Thursday, June 20, 2013

Microsoft relents to Xbox: No obligation online games and exchange - Heise Newsticker

After a storm of protest over the terms of the new Xbox game console One Microsoft backs down. So no permanent internet connection is required but now games on a disc can be exchanged and sold at will. It is now functioning as the previous model Xbox 360, division chief Don Mattrick said in a company blog.

initially announced restrictions peeved many users had the upper hand and cared for when rival Sony, which its new game console Playstation 4 releases in parallel. This should be comfortable from the start without an online coercion and also accept used purchases. Microsoft executives said Mattrick, the comments from users would have caused the change of heart. “We listened.”

The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection Peter Schaar, had called Microsoft’s next game console as a “monitor”. In the context of an already in November 2012 beantragtes Microsoft patent came back to the public, which describes a method for calculating costs for download movies for the number of viewers watching television.

Sony used the initially announced restrictions on the Xbox One as the opening pitch in order to make fun of Microsoft – within ten days, the video almost 13 million been viewed.

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