this is like a giant indoor flea market, but just a more expensive. The price expectations start at a few hundred pounds for two zockende squirrels, extend over 50,000 to 80,000 pounds for a magnificent ichthyosaurs (the then “only” bring 44,000) up to 400,000 pounds and more for the most expensive of all pieces.

is right at the back in the dim light, “Misty”, the Diplodocus lady. 150 million years old and 17 feet long.

Need large dinosaur public?

day before Rylands spoke with a group of children over the last Diplodocus, for he was also for the schools of the region a welcome attraction. “Misty was a herbivore,” says Rylands the four-to six-year-old tots: “It’s as if there for lunch only salad and vegetables.” And definitely unlike the Tyrannosaurus rex, which one of the little ones can most correctly as “terror-king” translate. “Misty,” explains Rylands was, as compared rather fond of. Somehow “Misty” made for children.

“The really know a lot,” Rylands says, laughing, “some more than the adults.” And yes, it would be nice of course if you “Misty” even after the sale could still see publicly.

This finds Errol Fuller, who has collected as curator of the auction the exhibits. Of course, the great public attention pleases him, though he does not want to overstate the importance of Diplodocus: “The science is thus relatively little lost when they should end up with a private collector The species is largely pried..”

Fuller is a painter and a well-known non-fiction author, a renowned expert on extinct birds. And it is also a consultant in the field of antiques, art, curiosities and natural history collectibles. “The general theme of the auction is the natural history. And have what we associate with it or connected representations in three-dimensional form.”

criticism of auction paleontological discoveries

then hits just the sculpture of an ammonite on their real-life counterparts. For Fuller – and probably also for the buyer – is all art. All this, he says, but “highly decorative” and sometimes much valent and more beautiful than many things that offering the art market often completely inflated prices.


criticism also run auctions paleontological finds, especially when it comes to spectacular. Fuller has to a significant opinion: “The vast majority of paleontological discoveries have been made by private collectors or dealers academics should not forget that..” The scholars should “get her butt up and do more excavation work itself.” The science trying to “a kind of new clergy to create,” says Fuller. “This is something limited knowledge rather than that it is widespread.”

But to “Misty” There will not be such a controversy. After more than two and a half hours is “Lot 167″ for sale, the dinosaurs. Auctioneer Rylands who could lure his bidding until then with a lot of English joke from the reserve, you can feel immediately that it would be over after one, two, three bids.

400,000 pounds plus 83,000 pounds of charges was “Misty” to her new owner in the end worth – an institution whose name was not immediately known. There is a price at the lower end of expectations, a bargain if you will. Sure, says Silke Lohmann, spokeswoman for the auction organizer, you hope for something always more. On the other hand, an institution would have the dinosaur at a significantly higher price also can not afford.

The sensation has failed in the English Billingshurst last seen in New York: There is no speculative run on fossil investments. Also, why is “Misty” it public. That at least is said to have promised the mysterious institution.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

17 meter long dinosaur skeleton auctioned - THE WORLD


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For Misty need space. auctioned now The dinosaur skeleton is 17 meters long

17 meter long dinosaur skeleton auctioned

nothing for the living room: In the UK, nearly complete skeleton of a 150-million year old dinosaur has now been auctioned. An institution should have been buyers.

This is not for the living room: In the UK, nearly complete skeleton of a 150-million year old dinosaur has now been auctioned. An institution should have been buyers.

Misty had to endure so much in recent weeks: the gigantic skeleton of a dinosaur is (480,000 euros) was auctioned in Britain for 400,000 pounds. The 150 million year old dinosaur of the genus Diplodocus was the elegant showpiece of evolutionary auction at Summers Place Auctions in southern England Billinghurst. To get to the auction location, it had to be broken down into all its component parts and then reassembled. The estimate had been lying 400000-600000 pounds. New owner had since Wednesday an unspecified “public institution”.

This ensures, according to the auction house, that Misty is the future of the public. “We hope that Misty finds a home where they can still be seen 150 million years,” said auctioneer James Rylands. Great interest had shown from countries in the Middle East and Asia, but also private individuals, museums. Skeletons of this type have been witnessing in recent times an upswing as a showpiece, said expert Errol Fuller before the auction.

