Friday, June 21, 2013

Google News hedges against intellectual property right from - Heise Newsticker

online media whose messages are to be used in the future of Google News, future need to explicitly tell the news aggregator consent. Google wants to protect it from the legal ambiguities of power protection law. This was designed to operate some major press publishers law has taken all legal hurdles despite fierce criticism from the Internet community and is the first August to take effect.

Google believes, the news does not violate without permission of the copyright against the new law, but would “certainly go against the background of the discussion that you continue to agree with the
recording the content of your site in Google News are, “said Gerrit Rabenstein Google Germany in an email to affected publishers.

Google News evaluates claims to be from about 700 German-language sources. Those who are first to August have not given their consent here, Google will no longer include in the aggregator. Technical requirements to previously disclosed with the webmaster tools as the owner of the website. For more information the FAQ and a page about the technical details.

on 1 Adopted by the Bundestag in March and three weeks later by the Federal beckoned by intellectual property right for press publishers admits that the exclusive right to commercially distribute their content on the Internet, except only stay “single words or smallest parts of the text.” Because the law does not regulate the length of such “snippets” exactly, critics see as the “Lex Google” mocked and not supported even by some beneficiaries of regulation is a source of income for Abmahnanwälte. Other online services have already drawn conclusions from the ancillary rights. (heb)

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