Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Windows Phone: Microsoft and Telefónica counter Android and iOS - Heise Newsticker

telecom Telefónica (O2) wants to sell more phones with the Microsoft operating system Windows Phone. For this, the company is planning a joint advertising program with Microsoft in Germany and other countries, such as Telefónica announced on Wednesday. “For other operating systems are supported, which constitute an alternative to the current duopoly of Android and iOS,” the company said.

Telefónica wants to increase competition. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS to dominate the mobile market. In addition to Germany, the campaign aims to roll it in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. According to market researchers IDC comes with Microsoft Windows Phone currently only 3.2 percent market share in the overall market, making it the third severed far behind Android (75 percent) and iOS (17.3 percent).

Telefónica also supports the Mozilla Foundation, which created the Internet browser Firefox. Mozilla is working on its own mobile operating system Firefox OS, which is to make Internet-enabled mobile phones for customers, especially in emerging countries more affordable. However, high-end smartphone from Sony about in planning should be. (With material from dpa) / (axk)

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