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Attenuated DSL throttling: Telekom steers but only from! - STERN.DE

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Itemprop=”caption”> Telekom increased the bandwidth for customers who have used their high-volume data from 2016, to 2 Mbps. The question of the violation of net neutrality remains unclear ©

E s gemotzt and gemosert, ridiculed and harassed: For almost two months, the net is closing on the telecom, which is only called Drosselkom, here. Virtually overnight, the magenta phone giant was because of its planned high-throttling the bogeyman of the nation. It is an unprecedented shitstorm in Germany, who has now apparently forced even the most powerful in the knee: Telekom announced that its restriction will no longer be as drastically


Instead of 384 Kbit / s, there are two megabits future, when the data volume is depleted. Currently the smallest is 75 gigabytes in the contract. Streaming of HD movies or downloading video games is that although torture. But the speed is enough to reasonably sensible move through the network. The concession is to act patronizing in its statement emphasizes the Telekom: “This value of 2 Mbps is twice as large as the minimum benchmark of the broadband strategy of the federal government.” A reason to celebrate? Not at all, it’s just a cheap distraction. The real evil remains completely untouched.

Some data packets are more equal than or equal to

The fire that damaged the image of the telecom irreparable, ignited not only at the puny bandwidth surfers Much was promised. The far greater discussion entspinnte be the network neutrality, which takes the Telekom in their plans underfoot. Which states: Each data packet is the same. But Deutsche Telekom offers, such as the IPTV package Entertain remain in the data count on the outside. That is, they are not included in the tightly calculated data quota. This is a challenge in several respects. The Telekom harm with the favoring of own and partner services not only the market but also to the user, which is limited in his choice. Taking prefer the hipper service with the larger selection of HD movies or in which the TV can run all day without the data counting knife? Both options are not satisfactory.

It’s all about net neutrality. It is an important commodity and shapes the freedom of the Internet. EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes called just last week that they must be protected at all costs by law. Deutsche Telekom has taken due note of nothing happened. On the contrary. The Group potters merrily on two-class network: Only providers who cooperate with Deutsche Telekom – and pay extra – may on the information highway driving in the fast lane. It also throttling the throttling does not change.

“We do not discriminate”

It is unfair for a service faster than allowed by the line another. Although the Telecom insists that she does not discriminate but make the Internet better and faster for partners. Moreover, only the users who consume significantly more bandwidth than other Internet should pay more. But the argument of expensive traffic is a joke: One gigabyte, so it has the head of the router manufacturer Viprinet calculated, the telecom costs less than a penny. That Telekom therefore yields an increase of the throttle-Speeds, probably in the annual balance sheet barely reflected.

fact, it would mainly be a matter of Telekom still to gain data-hungry services as a partner. That would be for the Telekom win-win situation: either the telecom earned on the services that must be paid on the net for the celebrat ride – or the customer, the blecht for more volume of data .

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