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10 June 2013 22:28

Apple How does the new iOS for iPhone from

The iPhone maker does away with the nostalgia of the early years of the smartphone society and acknowledges the iOS operating system on radically. Now, the design fits on the screen to design the cover – which is to promote the sale


course there was much applause in the hall again, when Apple CEO Tim Cook and his new toy Manager (here the live blog for future reference) presented. But this is also a friendly audience that has all the cards for the event secured within 71 seconds. Then they were sold out.

On Wall Street, was also seated audience – and this had less good mood. When Cook took the stage, the standing anyway under pressure from Apple’s stock price began to fall. Maybe exchange traders are just very demanding people who are easily disappointed. Or maybe Apple’s presentation has largely unconvinced. Too fragmented, too abstruse innovations: the new high-end Mac Pro computer as is now added to a shell in cylindrical form


But one point even convinced the dealer and let Apple’s share price temporarily increase: The new operating system for iPhone and iPad – iOS 7 – is quite pretty. Tim Cook said in a typical, self-talk feierndem Apple: “iOS 7 is the biggest change of iOS since the launch of the first iPhone.” This time he even legal.

Apple How does the new iOS for iPhone from

example camera app. In the old design a detailed lens with light reflections and shadows. Hyper Realistic. The new design: a black pictogram of an analog camera on gray background. Not more. Similarly, the Compass: formerly a precise mechanical image in steampunk style, now just a needle and a bit of blue


For six years, there is now the iPhone. The new design now looks for the first time, as if it had really thought Apple. Easier, less playful, more clearly. The designers require a long time, and so the company designed its hardware for a long time: iPhones have practically only one button, the laptop a few connections. It feels a bit as if Apple customers previously not have thought to do without the haptic element in the iPhone, icons, reminiscent of leather, paper and mechanics. Now is an end to the nostalgia of the early years of the smartphone company. The operating system then matches the shell.

At the end

to sell more iPhones, the new design of course. Samsung is now more smartphones than Apple, say industry analysts. The iPhones are selling obviously not going as planned so far: Apple is considering why, according to the Bloomberg financial agency for the first time offer a discount when customers turn in their old device in exchange for a new one. Maybe Tim Cook has now presented a better selling point: In the fall of iOS will be available 7


Craig Federighi presents Apple’s new iOS 7

(Photo: REUTERS )  

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