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Deutsche Telekom CEO defends flat-capping: "We love our customers" - Heise Newsticker

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Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann, “We want to make the Internet faster and more stable prices as far as it goes hold. ” enlarge class=”source”> Image: AP, Jochen Luebke CEO René Obermann has sharply criticized the flat-capping Deutsche Telekom’s Internet defends frequent users. “So far, the heavy users pay as much as the infrequent users. We think it’s fair if those who use the network rather a lot to pay a little more,” Obermann said in an interview that the world on Sunday with him and Timothy Höttges, his successor as soon Telekom CEO, led. “We want to make the internet faster and keep prices stable as far as it goes.”

Telekom had on 2 May initially introduced for new customers monthly data limits for fixed flat rates, from which the internet speed must be curbed dramatically. The decelerator is to engage at the earliest in 2016. Planned by the telecom caps on monthly data traffic in fixed flat rates are then taken no later than 2018 all DSL customers. Then all ISDN and analogue fixed lines to be converted to IP connections, the customer must then accept the new terms and conditions.

flat-capping and net neutrality

network cables in a server room

Since 2 May sees the telecom volume limits for their Internet flatrate before. Reason: The volume of data increases, the expansion of the networks costs money, only few users generated a large share of traffic. Criticism was quickly aloud, would the backbones far enough capacity for increasing data volume. And Telekom prefer their own offers, such as the IPTV service Entertain or from partners such as Spotify. The Telekom aims the transition to Next Generation Networks (NGN) aims from the “best-effort” Internet is a collection of “managed services” to make that enable them to control and monetization.

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  • For most customers will not change, said Obermann. If you only occasionally need a lot of volume, this book could to for a few euros. “The competition is so tough that we can in any case only sell what can be explained by the market,” said Obermann. Goal remains to keep customers and especially to attract new ones. Flat rates, there will be continued. From today’s perspective, the more frequent users would pay 10 to 20 euros per month. This is necessary because the telecoms should invest around six billion euros in the fixed network expansion in the coming years. The German telecommunications market have also in the past seven years have to accept a decline of nine billion euros.

    The association

    Digital Society had criticized such a restriction make “the connection is no longer usable with today’s demands.” The speed will be reduced to a level of 90 years. “De facto is a barrier,” said Mark Beckedahl, Digital Society board of the association. And an alliance calls for the General Meeting of Telekom on 16 Mai “Let not strangle you!” In Cologne for a demonstration under the slogan on. “We expected criticism,” said Obermann. “And that you can never gain sympathy points with the announcement of a price differentiation within the Internet community, it was also clear to us.” Höttges and Obermann but thought: “We love our customers.” The Telekom fight for every single customer “now and in the future.”

    The central allegation against the project of Telekom but now directed not against higher costs for higher data volumes, but against the attack on the “best effort” Internet, which is connected to the flat-rate cap. For telecom services, such as IPTV service Entertain are exempt as opposed to competing services by the volume limit. Obermann had previously argued that the IPTV service Entertain as a “managed service” can not be regarded as a regular internal traffic and therefore reflects the deduction of the telecom IPTV data volume from the volume limit does not constitute a violation of net neutrality. The Telecom IPTV service Entertain is not a typical Internet service, but a regulated through the state media authorities separate television and media platform, for which customers paid an additional fee. Entertain is thus an exception because it was a “managed service”, under which the Group guarantees the quality.

    Such “managed services”, which replace the traditional data streams, the real goal of the telecom carriers as they with the so-called Next Generation Networks (NGN) and its IP are trying to achieve multimedia subsystem. IP-based is from the “best-effort” Internet so that a collection of “managed services” under the control of the carrier. These are then available for further monetization available. Each traffic type, whether it is, for example, traffic to web pages, streaming music or video transfers, then only a particular expression of a “managed service” in the NGN. From a best-effort network like the Internet, where all data is transported in the best possible way indiscriminately, such next-generation networks are far away – and the reasoning, Entertain is a special service that has nothing to do with the Internet, would be invalid. (jk)

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