The rare and well-preserved skeleton was excavated in 2009 by the sons of German geologists and fossil dealer Raymond Albers villages in the United States. The six-meter tall skeleton was discovered by the team in a quarry in Wyoming.

According to the Natural History Museum in London there are in museums worldwide, only about six relatively intact dinosaur skeletons of this genus. “It’s really a very exciting discovery. We hope that the skeleton of a day comes in a museum and is available for trials,” said Martha Richter, an expert of the museum. The house, himself the owner of numerous plaster dinosaurs had previously excluded themselves as buyers of Misty.

Misty had been brought to a private area in the United States after the excavation to Europe. In a fossil laboratory in Rotterdam, the bones were assembled in painstaking puzzle work.

© Axel Springer AG 2013. All rights reserved

Comet Ison Weihnachtsbote Approaching - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© Damian Peach /, Vergrößern The comet Ison received on 15 November in the night sky over England.

Maximum five kilometers in size is the fragile chunks of rock, ice and dust from the cold outer reaches of the solar system. Currently decides whether a “comet Ison” became known object C/2012 S1 can also defy the scorching heat of the sun.

With more than 600 kilometers per second Ison will happen on Thursday our day-star in an almost 180 degree tight turn and approach the 6000 degree hot surface up to 1.1 million kilometers, which corresponds to less than a solar diameter. Withstands Ison this hell ride, he could then be visible even to the naked eye in the sky and deliver a celestial event, as has not been experienced in Europe since 1997. At that time, the comet Hale-Bopp was weeks in the sky.

Isons strange train

Ison electrified for months professional and amateur astronomers who track every stage of its development. Spectacular – and plenty of half-baked – Forecasts already circulated shortly after the astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok the comet on 21 September 2012 had discovered as inconspicuous point of light on sky photographs of the Russian Kislovodsk Observatory. Because the trajectory of Ison is unusual, true most of the comet but a respectful distance from the Sun.

Ison most comets come from the “Oort Cloud”, a Dutch astronomer Jan Hendrik after the Oort named, previously only suspected comet reservoir at the edge of the solar system. Sometimes the objects pass through interference with other equipment close to the sun, but few go there so much up close and personal as Ison. In December 2011, the Comet Lovejoy (C/2011 W3) crossed the Sun in a mere 140,000 kilometers distance, half the Earth-Moon distance. Lovejoy’s impressive tail, however, was only visible from the southern hemisphere.

 to see the best chances, with Ison own, made the early morning at the start of twilight between the 4th and 14th of December.: The map shows the sky in sight south-west, about an hour before sunrise. © / Jan Bach Had Vergrößern The best chance to see with their own Ison, made the early morning at the start of twilight between the 4th and 14 December. The map shows the view of the sky in the south-west, about an hour before sunrise.

While the cometary orbits follow Kepler’s laws and therefore can be predicted quite accurately, the brightness of a comet development hardly predict – especially not when he gets like Ison for the first time in the vicinity of the Sun

. A huge tail

How bright is a comet as it approaches the sun, depends on how much evaporates from its ice by the heat and the gas shoots out of the comet’s nucleus. Because visible from Earth is only the bright glowing comet coma, a cloud of gas and dust, which completely envelops the core. The charged particle wind of the sun and the pressure that it exerts on the light dust of the coma, is ultimately responsible for the identifying of a comet: its tail. Ison already adorned the end of November at least eight million kilometers long gas tail, his coma reached a diameter of more than 100 000 kilometers -. Ten times the Earth’s diameter

After two brightness eruptions on 13 and 19th November Ison was already seen for experienced observers with simple binoculars. In the course of this week Ison is not observed in the daytime from the Earth, the solar observatories stationed in space Stereo and Soho, however, researchers can pursue his fire ride. At the beginning of the week, the signs that the comet nucleus already falling apart on approach to the sun were increasing. Whether and how bright Ison during the first week of December in the morning sky is visible, the experts can not reliably predict at present.

learning for Europe’s Rosetta Project

breaking for astronomers would not be a disaster – but a rare opportunity to examine the interior of a “fossil” from the early days of our solar system in more detail. The material of the icy messengers from the Oort cloud has not changed since 4.5 billion years ago. The findings should also benefit researchers from the European Space Agency ESA, when the probe Rosetta swing in the summer of next year in an orbit around the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko and the lander “Philae” will settle on the comet’s surface.

