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GTI miser

the new Golf GTD VW sets a new standard: Less fuel consumption at such high engine power was never


Now once again the season for the inflationärste all car awards. It comes to the title of “Engine of the Year” Engine of the Year. Since there are so many categories that virtually every car manufacturer brings out a press release with award-heading on his way. VW also, of course. Not only for the most compelling in the motor program.

Perhaps the new 2.0-liter diesel too young to have come into the lottery, but then one may venture to predict that in 2014 when he favorite going into the race. Even the slightly tamer version with 150 hp surpasses the previous engine with ten horsepower less in terms of liveliness, throttle response and power delivery. But now VW sets once again: get the 184 hp four-cylinder to the top position. More power never had a golf diesel, so he is not TDI, but GTD.

This easy brummelnde counterpart to the GTI has a long tradition in Wolfsburg, albeit an interrupted. Even the tough Saugdiesel the Golf I (50 hp), a turbocharged version of GTD (70, later 80 hp) placed side by side, even in Gulf II and III that was. However, during the term of the third-generation TDI engines (turbo diesel injection) came on the market, so the model name GTD initially disappeared. On the Golf IV was decided not to GTD, had a five-generation GT with 170 hp diesel. Only at the Golf VI appeared on the same engine the name GTD back on, and the car was designed as an alternative for GTI drivers. This is now so remained, however, with a newly developed engine.

Like the GTI, with its 220-horsepower gasoline engine, the Golf GTD lowered by 15 millimeters, and it also carries the honeycomb grill like a GTI, as well as the aerodynamic lamellae beneath the headlamps and pointed lower edge of the front spoiler. Surprisingly, the GTD is even more expensive than the GTI, namely exactly 1025 euro.

can drive

a diesel so be sensible, but it need not. The flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, the diamond pattern on the seats (gray instead of red, after all) – such details in GTD signaling not only further to the GTI, but a certain hedonism, one can also live with a golf flat. That’s his strength: he never seems out of place, either as a two-door 86-horsepower vehicle for the fleet still operating as a high-tech sports variant beyond the € 30,000


Just 29,700 euros to invest, who wants to have a GTD. Although the equipment is almost complete (light-alloy wheels, bi-xenon lights, parking sensors, heated sports seats, board computer, fatigue detection, automatic climate control, CD radio, sport suspension), but the four-door is already high to 30,600 euros. Then the six-running double clutch transmission for 1925 euros, adaptive chassis control (1000 euros, recommended), metallic paint (530 euros) and, and, and – this is expensive golf


But he just goes and thickens and confident, he shakes 380 Newton meters of torque from his sleeve, has in sixth gear still felt like, remains silent and – even has a at the gas station to offer bonus experience.

the standard values ??no longer believes even today, after the Golf GTD consumes only 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers (equal strength as the BMW 120d). This sounds fantastic as well as the standard consumption of the GTI (6.0 l/100 km), but it comes with the GTD really close to the factory specification. Two short test rides of 100 kilometers services in the evening (with more free highway) an average of 6.3 liters, and the next morning, the onboard computer calculated even only 5.4 liters.

You can indeed increase the value on the highway even if it plays out the advantages of the standard progressive steering (ie moves a little faster, to enjoy the more direct steering behavior with increasing steering angle) and uses this revving diesel. The bottom line remains the impression that you have a GTI miser in hands. Anyway, for those of the scrimping who like to spend some money at least once.

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