Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple WWDC 2013 conference in the ticker: A Retrospective on iPhone and iPad ... - ABC Online

Apple’s WWDC developer conference has started with some surprises: there’s lot of applause for the new operating system – OS X Mavericks. And on iPhone and iPad everything is new – iOS 7 is the all-new design and therefore has totally cleared up. All information in the ticker gleanings of FOCUS Online

clock 21:05. And Apple’s online store is back online. The U.S. prices for the MacBook Air also apply in Germany – in just € 999 € to 1299 € cost notebooks 21:00 clock: Tim Cook is back on stage and summarizes. Apple Keynote together. That’s

20:58 clock: The retail version of iOS 7 will come this fall. It should be available for iPhone 4 upwards, upwards iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPod touch from the fifth generation

clock 20:52. apps will also automatically request now can be updated. For this, there’s also applause. The new music service called iRadio not, as assumed in the rumor mill, but iTunes radio. It is available without advertising and promotion, if you have iTunes match

clock 20:50. Integration into the car to be driven with iOS 7 -16 manufacturers are it will be until 2014. The iOS user interface even comes to the displays in the dashboard

clock 20:47. Now it comes to Siri. Again, the user interface has been redesigned. In addition, the language Assistens system now has a new voice – either a male. Twitter, Wikipedia, and many other programs now work with Siri

clock 20:44. The AirDrop file sharing system, there will be only for iPhone 5 upwards. The photo was revised organization. And the camera app gets (more) filter

clock 20:40. But, now it comes: iOS 7 of course does not work on all iPhone and iPad versions . It should be for iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5 available

clock 20:35. new weather, new Calendar, Safari with new design and new features – animations, transitions, new, new, new …

20:30 clock: No more borders, no rounded corners in the apps, the home screen makes movements with the impression that you can behind the symbols that move in opposite directions, so

clock 20:28. The lockscreen is new. You have high actually slide to unlock

20:25 clock: The look of the mobile operating system has been completely revised. Everything looks tidier

clock 20:19. Now the Apple CEO announced the biggest change since the introduction of the iPhone for iOS on: iOS 7

20:16 clock: 97% of users are satisfied with Apple’s mobile operating system. Is shopping online with iPhone and iPad, we run crazy

clock 20:14. Tim Cook is back. Now the praises of iOS: 600 million iOS devices have been sold

clock 20:11. Everything is now in the browser – and compatible with Windows – run: word processing, spreadsheet .. .

20:05 clock: Tim Cook is back on stage. It’s back to software. A hymn of praise to iCloud. This is now to be deeply integrated into iWork

clock 20:02. The Professional Desktop is equipped with even more top-technology. Now it is at:

with the look of the old Mac Pro, there is no more contact points 20:00 clock – still the associated housing a Schrumpfkur has been subjected. Mac Pro.

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