When, where and how?

The best chance to see Ison with my own eyes, made the early morning at the start of twilight between the 4th and the 16th December. Whether Ison, however, developed a magnificent tail, is still uncertain. During the month the comet follows its trajectory towards the north, from mid-month onwards he is also seen in the constellation of Hercules in the evening sky. However, Ison removed again from the sun, its brightness decreases. In addition, in the second half of December disturbs the bright moonlight. At Christmas Ison might be using binoculars or a telescope continues to track in case of his survival.

On 27

December Ison will pass Earth at a distance of 65 million kilometers.

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Weihnachtsbote approaching

comet Ison

Weihnachtsbote approaching

From Jan had Bach

Survived the comet Ison his hell ride to the sun, could be seen the comet in December as impressive celestial event.

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Spectacle in the sky: Comet Lovejoy Ison gets a companion - ABC Online

Besides the comet Ison is currently considering another comet on the earthly night sky: Comet Lovejoy is expected to continue until the end of the year to see with binoculars, under good conditions, even with the naked eye, such as the Astronomy Portal reported.

The comet, which was discovered in early September by the Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy in the morning is high in the eastern sky and travels from the constellation of the hunting dogs, just below the Big Dipper, in the constellation Bootes (the boat).

In 346 years around the sun

Comet Lovejoy

has trained a long tail of gas and looks Ison confusingly similar. The comet with the official catalog number C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) revolves on its highly elliptical orbit once in 346 years of the sun and is closest to the Sun on 22 Reached in December.

Unlike comet Ison, who is racing this Thursday through the outskirts of the solar atmosphere, located Lovejoy approaches the sun only about 120 million kilometers. This corresponds to about 80 percent of the distance from the earth to the sun. His perigee has Lovejoy on 20 November with nearly 60 million kilometers distance happens.

Ison flies by on Thursday against 20 clock in the sun, his fate will be decided: he could flyby successfully survive, but also break or evaporate. Comets are made of a mixture of ice and rock, and are therefore also referred to as dirty snowballs.

stray comet

Comet Lovejoy occurs against Ison at - THE WORLD


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The Comet

Comet Lovejoy occurs against Ison at

weal and woe of the comet Ison decides on Thursday night. But there Lovejoy: The comet can be traced to the end of the year even with the naked eye


weal and woe of the comet Ison decides on Thursday night. But there Lovejoy: The comet can be traced to the end of the year even with the naked eye


addition to the comet Ison is currently considering another comet on the earthly night sky: Comet Lovejoy is expected to be seen until the end of the year with the binoculars under good conditions, even with the naked eye, such as the Astronomy Portal reported.

The comet, which was discovered in early September by the Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy in the morning is high in the eastern sky and travels from the constellation of the Hunting Dogs – directly below the Big Dipper – the constellation Bootes (the boat).

Comet Lovejoy had actual sightings According formed a long tail of gas and see Ison confusingly similar, reports the Astronomy Portal. The comet with the official catalog number C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) revolves on its highly elliptical orbit once in 346 years of the sun and is closest to the Sun on 22 Reached in December.

hunting through the outskirts

Unlike comet Lovejoy approaches the sun Ison is only about 120 million kilometers. This corresponds to about 80 percent of the distance from the earth to the sun. His perigee has Lovejoy on 20 November with nearly 60 million kilometers distance happens.

If Ison flies by on Thursday against 20 clock in the sun, his fate will be decided: he could flyby successfully survive, but also break or evaporate


U.S. scientists disagree whether the comet will survive its passage sun. “Many of us believe that it will break,” the U.S. comet expert Carey Lisse said in a press conference, the U.S. space agency NASA.

drama in the morning sky possible

Some researchers estimate that even with the complete destruction of the comet. Other scientists continue to see hung Lisse According chances that Ison is on the orbit of the sun.

