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Internet: bullying is a problem in the network - Offend, slandered or ... -

internet: bullying is a problem in the network - Offend, slandered or marginalized.

by new study. Bullying is a problem in the network. Only out of boredom and insulted for fun, be slandered and limits. 19 percent of students bully their classmates on the Internet that bullying takes the power out of hand. There are Virtual injuries, but a real pain.

Approximately 19 percent of those students gave in a survey that they themselves have been actively pursued cyberbullying. The trigger for this, however, was not the suspected identity special just plain “boring” or “fun”.

the 17 percent of students, or about one in six, had been a victim of cyber bullying attack. In the study, 10,000 students were surveyed. This Ranked among students from all school types and ages. In the same context, parents and teachers were interviewed.

The study by the Association eV for alliance against cyber bullying has clearly shown that parents and teachers the cyberbullying face totally helpless.

age of the victim says the study found that students aged between twelve and 15 years suffer from cyber bullying. This is the time of puberty and also in the use of internet is increasing strongly. Every student wants to find himself and explore his limits. This makes the student where he comes into conflict with other students. Usually make the students that throughout the school among themselves. It is now in the time of Facebook and more often to the fact that this identity is lived on the Internet.

Every other girl was ever a victim of cyber bullying, the boy falls in the number of assaults cyberbullying, from rather poor.

Unfortunately, cyberbullying accumulates in school forms such as: high school, vocational school and junior high school. Almost did not come, however, the cyber bullying in schools and elementary schools. Since there internet usage is not as high or emulate the students have “more important things”. In the age of the students build their digital possessions-on.

Cyber ??bullying is booming: Students make it out of

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