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Internet throttling Telekom government wants to force net neutrality - THE WORLD


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multi-class internet as the German Telekom presents, should not exist

government Telekom wants to force net neutrality

Telekom plans to reduce the speed of network access – and their own service “Entertain” to exclude them, meet with little enthusiasm. Even with the federal government.

The plans of the telecom to slow network access – exempt and your own service “Entertain” it encountered little sympathy. Even with the federal government.


The federal government wants to force the German Telekom to treat their own and others content transmitted on the Internet the same. Economy Minister Philipp Roesler planning a regulation with which this net neutrality will ensure informed his ministry.

network operators should then neither own nor the content of other providers – the latter about to pay – preferably forward. In case of violations, the Agency a stride. The Ministry confirming a report of the “mirror”.

According to the magazine, the Regulation would with which the Cabinet nor shall deal in this legislative period, Telekom meet include: The DAX companies have planned their own activities such as exempt the video service Entertain from his controversial speed throttling with Internet flatrate.

Telekom declined to comment specifically to do so. “We do not know the design, follow the whole thing with great interest,” a spokesman told the “mirror”.

for their plan to curb Internet transmission speed of the respective user, at a certain amount of data that Telekom was heavily criticized. Now the company backtracked, the restriction should be less dramatic than initially planned fail.

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