Should Ison survive his sun passage, the comet is expected in early December offering a magnificent spectacle in the morning sky. Further information about the current state of the possible advent comet should provide pictures of the solar probe Soho.

Jose Gabriel Funes (50), Chief of the papal observatory at the Vatican, however, has its own image of Ison: “These are beautiful moments because they remind us that we are all a bit astronomers, “Funes said in an interview with Vatican Radio:” It will take some time until Christmas, but of course he can to the Star of Bethlehem think “


mixture of ice and rock

The Funes also can not escape by his own admission: “It is an indication of the beauty of creation, something that tells of the beauty of the Creator and bring us to to make us on the way, “said the Argentine scientist and Jesuit.

comets like Ison consist of a mixture of ice and rock, and are therefore also referred to as dirty snowballs.

So one must well imagine the Chiemgau comet whose impact 465 BC destroyed settlements in the vicinity of 3200 square kilometers and killed tens of thousands.

Natural History

New payment methods for Paypal: Pay with "Check-In" with the face - ABC Online

Ebay subsidiary PayPal, the payment will go to make a piece more smoothly. In the new method “check-in”, the seller recognizes the customer at his face, is billed to the PayPal account.

The user, however, must pre-register through the PayPal app on the smartphone in the business, the payment service explained on Tuesday. Thus signaling the customer that he would like to pay with the new procedure. Then he has to explain to the dealer, that he agrees with the bill.

the App participating stores will be displayed. The customer receives an e-mail receipt. In a pilot project in Berlin PayPal wants to test the “check-in” solution first in cafes, restaurants and bars around the Rosenthalerplatz. Partner is order Bird, a supplier of iPad POS systems for restaurants. Thereafter, the system will be offered in Germany well into other areas such as boutiques, supermarkets and shops. “We want to clearly play a leading role in the mobile payment with your smartphone,” said PayPal Germany boss Arnulf Keese.

A similar system is also planning the mobile payment service SUMUP from Berlin. According to previous announcements, it should also start this year.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Space Mission of the People's Republic of China: "Jadehase" to the moon ... - N24

China is the first time an unmanned vehicle to send to the moon. Three months should it explore Earth’s natural satellite and drive the ambitious space program of the People’s Republic.


China wants mid-December for the first time end up with a moon vehicle on the Earth’s satellite. The vice commander of the lunar program, Li Benzheng, divided according to the official news agency Xinhua in Beijing that the “Jadehase” (Yutu) said vehicle for three months to explore the moon. It was named in an online survey by the favorite animal of the Chinese Moon Goddess “Chang’e”, which has already borrowed the Chinese lunar probe her name.

The spaceship “Chang’e 3″ to start in the unmanned flight to the moon in early December. An exact date was not mentioned. In the following, the last phase of the 2017 current three-stage lunar program will also return with rock samples from the moon back to earth a Chinese spacecraft. The moon flights are part of an ambitious Chinese space program, the 2020 also provides for the construction of its own global navigation system, in addition to the construction of a space station.

Playstation 4 in the test: So far, only foreplay - STERN.DE

 Playstation 4, Sony, test console

available from Friday in Germany – Sony Playstation 4 ©

L gamers have been waiting for this moment: Finally hold the controller of the new Playstation 4 in the hands and go gamble. The glossy black console looks with its beveled design just great. But can convince even the most power? could the Playstation 4 extensively test and examine how the console hits in practice.

While Microsoft Xbox One extols as the ultimate all-in-one device for the living room, Sony wants to appeal to gamers – and advertises the Playstation 4 as the ultimate gaming experience. “We put it all behind us, what consoles have done so far,” promises Marketing Manager Zoran Roso talking to . All this is offered at Sony for 399 €. A fight price, which is 100 euros under the Xbox One. As of Friday, the console is in this country on the shelves.

A real powerhouse

performance that can not be heard, but seen and felt – that could be the motto of the Playstation 4. Under the hood lies concentrated high-tech Power: An AMD eight-core processor paired with a Radeon graphics card and eight gigabytes of memory make the Playstation 4 times more powerful than its predecessor. Here, the chic case is only 27.5 inches wide, 5.3 inches high and 30.5 inches long. Especially nice: The entire power supply is built into the console, no bulky power strip littered the living room. A replaceable 500-gigabyte hard drive and a Blu-Ray player are also included.

