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VW dares what with the golf

The estate version of the bestseller surprised with sleek design and has an amazingly tight suspension for a family car

The estate version of the bestseller surprised with sleek design and has a family car is a surprisingly taut chassis From


Well, a designer combined nobody could expect, but compared to previous jumps in the design of long golf which is a small revolution: the variation of the Golf Variant VII is wider and longer and flatter than its predecessor and looks so elegant and dynamic.

The surfaces are clean and have now modeled a certain voltage, the light edges are sharp pressed into the sheet, the proportions were set right, and even the D-pillar now fits with their typical parallel swing the golf family. In its fifth edition, the variant has so much similarity as never before with the hatchback model. Particularly proud chief designer Klaus Bischoff is on the rear, which now has wider thanks to the first split tail lights.

The introduction of the new body style is linked with great expectations, because Germany is a combination market. The Gulf of the family comes in August in the trade, so far at least as cost 18,950 euros and is therefore only 900 euros more expensive than the five-door. There are significantly more Auto: The combination increases over the normal hatchback by almost 31 centimeters to 4.56 meters and offers correspondingly more space: Where in the hatchback fit 380 liters, the variant swallows already in the upright rear seat 605 liter, surpassing even its predecessor by almost 20 percent.

If that’s not enough, you can now fold over easily with a handle, the seat back, has a longer deck (1.83 meters) and up to 1620 liters and boxes case. In addition there is finally time a few practical details such as four bag hooks in the side walls, a cargo floor that serves as a room divider and the basement offers attachment points for the luggage compartment cover, or a folding front passenger seat, with the load length on baumarkt grade 2.70 meters grows .

ride in the station wagon to bring it the same four petrol and three diesel, which is already known from the normal golf. They all work as a turbo direct injection and cover a power range 85-150 hp. In the most fuel-efficient version as BlueMotion with 110 PS he is satisfied with 3.3 liters of diesel. Volkswagen still offers a sumptuous selection of transmissions and diesel dispensed at the base of a sixth gear. Around 1825 € extra charge there is the double-clutch transmission with seven gears. That the variant will use reason and pleasure alike, the developers emphasize with new options for suspension. So there is a desire to variable damping system and the electronically controlled differential lock. A consistently taut suspension tuning reduces the comfort, since the car maker apparently intends to appeal the assessed athletic clientele. This entails a contradiction. A useful primarily oriented combination should roll smoothl y over bumps, like the Opel Astra shows. Sure shines the electric power steering system with high precision, and the road noise are low. Streamlined front and rear seats are comfortable and prevent premature fatigue during long car rides before. And with the enlarged trunk one is Peugeot on the track. Since the Golf Variant makes entirely on family.

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