Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grimme Online Award: # outcry wins - Heise Newsticker

first time, a Twitter campaign has been awarded the Grimme Online Award. Under the hashtag “# scream” users had pooled their protest against everyday sexism. In the statement, the jury was called, only through Twitter, the social discussion about sexism have gathered momentum and had then been done in other media around the width. The award went to all those who had participated in the online discussion.

Twitter campaign “outcry” have sexism in everyday life “made visible and made it clear that we do not have long to the point where many believe that we are again – that we have left behind us, sexism and more of a throw-back/relic is “said” outcry “Anne helped launch Wizorek in an interview with the news agency dpa . Still is not sufficiently sanctioned violence against women. Instead, victims would be given a share of the blame. “The price is great so far, as he is addressed to all who have played a constructive role in the debate.”

total of 28 outstanding online deals this year were nominated for the Grimme Online Award, eight of them received the coveted award. In the category of information, the political platform Political power in Switzerland and the satire site were awarded the postilion. The postilion also received the audience prize annually awarded. The website uses daily on the latest news and parodies it. Behind it is essentially a single author and designer – Stefan Sichermann


In the category of knowledge and education gained the interactive web documentary Alma Arte, designed by volunteers of the Deutsche Welle website and Plan B – the first podcast ever – Soziopod. There, Patrick Breitenbach and Nils Köbel discuss philosophical and sociological questions the jury-verdict “low threshold pleasant and understandable.”

In the category of culture and entertainment of live football Scores the site 11Freunde and the museum NRW platform were honored. 11Freunde offer “clever homemade entertainment at the highest level, even for people not interested in football.” The museum NRW platform features works of art from 20 museums of the state and gives the user the ability to compile to self-selected criteria, thereby creating personal galleries. This gave rise to the jury, “a completely new approach to modern and contemporary art.” The Nominating Commission selected proposals from 1600. (Dpa ) / (ghi)

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