Of all the performance of the players noticed at first. The Playstation 4 purrs quietly after the start in front of him. While playing the noise level increases while, however at no time is troublesome. For calls on the computing power elsewhere its toll: The console is very hot and must be placed strictly in a well-ventilated place. A built-in cupboard should therefore be saved.

The current game titles for the Playstation 4 can only imagine the potential of the console. Especially the short loading times illustrate the processing power of the Playstation 4 In our test, we could, among other things the shooter “Killzone: Shadow case ‘play

, the Jump-and-run game” snap “and the action adventure” Black Flag Assassin’s Creed 4 “.

The graph rises as expected from previous consoles from, but does not set new standards. The launch blockbuster “Killzone” perfect for deployment physics effects such as breaking glass or fully destructible walls, but the capabilities of the hardware does not irritate out. The multi-platform game “Assassin’s Creed 4″ was improved textures and supplementary effects such as denser smoke, which can block the view at sea battles, souped up. Overall, the launch titles remain at the level of a well-equipped gaming PCs. A selling point is not the starting track. Games of the Playstation 3 can be on the new console will not play, but used Playstation 4 games will work fine.

 Playstation 4, Sony, test console

Elegant design, good performance, and a newly designed controllers are features of the Playstation 4 ©

I know what you played last Monday

Also for the Playstation 4 there is a modern 3D camera in the style of Kinect. However, this is not part of the basic equipment to be purchased separately and must be for around 60 euros. For this is the console can then be controlled with voice commands. The camera was not available for our test, so we could not get a picture of the functions. The streaming feature of the console we could not try it. According to the manufacturer it should be possible to stream games via wifi on a PS Vita and so also to gamble away from the sofa. At the same time you can using a smartphone or tablet app purchase games on the go, so that they are immediately available on the console later.

places great value Sony on social networks. A dedicated button on the controller allows it to spread screenshots of the current game on Facebook and Twitter quickly and easily. Even short video clips can be edited using the Share button and shared on the streaming platforms “Twitch” and “UStream”. Too bad: The release home videos on Youtube does not support the Playstation 4 currently


whom it is not enough to look at the playful peak performance of his friends after the fact, can turn live as an observer in games. The last 15 minutes of a game draws the console on an ongoing basis and displays it on the user’s desire for friends in real time. Sony assures that the images are visible only to selected individuals and only after the user’s confirmation. After leaving the game, the recording will be deleted immediately.

precise control, high power consumption

The Share button is not the only new feature that Sony has missed the controller. He is weighing 210 grams comfortably in the hand and provides precise control. Not quite as accurate does the new touchpad: In “Assassin’s Creed 4″ around the map control only reacts very slowly with the touchpad. With the analog sticks can be easier and faster to navigate. In the command menu of “Kill Zone” can the select commands using pad more precisely, but even here the D-pad is faster. The location of the touch pad in the center of the controller makes it difficult to finger exercise, to give orders, which can quickly have the virtual death in the heat of battle. Here the games developers have to even think of something to better exploit the possibilities of the integrated touchpad.

Succeeded is the speaker on the top of the controller. Sound effects such as radio messages or conversations heard in front of the player and provide a denser atmosphere. Also the connecting headphones or a headset directly to the controller is possible. Another novelty in the hands of the player is the light bar on the front of the controller. You should allow an improved detection by the camera and displays with different colors, which controller to which player belongs. This turns out to be fast as energy guzzlers: A mere eight hours the battery lasts. Subsequently, the controller must be connected to the console.

