Friday, August 22, 2014

PocketBook CAD Reader: E-Inks Mobius technology instead of Fina – H

PocketBook equips the already introduced late 2013 CAD Reader now but not as initially planned out with a Fina display from the leader E Ink. Instead, the company is due to increased stability on E-Inks Mobius technology.

E-Inks Fina technology provides the most stable base for high resistance, which is especially devices for use in outdoor areas benefit . Unlike Fina, wherein a glass substrate is used, is used in the Mobius technology, a plastic substrate as the screen base for use, which in turn makes the base less flexible and therefore susceptible to kicks. Since the CAD Reader was primarily designed as a working tool especially for the construction industry, the change would the harsh area come to meet. However

The Pocketbook CAD Reader is more than Tablet with E-ink display, including pen input to understand and not as a classical reader for digital books. The strengths lie mainly in the representation of plans as well as CAD drawings or other technical illustrations and edits on site. Due to the electronic ink display can be easily read even in direct sunlight, also takes its low power consumption of the running time to good. Moisture is also present for the reader no problem, even if no IP certification is officially known. With 700 grams, however, the unit is no lightweight.

The display is designed with 13.3 inches tall and triggers with 1,600 × 1,200 pixels, which corresponds to a pixel density of 150 ppi. In contrast to the Icarus Excel, which can be operated only by pen input, comes with the CAD Reader is a combination of Wacom digitizer as well as from conventional capacitive touch screen technology is used, such as those used with traditional tablets is used in a similar form. Thus the device can be both a pen input and normally operate with your fingers. The screen display 16 shades of gray represent and is not also illuminated.

As a technical substructure acts a iMX.6 dual-core processor from Freescale, which relies on a memory of two gigabytes and 16 gigabytes of flash memory , by the Optional SD card can be further extended by up to 64 gigabytes. The enacting a capacity of 8000 mAh battery should provide due to the low power consumption of the display for long term use. In addition, Wi-Fi available in the standard b / g / n and UMTS available. As a base system is Android 4.0.4.

The Pocket Book Cad-Reader will be released in January 2015, the sale is not scheduled directly through retailers. A price has not been called.


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