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Google Glass triggers many feelings of happiness

Google Goggles enables developers into a frenzy

gold rush mood among app developers: Twitter, Facebook, and CNN have recognized the new opportunities of “Google Glass” – and work on futuristic applications for data glasses


gold rush mood among app developers: Twitter, Facebook, and CNN have recognized the new opportunities of “Google Glass” – and work on futuristic applications for data glasses


So far, only a few hundred software developers and computer experts carry the futuristic Google Privacy Glass glasses on his nose. But in the area of ??the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, you can sense these days, what the future might look like with Google Glass.

quasi every proud owner of a cyber goggles on this planet had gathered this week for developers conference Google I / O to the 1,500-dollar prototype with a permanent smile on the face of the public show off.

In a short test it quickly, which may account for the fascination of Glass: Still just as the smartphone is the carrier of a Google Glass are the knowledge from the network continuously available without that he has to pull a smart phone out of your pocket. So far, the glasses can indeed read and write, take photos and short videos provide navigation instructions and perform a Google search only emails.

companies make apps for Google Goggles ago

But at the developer conference featured media companies, networks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, as well as Evernote app developers their concepts that will extend the functionality of Glass. So you can share with others, the head-captured photos directly with his Facebook friends on Twitter or purely provide.

The first picture with the application sent Facebook engineer Erick Tseng “.! public first post of our new Facebook app for Google Glass Hello world”, he commented on the photo of the conference.

The new apps from Facebook and Twitter, for example, a user gets, for example, notifications of selected friends appear. The Twitter app for Google Glass has the same functions as in classical smartphones, as developers Shiv Ramamurthi announced. It allows users to send messages and photos, reply to tweets, forward, or flag as favorite. They also receive notifications of interactions.

The “New York Times” and CNN let the users of Glass “Breaking News” show. The user can determine which areas he is interested in and, for example, restrict the flow of messages on some major sports results before. For example you get CNN headlines displayed on selected topics and small or short videos galleries.

text via the digital memory Evernote notes, for example, one could prepare a shopping list on the computer and send it to glass, so you then have the things in the supermarket for shopping in the truest sense of the word in mind .

available only for some users in the U.S.

The Google Goggles is initially available for software developers and test users first in the United States. Up to a consumer version is expected by earlier data still takes about one year.

Until then, Google wants to publish a package of tools for app developers – like there is about it for the development of iPhone and Android applications. It should include additional features are introduced. Among other things, you will be able to transmit live videos in the future, Google announced Glass expert Timothy Jordan.

Initially Google only allowed for a limited range of functions. It is primarily concerned with images, navigation and communication by e-mail or text messages. But can Google Hangouts are also entertained live with other members of the online network Google+.

traffic runs through Google servers

All traffic – even when it comes to other services like Facebook or Twitter – will not directly but via Google’s servers. The reason is that the content of the glasses must be prepared to part.

So the little glass screen has a resolution of 640 by 360 pixels, while most of the content are now designed for displays with more pixels. “We do a lot of optimization,” Jordan said.

Google wants to proceed with caution when removing the Glass-software, because the rules of the game on the tiny screen directly on the eye are unlike, say on a smartphone and have some yet be detected in practice. The information displayed should be unobtrusive and short, always fit the current situation and not confuse the user, Jordan told the developers.

transmission through the skull bone

Although the glasses with the built-in battery and radio modem looks bulky, feels subjectively very easily. The plastic prism that projected the contents of the eye, is not sitting directly in front of the eye, but at the level of the eyebrows.

The contents on the display appear amazingly sharp – no comparison to the muddy acting test image of the very first prototype, the Google co-founder Sergey Brin, a year ago, few technology reporters to Try it put on the nose.

Despite the low resolution by today’s standards, the perception will be like a display with a screen diagonal of 63 inches, that you look at from about 2.50 meters.

With a nod to the neck Google Glass is awakened from sleep. The temple can be activated with a push of a button, the photo function of the camera and navigate with swiping a finger on the hanger through the simple menu structure. Certain information such as weather forecasts or navigation instructions to the user whispered in his ear -. Specifically, transmitted through the skull bone

gold rush mood among developers

To save power, Glass sets but then quickly back to sleep. The nightmare of some privacy advocates, now spy on the future of Google cyborgs controlled around the clock their environment with endless video recordings can currently because of the limited battery life is not a reality.

Glass may also have to record short videos of only a few seconds. Influential U.S. MPs want but know of Google in a letter that the consolidated plan the use of facial recognition software, and how people’s privacy to a glass-wearer should be protected.

The technical shortcomings of Glass Google will soon be overcome, most developers at the Google I / O were certain. They could be even moderately impressed by the concerns that privacy advocates in the U.S., the UK and also in Germany had expressed in connection with Google Glass.

“victim” of undesirable photographic and video recordings moment are mainly the owner of a cyber glasses, usually without being asked by curious smartphone users on the street or in the subway were photographed and filmed train, it said at the conference.

The developers want in any case not to spoil the gold rush atmosphere that has erupted not only in Silicon Valley. Nobody wants to miss the “next big thing ‘- and Google Glass could be” the next big thing “


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