 Playstation 4, Sony, test console

High power consumption: after only eight hours of colorful glowing controller is empty ©

game console rather than entertainment center

The Playstation 4 has numerous entertainment features, but the turn out not quite as extensive as in the Xbox One. “We have focused on the players,” said Roso. The offer from Sony still has everything that is necessary for the entertainment in the living room. In addition to the Blu-Ray player and video streams over Watch Ever, Lovefilm or max cathedrals can be retrieved. Music lovers are, however, complain that the console does not recognize audio CDs. Sony has over announced, however, to file the support for MP3 files in a later update. The connection of external hard drives support the console is not so, for example, watching a recent vacation pictures is not possible.

particularly weak: The transfer of videos, music and pictures via WiFi is not supported by the new console, because it required DLNA protocol is not supported. This service is offered even the older Playstation 3 Here, too, wants to repair the Sony soon – when is not yet known. As a home entertainment center the Playstation 4, therefore, is only good bit. The strengths of the console are very clear in the games.

Conclusion: Even gamers should wait

Overall, the anticipation was entitled: Sony beat faster with the Playstation Gamer 4 hearts. It’s a shame that for the launch barely Games highlights are available. The launch titles can however already guess what the console can. Since the real firecrackers will appear later, it is worth something to wait with the purchase.

Especially the cheap price speaks for the Playstation 4 Even with bought-camera the console is cheaper than the Xbox One. For this, customers need to compromise on the multimedia capabilities make: Without DLNA support, to exclude the possibility of external hard drives and play audio CDs, the scope of home entertainment is very limited. Who but a good looking game console, which can occasionally be used for watching movies via Blu-Ray, or stream, you should resort to the Playstation 4.


Which of the new consoles you buy?

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Marine biology: seahorse hunt with sophisticated stealth - TIME ONLINE

beat quickly, even though they are miserable float: Seahorses are skilled hunters. The secret of their success hiding in her snout.

Seahorse A seahorse in an aquarium in California, USA (archive) | © Gabriel Bouys / AFP / Getty Images

seahorses always appear calm and graceful, graceful they bob up and down in seagrass beds. Nothing can disturb their sublime serenity. But all this is just a trick! The colorful fish are successful hunters, their fishing methods are highly specialized. A team of marine biologists at the University of Texas now has carefully examined the special shape of the seahorse head. For here lies their secret. The result can be read in the magazine Nature Communications : The animals are masters of camouflage, they can approach their prey, causing almost entirely without telltale water movements


This is advantageous because Seahorses are poor swimmers. Their prey, however, is lightning fast: Escaping copepods, for example, can travel 500 times their body length in one second. The small crabs are also always on the lookout for predators. With their sensitive antennae they still take slightest water movement true and also prevent attackers from early detection; within just four milliseconds to react to suspicious movements. The sedate acting seahorses must therefore be even more nimble, to fill you up – even if only for a fraction of a second



Among scientists, the fishing technique of the fish known as pivot feeding , the actual catch movement thus revolves around a pivot around a certain axis. This is the seahorse in the curved neck: To catch a prey animal, fast, the animals their head up and suck the victim into its mouth. A special chord construction acts like a spring under tension. So energy can be stored and implemented much faster in the head movement than would be possible with mere muscle power.

As far as the behavior of the unusual fish was already known. However, the skyrocketing seahorse head has only a very limited range. Lange was not clear how the animals of their prey ever come close enough to run their decisive blow can. They quickly move so only to the last millimeter. The hypothesis of biologists: Seahorses are adapted to conceal their movements, so as not to alarm the early sensitive cancers


Many aquatic organisms have specialized structures to perceive subtle undulations. Fish have it, for example the lateral line organ. In contrast to the sense of sight, allowing about an organ orientation in all directions of space. Whether the enemy back or front approaches from above or below, – he is betrayed by the waves that he proposes. Camouflage means in the sea so well, to prevent water movements as much as possible.

stealth mode with angled head

To test their hypothesis, the marine biologists had to Brad Gemmell as precisely detect which flows caused a seahorse when it slowly swims on its lining. With multiple cameras, they filmed the animals on the hunt in the experimental aquarium. Based on the movement of tiny particles suspended in water calculated a computer then a three-dimensional image of the water turbulence that arise around the body of the robber.

