Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mobile phone abroad is cheaper - Gelnhäuser Tageblatt

Brussels (dpa) – Cell phone and mobile Internet browsing abroad are from 1 July cheaper. Under pressure from the EU Commission, the telecom companies have to cut roaming charges again and meet new price limits.

Who makes holiday in another EU country and uses his smartphone or notebook, is paying significantly less for phone calls, the mobile retrieving mails and surfing the Internet than before. The provider may also under these maximum allowed prices to remain.

call from Europe costs from July up to 24 instead of 29 cents per minute (excluding VAT), the EU agency said in Brussels. German customers pay tax included at most 28.6 cents per minute for the call reception than 8.3 cents (9.5 cents previously). An SMS message may be charged as final price only 9.5 instead of the current 10.7 cents. For incoming SMS from the consumer still pays nothing.

data downloads cost abroad in the future than 53.5 cents instead of 83.3 cents per megabyte of data. Without VAT is 45 instead of 70 cents. As of July 2014, the maximum allowable values ??decrease again. The European Commission has set a target that calls by mobile phone in another EU country will soon no longer to be more expensive than at home. A proposal to abolish roaming charges, the Authority will present in September.

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