Thursday, June 20, 2013

Xbox One: Microsoft waived but now on-line constraint - Spiegel Online

Microsoft makes the Xbox one at a retreat. It is now but a permanent internet connection be necessary to play with the device. Even games on one disc should be able to be exchanged and sold at will. It functions like the previous model Xbox 360, division chief Don Mattrick explained under the heading “Your feedback counts” on Wednesday in the Xbox blog.

initially announced restrictions had annoyed many users, and for the upper hand when rival Sony worried that his new Playstation 4 releases in parallel. The PS4 is about a hundred dollars cheaper than the Xbox one, also was at the Sony console ever from an online forced the issue. At E3, Sony had also promised, customers could always make use of acquired second hand games on the Playstation fourth

Now Microsoft

follows Sony’s example. Microsoft executives said Mattrick, the comments from users would have caused the change of heart: “We have listened.” But he still believe, the majority of gamers prefer to play online and use it to make cloud offerings.

However, the constraint does not fall completely online. A connection to the Internet is no longer required once a day. But that the newly purchased Xbox works, an online update for the device needs to be downloaded once. This day-one update was provided from the beginning for the new console, as product manager Marc Whitten. Because nothing has changed. How big the update package and what it will contain information and details, but he did not betray.

With the abandonment of the previously planned DRM measures are adopted by Microsoft originally provided a cloud offering. Actually, it was announced that gamers can take their games in connection with their Xbox Live account in the cloud of data on remote servers. This cloud option is omitted. Purchased on discs games could only be played discs from, Microsoft said. Which means gamers must continue to carefully protect their discs from scratches and keep them safely stored.

same time, it should be no more opportunity to share games in the cloud with several users. This “family plan” had actually provided the opportunity for users, the entire game library digitally to share with up to ten other users. Always only one user would have to use the corresponding game issue.

bottom line remains the same, Microsoft said. Game sharing will work as for the Xbox 360, the disc will be passed by. But downloaded tracks could not be divided.


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