At the head of the sea horse, the researchers were able to first recognize no difference to other fish species: Relatively large, showy turbulence they found, also similar to the body. Only one point above the snout of the seahorse is significantly different in the pictures – the water around this place is hardly swirled from there no telltale undulations are unleashed. In the course of evolution, seahorse snout was perfectly adapted to cause only minimal currents. Seahorses so wear a cloak of invisibility – if only directly on the muzzle


observations explain the unusual pattern of movement of animals. They approach their prey obliquely from below, the head is always kept at a certain angle. Only then the seahorses are in stealth mode – and can outsmart the agile crabs. They kill so to speak, from the portable ambush. Who would have the pretty little creatures have expected such a thing.

ECJ opinion provider may not lock cinema portals indiscriminately - THE WORLD


article by e-mail was forcibly taken from the grid in Germany 2011

providers must cinema portals not indiscriminately block

Internet providers could this be forced to block illegal movie sites. However, the corresponding vote of an expert at the European Court leaves open what content will be blocked.

Internet providers could this be forced to block illegal movie sites. However, the corresponding vote of an expert at the European Court leaves open what content will be blocked. By Benedikt Fuest

The users of illegal streaming portals must anticipate future network locks their Internet provider. The provider will in the future probably block access to sites like that allow the free use of movies via streaming.

with IP and DNS blocking copyright infringement under court order could be stopped, said Advocate General Pedro Cruz Villalón before the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg in a final application to a process between an Austrian internet provider and the German Constantin Film rental.

The procedure was referred to the ECJ by the Austrian Supreme Court. Previously, courts had already Wiener engaged in the dispute and were thereby come to different results.

“intermediary” illegal Offers

In the present case of Constantin Film rental and production company in Austria wanted to enforce that the Wiener internet provider UPC Tele cable locks access to the now-closed site

About this 2011 in Germany forcibly taken from the network website users could watch for free or download movies without permission of the copyright holder via streaming.

Because Internet providers no legal relationship was to, the Supreme Court submitted the case to the ECJ. The Advocates General at the ECJ to take in the process the role of independent legal experts, their opinions follow the judges later in most cases when ruling.

In his opinion, Advocate General Villalón came to the conclusion that it is expected of individual Internet service providers very well by blocking of IP addresses and non-forwarding of DNS requests to access to make it difficult to websites that are most often involving pirated copyrighted material made public. Villalón sees the provider as a “facilitator” of the illegal deals.

Technically adept users clientele

Although, as the Advocate General has to admit, in its opinion, the locks of a technically more experienced users clientele were bypassed – yet they seemed daunting. In addition, not everyone is tech-savvy enough users.

According Villalón the operators of illegal movie portals often sit unattainable outside Europe. Another reason why the blocking of IPs is the provider an adequate remedy against copyright infringement.


Villalón also pointed out that a provider should not be a general obligation for blocking – must be precisely specified in each individual case by a court decision which content will be blocked through which technical means should. The provider must not lock far-reaching in anticipatory obedience, just because the rights holder demands it.

report leaves questions open

“With this regulation shall also be avoided that the Internet provider then be made responsible of the rights holders, even though they have done everything reasonable to block a website” explains Holger Gauss, lawyer specializing in intellectual property law at the Munich Grünecker.

“Should the ECJ follow the ideas of the Advocate General, the judgment no clean bill of health for unrestricted power locks would nevertheless. Providers would otherwise ill-advised when their users without final judgment would deny access to a website. “

Gauss doubt that blocking such Villalón it provides a legally adequate means for the fight against copyright infringement are: “I see the danger of over blockings, namely a barrier to widespread of addresses in the network.


The Advocate General that such a barrier even in predominantly illegal content may be appropriate. But what does predominantly? 51 percent? 70 percent? What if on a server not only illegal but also legal content from different websites to be kept? There is still much need for clarification in the national courts. “

Villalóns final opinion is kicked to the end of the procedure. The final judgment of the ECJ is expected to follow in the coming weeks.

