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The American software company Microsoft Corp.. hopes one of its few success stories in business with consumer electronics extrapolate. During a press conference at its headquarters in Redmond, near Seattle, the company introduced on Tuesday its next-generation video game console Xbox from that bears the name “Xbox One”

even more than the current version, the new Xbox 360 console to a multifunction device according to the will of Microsoft, which is used in addition to video games for other forms of entertainment such as television. Games for the Xbox 360 will not work on the new console. The Xbox one will come on the market later this year, Microsoft had an exact date as well as the sale price still open.

game consoles in the industry falter

, Microsoft is with the new device in a completely different position than the previous model, introduced in 2005, because since then, the video game market has changed dramatically. Smartphones and tablet computers that barely were on the market at that time, have become competitive platforms for video games. Free and cheap games on these devices have brought the business model of the industry with games consoles and related software to falter. In the United States, sales of hardware and software has fallen in the past year, according to market research firm NPD Group, 22 percent.

Microsoft hopes that the Xbox One is a universal system in the living room, which has from the user on command or with a wave of access to its contents. The motion sensor Kinect is now part of the basic equipment, and the Xbox One can be controlled with gestures and voice commands. Thus, for example, TV channels are changed by saying the station name, and can return to the main screen with a gesture in which the fists are merged.


The Xbox has a Bluray drive and was designed as a full-fledged television receiver so that users can access on the current program as well as to games or to the Internet. The new console can still also with a control device (controller) use, also via smartphones and tablets that can act as an additional input devices, for example, if there are multiple players. To use “Smart Glass” One was integrated into the Xbox. Microsoft has also linked his phone service Skype with the Xbox One and allows video calls to other functions in parallel.

Many of the technical specifications are close to the Personal Computer: This includes processors with eight cores of Advanced Micro Devices, one of eight gigabytes of RAM and a hard drive with 500 gigabytes. The abundant hardware configuration makes it possible to run multiple operating systems on the device, you can switch seamlessly between them.

Not only Microsoft refreshes its console business. The Japanese Sony Group is faced with the introduction of its next generation PlayStation. Sony has the first details of its upcoming PlayStation 4 abandoned in February at an event in New York, but not yet shown differently than Microsoft now the whole unit. This is expected in a few weeks as part of the E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles. The day before the event Microsoft Sony released a video with blurry images that show well the Playstation 4, connected with an indication that the unit is on the 10th June will be seen. Microsoft is also on the same day hold another Xbox press conference at the show and then probably reveal more details about its new console.

Wii U sold worse than expected

Microsoft and Sony hope the new consoles bring a boost to the overall video game market in the difficult environment. The stock market seems set for a revival and the console manufacturer also: Thus, the share prices of game companies such as Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard have increased significantly since the beginning. The Japanese company Nintendo has however get painful to feel that new consoles are not necessarily the manufacturers torn from the hands. The Wii U will come out in the fall of Nintendo sold worse than expected. Nevertheless, the market attracts new entrants to: To bring the microchip maker Nvidia shortly its first gaming console out

.Microsoft Xbox

can be recorded as one of his few successes in consumer electronics. The console first came out in 2001. The response was modest at first, but gradually the market share grew. In America, the Xbox 360 was, according to the NPD Group is now 21 months on the best-selling piece of gaming hardware. Microsoft has been less successful with other hardware initiatives such as the Zune music player and a phone number with the name of children. The sales figures come out for the last year tablet computer Surface maintain so far seems limited.

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Microsoft Xbox One engages in

game consoles

Microsoft Xbox One engages in

From Raymond Wiseman, Redmond and Roland Lindner, New York

The Software Group introduces its next-generation console sales, which is weakening. The competition cheaper smartphone games makes the starting position. The new Xbox will be a multi-function device on games also.

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