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Takeover: Yahoo promises tumblr not to mess - Times Online

Yahoo buys the tumblr blog service, to win advertising space and range. That could go wrong. Tumblr users are not thrilled their content unsuitable for minors.

Two tablet computer show the logos of Tumblr and Yahoo Two tablet computer show the logos of Tumblr and Yahoo

The board of Yahoo has agreed on Sunday to buy tumblr blog provider for the price of 1.1 billion dollars. This was announced by both companies on Monday. It is the largest takeover of a social network service for years – even greater than the purchase of Instagram by Facebook. And at least as important.

Yahoo is a portal. The website offers various services such as search, email, chat, messages, and others, including the flickr photo database. In the U.S., Yahoo is still one of the most popular pages at all. Money earned by the Group Sale of advertising space in his service.


Tumblr is one of the most popular platforms to start a blog. Creating and sharing content is also very easy to network with other services such as Twitter.
Very good

Yahoo tumblr is interesting for two reasons: on the one hand, it comes to the clicks of the blog platform. Tumblr is the home of more than 100 million blogs that generate seven to eight million visits per day. So much scope for advertising from Yahoo. Yahoo’s requests through the deal could grow by about 20 percent, according to the official announcement.

same time, more than half of all bloggers the mobile app. In the growing mobile market, so the company is well positioned.

Kai Biermann

Kai Biermann


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the other hand, Yahoo is considered old and sedate. When the company was founded in 1995, it was one of the pioneers of the network. However, its basic idea did not prevail – be created elaborately by hand search catalog of websites was inferior to the search-based algorithms of Google competitors. Although Yahoo makes more than 100 million dollars in profit per quarter, but has been investigating a functioning business model. With tumblr, the company wants to take young users in its portfolio, in the hope of getting itself a somewhat younger image.

but users are not so happy about it. In tumblr, there are hardly advocates the acquisition, on the contrary: in many blogs is denounced on the other hand, the typical way, with pictures and animated GIFs. Also under the new tumblr blog of Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer there is criticism in the comments.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Yahoo promised, tumblr continue to operate as a standalone service, also founder David Karp remains the boss. To demonstrate how big is the autonomy, should not even show up on the tumblr pages the logo of Yahoo. And Karp also promises that the future planning of its offer remains the same. But now we have more resources for it.

the move has already begun?

However, many fear that their blogs will now be taped with advertising. But this is one of the two problems for Yahoo in the acquisition. Because tumblr is only a platform for blogs hosted there assumes no responsibility for the service. The content, or blogs are, more or less users. In terms nothing is assumed that tumblr advertising program falls within the blogs. Money earned the company through its premium offerings. Too much is not. Last year, it made $ 13 million in sales and once again the same amount in the first quarter of 2013.

If Yahoo does this strategy and now tumblr mainly provides advertising space, risking the company that many bloggers with their contents somewhere else pull out. This also seems to be happening already. The WordPress blogging software company reported just that much more content would therefore move from tumblr usual to her. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg writes in a blog post on Sunday had over 72,000 posts in an hour has been moved to WordPress. Usually there are Sundays only 400 to 600 posts.

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