© Axel Springer AG 2013. All rights reserved

China's Space Mission "Jade Rabbit" is ready to start - Spiegel Online

China sends in a few days its first lunar rover on Earth’s natural satellite: The vehicle will leave in early December with a rocket to the moon, reported the official news agency Xinhua on Tuesday. A precise date was not mentioned. The space car was named in accordance with the country’s mythology “Yutu” (jade rabbit), it is the next step of an ambitious Chinese space program, which provides for the construction of an unmanned lunar base by 2020


A model of “Yutu” the authorities had presented earlier this month. The vice commander of the lunar program, Li Benzheng, said that the vehicle is to explore three months the moon. The gold-colored vehicle with six wheels and solar wings to roll an impressive speed of up to 200 meters per hour over the moon and can supposedly handle inclines of up to 30 percent. Its name goes back to a white rabbit, the pet of the moon goddess Chang’e. The name had participants selected an Internet survey, reported Xinhua.

rock samples from the moon get

2017 is to return a Chinese spaceship with rock samples from the moon back to earth. The moon flights are part of an ambitious Chinese space program, the 2020 also provides for the construction of its own global navigation system, in addition to the construction of a space station.

Beijing is responsible for the military space program icon for the growing international importance of the country and the scientific and technological catching up with the West. The Russian space program is still far ahead of the Chinese activities. The most ambitious project of China is the deployment of a taikonauts how astronauts are called in China, to the moon. A date for this are not yet available.


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Red List: Wars of man rotten animals - Spiegel Online

England / Berlin – They are known as forest giraffes and particularly threatened: okapi are according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN) on the threshold of extinction. The number of Okapia johnstoni has shrunk sharply, said the IUCN in an update of the relevant international Red List of endangered species in Gland, Switzerland with.

-based, especially in the Congo okapi are chestnut-brown to almost black and thighs like zebra striped white cross. The armed conflict in the African country and illegal mining have the habitat of the animals severely limited. There would also be poachers.

only at the beginning of the 20th Okapi century discovered applies in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a national symbol – it also adorns some banknotes. “In order to ensure the survival of the okapi, the government must be supported in efforts to end the civil war and the fight against poverty,” urged IUCN expert Noëlle Kümpel. The Okapi is now “critically endangered” on the Red List as.

 Okapi at the Berlin Zoo: victims of the civil war in the Congo for larger view


Okapi in the Berlin Zoo: victims of the civil war in the Congo

Are at greater risk, according to the World Conservation Union, almost 200 bird species, including most recently, the occurring in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and South Africa mirror Rail (Sarothrura ayresi). Something has improved, however, the situation of the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), the California island gray fox (Urocyon littoralis) and two species of albatrosses (Black-/ Thalassarche melanophrys and Schwarzfußalbatros / Phoebastria nigripes).

“This update of the Red List shows some fantastic achievements in the conservation of animal species, of which we have to learn for the future,” was Jane Smart, Director of IUCN’s Global Species Programme, quoted. The message total he pointed out gloomily: “Although in some species improvement has been noted, there are with every update a significantly greater number of endangered species The world urgently needs to do more to prevent this devastating trend..”


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Apple buys developer of the Kinect-thumb controls - Spiegel Online

New York – Apple is investing in movement control: The iPhone-Group purchased the company PrimeSense, from whom the Kinect system for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console. Apple confirmed the deal, the “Financial Times” and “All Things D”. The price lies at 360 million dollars (265 million euros), both media wrote on the night of Monday, citing informed people.

The Israeli company PrimeSense technology for motion control Kinect had supplied for the Xbox 360. Here, cameras and sensors detect the movements and positions of players. The Kinect version for the recently launched new console Xbox One Microsoft itself has developed.

PrimeSense worked meanwhile working to make its technology more compact. The new sensor called Capri fits into smartphones and tablets. It can not only detect motion, but should also serve as a 3-D scanner -., Or as collision warning system for people who are looking at her cell phone while walking

conceivable uses are to be versatile: Apple could with the sensors improve the operation of its television set-top box Apple TV. The control games with gestures seems to make sense. iPhone and iPad are popular game consoles, even if the Around tap the screen to play games that interferes with the view.

Another company a thumb remote control for Windows and Mac computers has already developed: Leap Motion called the finger-sized box, which you should be positioned in front of the screen. The sensors then detect hand and finger movements. According groomed software can be so controlled with gestures.

Apple has bought in the past few years various companies to improve its devices and services. Thus the technology for the fingerprint scanner in the new iPhone 5s and the voice control Siri from outside came. Apple bought to, inter alia, in chips, memory technology and mapping services.


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