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Google Secures against intellectual property right off - AnandTech

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inclusion in Google News as of 1 August only against declaration


Against the opposition of experts and the Internet community, the new power protection law was adopted in mid-May and take effect on 1 August 2013 in force. Google Secures against the uncertain legal and other requirements of the publishing companies with a proactive approach. Motto: sink or swim


to online media, which would be listed also includes a short text snippets (“snippets”) at Google News in the future, the company explicitly give their consent. Google wants to protect it from adverse effects of the new legislation, even if the company is still of the opinion that messages are not violated even without direct consent of the author against the new law. Google also provides publishers with a choice: we authorize our approach on Google News, or not – with all the consequences


consent solicitation by Google

“In Germany, a related right for press publishers was introduced. Google’s services are in accordance with this law. However, we want to reassure that you agree with the inclusion of content of your web pages in Google News. By clicking “Yes”, you agree that your Content may be included free of charge in Google News and you are authorized to make such consent. You can always undo your decision. “

Google shares so that in principle the view of the majority of legal experts that Google News does not violate the intellectual property right. The publishers, however, still represented a different interpretation of the law, the law is contradictory and thus difficult to interpret in themselves. The contradictions stated in the IT and media lawyer Adrian Schneider in detail in an interview with computer base.

Google has begun to write about 700 German-language sources, which must provide a confirmation statement in the News tool from Google. Those that this is not until 1 August’ve done, the engine specialist will no longer receive claims to the aggregator. These sources are, however, still be available using the Google search, except that this individual action against automatic findability take.


may affect the use of their own products content providers still using control commands. Prerequisite for this is to identify yourself beforehand by the Webmaster Tool as the owner of the site is. Sometimes many providers of online content have announced that their products will continue to be discoverable on Google News, including among others, the online edition of “time.”

the current step of the Google legal expert Jürgen Ensthaler evaluated critically. In an interview published in the online edition of “Focus”, he wants to see a great deal of uncertainty on the part of the U.S. Konzernes. He believes that Google should not be hedged if the company is really his thing would be safe – but that is simply impossible in the face of contradictory and vague law also. Further legal action can not be excluded.

addition Ensthaler raises further questions which go beyond the related right. So it was in his view not necessarily legal if newspapers to share content that they themselves have received via news agencies, since they thus do not represent the authors and not the original author.

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