Thursday, June 27, 2013

Microsoft operating system: these are the new features in Windows 8.1 - Spiegel Online

Hamburg – The Preview provides Microsoft Chart show Now, the final update will follow later in the year: The software company has presented the first major refresh of its Windows operating system 8th Although Windows 8.1 continues to focus on the surface of the tiles called Metro, which works best with a touch screen. In the future, Windows computers are by default but can also start in desktop mode. And the start button is back.

With Windows 8, Microsoft dared last year farewell to the window concept to which users have become accustomed to since 1992. Instead, the group now uses tiles that work well on tablets and smartphones -., And on hybrid devices such as tablets Lenovo living Horizon 27 Acers or plug-W510 Tablet

Microsoft on Wednesday showed some improvements of the tile concept. The surface called Metro was adapted into details, new apps have been developed and added features.

Here are the top new features in the About addiction, with information from Microsoft as well as the first test of The Vergeund ArsTechnica:

  • The Windows search function has been drilled out and merged with the Bing web search. Microsoft shows how a search for “Marilyn Monroe” in the metro-surface images and websites are displayed. When searching for musicians there are, for example, links to the Xbox Music app. The search is to provide answers, search local files, apps, the cloud storage SkyDrive and the Web – on such a global search, and Google and Apple try. The latter group, however, without its own Internet search.
  • Home Screen with the tiles can now be stored with your own pictures and decorated with new colors, there are also animated wallpapers. If you use the same background image for the Metro interface and the desktop mode, the switch between the two views is presumably shared much easier.
  • Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive tinkers in the background and ensures that files are at the same level across multiple devices. Files can be saved directly to SkyDrive. It is known from independent providers such as Apple’s iCloud or Dropbox. If you log with its Microsoft account on a new computer with Windows 8.1 or alien to, the computer settings and apps from the cloud brings.
  • The Metro interface has gotten a read function . Thus sites for later reading to earmark.
  • Several apps can share the screen . Previously this was a fairly rudimentary function, now there are more options. In addition, multiple monitors are supported. Desktop users will smile about – tablet users can rejoice
  • .

  • In Desktop mode is the Start Button back. But a click or tap it promotes revealed no menu, but leads directly to the Home screen with the tiles.
  • New Metro style apps : alarm clock, calculator, and recording device is now available as separate apps. A health and fitness app and a recipe app to show how to send applications for the Microsoft Metro interface presents. In Recipes App can turn over pages using gestures that are recorded by the webcam. So one must not play with sticky fingers on the touch screen – a nice gimmick
  • . Of the new features, Windows users can now see for themselves. The Verge, however, warns: The beta version of Windows 8.1 was still plenty of unstable


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