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12 May 2013 11:52

Internet activist Cody Wilson

(Photo: oh )

The American Cody Wilson has published the blueprints for a plastic gun out of the printer. Is the man crazy now, dangerous or courageous? And what does his act for gun control?

From Matthias Kolb and Nicolas Richter

plastic gun has developed rapidly. In the eighties she was still a colorful water reservoir in the form revolver with which schoolboys injected wet. Since the early new millennium these toys take the form of machine guns adopted, with pumps and large water tanks.

In 2013, Cody Wilson is now using a plastic gun in the Texas heat. It aims, pulls the trigger, it pops huge. He has, quite likely, fired a real bullet. A movie clip on YouTube shows Wilson as he looks sternly at the camera, further warplanes and a rising sun. “The Liberator”, is written there, “the liberator”.

Cody Wilson, 25, is head of the organization, “Distributed Defense”, which consists of him and a few friends. According to the company they are non-profit. You want to arm the human race by allowing anyone to build his own gun. For this you need a 3-D printer: a machine that produces a plastic component. The blueprints for the plastic gun spread “Distributed Defense” for free on the Internet. Anyone who downloads them, must disclose neither name nor age. Wilson did not invent the technique, but he is the first they now spread worldwide.

Wilson finely trimmed hair and black windbreaker suggest that he attaches great importance to its exterior. Often it can be filmed here, as he emptied somewhere outdoors magazines. In the spring he presented his project at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW), a technology conference. It takes place in Austin, Texas, where Wilson studied law. “I guess I’m a rebel because you made me do,” Wilson said at the time of Süddeutsche Zeitung .

In conversation, he is polite, but his provocative grin reveals that he likes to shock society. In all the interviews he plays the insurgents. “We believe that freedom is in danger. We must respond,” he once said. Wilson grew up in Arkansas, the southern United States. “We have our own weapons culture. Pistols and rifles were omnipresent, I have never seen them as a threat.” But he had only developed when he heard of 3-D printers and not let go the idea of ??not being registered gun a real fascination.

Meanwhile, he sometimes fears track to lose sight of the big goal. About the consequences of the “wiki weapons project” he can only speculate: “Device society if our plan succeeds from the joints I want to find out?”. His attitude is prevalent among cyber-activists: make the existing order in question, see themselves as revolutionaries defy the government and corporations. He was a “crypto-anarchists,” says Wilson. According to this school of thought, one must keep secret as much as possible before the state, so that the people can not suppress.

The most famous is probably still activist Julian Assange, the creator of the WikiLeaks revelations, he says governments the right to own secrets from. With him, as with Wilson is vanity, technical proficiency, his missionary zeal and political ambition with anarchist trains mix.

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