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Committee on the online petition: "diversionary Telekom" - WDR News

Telekom has responded: the data-throttling should be smaller than planned. So: Everything all right? Not at all. A red herring is that, is John Scheller. He has achieved that referred to the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag with the theme on Monday (24/06/2013).

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surf the same speed for all citizens and all contents: The John Scheller will be anchored by law

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  • procedure for petitions: Petition to the State [WDR 2]
  • The public hearing will be Scheller and talk to the committee members. In the petition, he asks: “The German parliament should pass a law, the Internet service provider (” provider “) to all data packets of users regardless of their content and origin to be treated equally. ” This is the core of the network neutrality. Scheller was reached in early June in a short time the threshold of 50,000 Mitzeichnern. : What will you say to the members of the Committee

    ? John Scheller : Net neutrality should be enshrined in law in Germany. It’s about the principle that all Internet content is treated equally. I will point out that net neutrality is important. So far, network neutrality and network policies in general are still perceived as a fringe group topic. My job is to explain why all of the area concerned. This I will also ask questions to the representatives of the government, including the ministries economy and consumer protection. The opposition is with holes questions the feds.

    John Scheller

    John Scheller is a physics student from Tübingen who is interested for several years in the field of power politics. His online petition for net neutrality reached more than 73,000 Mitzeichner within a short time. Will support the 20-year-old at his request by the Association Digital Society. Scheller itself is not a telecom customer. The focus of the debate, Telekom, which is planning to reduce surfing speed with new customers from a certain amount of data is available. Which companies harm the principle of net neutrality yet?

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    hanger online petition: the controversial plans of the telecom

    Scheller : The Telekom is the hanger my initiative. But it is definitely not the only company that violates the principles of net neutrality or want to do it in the future. Mobile phone contracts with a limitation of services has long been common. Many provider do not support the internet via the mobile phone. Because they do not want to compete with themselves and harm. Therefore, the Internet telephony is restricted to cell phones. Moreover, a recent example from France: Google has there large amounts of the largest French Provider pay for the Youtube videos that provide a high volume of data, not be throttled. Circles from German telecommunication company is to hear that they want to Shit Storm wait against Telekom and then tighten itself. Telekom has now made concessions. The speed of a throttled connection is to be still higher than planned. Why do not you


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  • Newsflash: Rösler wants to reduce regulation telecom plan
  • Telekom wants less throttle []
  • Scheller : The plans do not affect net neutrality, but only for the throttle issue. As previously announced, the Telekom offers its own product as the “entertainment” of the throttle to remain exempt. The whole thing is a red herring. The Telekom wants to weaken the criticism of some customers. Nothing has changed in my criticism. German Economics Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP) wants to act and can now develop a regulation for equal Internet access for all citizens. He takes your online petition the wind out of the sails

     The National Chairman of the FDP, Philipp Rösler, gesturing on 04.05.2013 during his speech at the extraordinary party conference of the FDP in Nuremberg (Bavaria)
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    Rösler wants to present a regulation before the election

    Scheller : It is true that a regulation is to come. However, in this too much in. interpreted. If the statements made by Rösler you look closely, it sounds like they were not covered under the Telecom plans. Internet activists waiting to react skeptically. How confident are you to be heard

    ? Scheller : Actually, I’m fairly confident. It will do something. Public awareness of the issue is there. Whether it is actually implemented as we want internet activists us, is questionable. I do not think that the black-yellow government will continue to implement our mission. Just the is too much on the side of the provider . It will certainly also depend on the outcome of the federal election. Suppose your petition meets in Berlin on deaf ears. What then?

    Scheller : I want to give up the fight under any circumstances. In the network community, the discussion continues. I hope that the policy realizes that there can be no two-tier society in the Internet.

    Interview by Fabian choice.

    The author …
    Fabian Wahl

    .. . already has to contend regularly with a throttling of the surfing speed. Because it exceeds almost every month with his smartphone, the limit of its data volume. Then it’s only at a snail’s pace. But there are alternatives.

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