Thursday, July 25, 2013

Google's new Streaming Stick: Is Chrome cast a revolution? - NEWS

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The Chrome Cast is powered via USB. power supply and cable are included. The Chrome Cast is powered via USB. Power supply and cable are included (Photo: Google).

Thursday 25 July 2013

by Klaus Wedekind

Google brings to the HDMI Stick Chrome Cast a device on the market that makes it seem simple to transfer content from smartphones, tablets and computers wirelessly to the TV screen. But is that really true?

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HDMI stick that Google introduced at a press breakfast next to the new Nexus 7 and Android 4.3, makes for some users and media for enthusiasm. Finally a low-cost device, which allows you to easily stream content from other devices to the TV. Who needs Apple TV


the Chrome cast with 35 dollar is actually, but who expects uncomplicated to send him videos and pictures, for example, are stored on the smartphone from the sofa to the TV screen, you will be disappointed by the stick. Because, strictly speaking, the technique used is Google cast a cloud streaming service. Or, as Google writes: “With Chrome cast you can easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your HDTV.”

Apple TV can more

In the future there may be other apps that make Chrome cast interesting. In the future, it could further give apps that make Chrome cast interesting (Photo: Google).

No more and no less, the drive, the operating system is a lightweight Chrome OS. “Heise Online” explains how it works like this: “In terms of architecture resembling Google cast most DLNA, AirPlay and Apple less Miracast / WiDi. The stick itself renders the streamed data and gets the phone to put it simply just supplied a URL” Smartphone or tablet display “mirror”, where exactly is shown on the TV screen, which is displayed on the external device, Chrome cast can not.

If Google’s streaming stick will soon be available in Germany, users can actually “redirect” only Youtube videos, Google videos and music play via smartphones, tablets and computers to the TV or other receiver with HDMI input. They can also view open tabs on the television in the Internet browser Chrome.

It also goes without

Chrome Cast

For users who already have external devices and televisions, which can connect via DLNA, Air Play, Miracast or WiDi, Chrome Cast is therefore rather uninteresting. The same goes for owners of smart TVs that Youtube and video services have been integrated.

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  • Interestingly

    Chrome Cast is currently mainly for users who like to buy videos and music with Google Play or save it there. You can watch the movies on your HDTV or listen to MP3s, for example through the AV receiver to a home stereo.

    But even if

    Cast Chrome is currently only interesting for a few users, the principle is not doomed to failure. Google provides an interface (API) available that can make cast-able with the one-side apps to its developers. So maybe come applications from game developers make the Chrome cast into a bestseller. But even that makes Google Chrome Cast Cast and not to a technological revolution.


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