Monday, June 17, 2013

Award Combat PlayStation 4 - Xbox One: Sony PS4: "We knew that ... - ABC Online

Sony sells its new game console Playstation 4 to 100 euros cheaper than its rival Microsoft Xbox One. Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan reveals in an interview that will follow to launch more surprises.

at the world’s biggest E3 presented on Monday both Sony and Microsoft details on its Game consoles from Xbox and Playstation 4 One. Microsoft’s press conference was first off – and the group announced that the Xbox 499 will cost one euro. Sony subsequently landed a coup, because the Playstation 4 will be to have for 399 euros. FOCUS Online spoke with Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, at the announcement of copy-protected games and the goals of ABC Online Sony . Sony had perfect timing: People were disappointed terms of Microsoft for the Xbox One, and they get eight hours later with the perfect offer. Have you adjusted the price spontaneously to your game console Playstation 4 to be able to offer 100 euros cheaper? Or was it a matter of luck

Jim Ryan: This was neither spontaneous nor happiness. That was the expression of a plan that we had formulated for a long time. According to the news from Microsoft in the morning we have made any last minute changes

FOCUS Online. Did you feel the morning after Microsoft’s press conference already sure of victory? Expected the enthusiastic response of the audience

Jim Ryan: The word of victory I would not use. It is still too early – we have the Playstation 4 not even on the market. We hope that we have a life cycle of ten years, and at the end of the decade, maybe people can judge who won. We knew that we offer a good price, but the reaction has us very pleasantly surprised. We had strong filed in all aspects of our business to offer the price so you can

FOCUS Online. Save on the cost of production or profits

Jim Ryan: We keep our calculations for us. We have a very aggressive business plans and lose the goal is to generate profits for the Sony Corporation, not from the eye

FOCUS Online. The Playstation 4 is different from the Xbox One, no camera included with the console. The need to additionally buy. So certainly explains why the Playstation is significantly cheaper, or Jim Ryan: Is the Xbox Kinect motion sensor and includes a camera, and this may have played a role in their pricing. We have chosen for the Playstation 4 for certain functions and other outsourced to the periphery. If you want a camera that they can be bought as an accessory. We were the low price for the console and the gaming experience of our customers at the most

FOCUS Online. In the enthusiasm of many observers have overlooked that you a monthly fee of five have adopted the euro. That adds up to extra 60 euros a year – Critics compare the price of admission for a shopping center. The players but would actually make sour

Jim Ryan: It is not even a mandatory fee, but an option. However, if consumers want to participate in online multi-player games, you must subscribe to Playstation Plus. Playstation Plus in the past year very attractive deals content and functionality to obtain, for example, great free games. For five euros is very much needed – this is a quantum leap compared to the rather rudimentary online experience on the PS3. Unfortunately, this offer brings significant development costs, we must pass on to the players. We hope nevertheless that a significant number of our consumers will go online.

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