Monday, June 24, 2013

iPhone 5S will flash twice: Photos show Apple's new smartphone - NEWS

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In this photo, which allegedly shows the iPhone 5S, with the dual LED flash is clearly visible. In this photo, which allegedly shows the iPhone 5S, with the dual LED flash is clearly visible (Photo: Uncle palm).

Monday 24 June 2013

New photos from two different sources confirm that Apple uses improved camera in the next iPhone. Clearly be seen on the back with a dual LED flash. Less revealing, but still interesting is a picture of the motherboard.

The probable release date of the new iPhone is approaching, it is probably against Apple in September. An indication that it will not take long, are photos of possible prototypes of smartphones.

As expected, the pictures show a device that is of a size and visually almost identical to the current iPhone. One difference, however, is clearly visible: Apple’s upcoming smartphone has a dual-LED flash with the camera of the iPhone 5 has only one light. This is most clearly seen at a fairly sharp photo, published the “Palm Uncle”. Slightly blurred but the dual LED is also evident on images “

Optical little change

The photographs of " " MacRumors is a dual LED to see. processor and battery are in this prototype probably not yet final. Also, in the pictures of “MacRumors” is to see a dual LED. Processor and battery are in this prototype probably not final (Photo: MacRumors “).

The new flash suits rumors according to which Apple in its latest smartphone which is expected to be called iPhone 5S, improved camera used to be held to resolve as before with eight to twelve megapixels. Visually may be the only change to the current model, the new flash. As with the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5S probably differs from its predecessor mainly by an improved interior. According to rumors, the device could have a quad-core processor, an NFC chip and more memory.

prototype of the iPhone 5S reveals little

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  • “MacRumors” has also published a photo showing the main board of the new smartphones. But the rumors specialists for Apple products could recognize it little more than they actually looks somewhat different than the board of the iPhone 5

    The processor has no detailed description, the author concludes from a printed number that the chip was manufactured in October 2012, which would indicate that the picture is a prototype to see who has not yet used the final processor. According to “MacRumors” can also save some hours with 5.92 watts more power than the battery of the iPhone 5 (5.45 watt hours) of the battery. Missing logos but also indicate the battery back to a pre-production model.


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