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20 June 2013 16:10

The customer threatened to boycott the new Xbox game console one – and Microsoft relented

. (Photo: REUTERS )

As an admission of complete defeat: Only Microsoft to force users of the Xbox one to log on the servers of the group every 24 hours. Also, do not work without restrictions on the console used and borrowed games. Now Microsoft is making all undone – only the damage may already be done


Maybe this strategy will serve one day becoming marketing people as an example. As the largest software company in the world wanted to market one of its major projects, impressively shows how not to do it. Microsoft experienced a disaster with the game console Xbox One. Whether the company is now pulled the emergency brake still rechtzeitg, the Christmas season will not show.

But what exactly had happened? Microsoft and the Japanese Sony Corporation announced on to bring in this year, the latest generation of their games consoles on the market. As early as 2012 was leaked that the hardware of the two devices would not differ. It was clear: The battle is decided by the software and services that offer the manufacturer. In February of this year, Sony dashed before, though not demonstrated, as the console looked, but so few things you can do with it would.

Microsoft, apparently surprised, turned the Xbox one before the end of May, a few days before E3, and the impression that remained were the things that you would not be able to do so. For example, play games of the current Xbox. There should also be an online constraint. If the user would not even hang their Xbox every 24 hours to the grid, so you should not be able to play. Friends of games you should be allowed to borrow only if they were on a friends list, and please long time. Even so, these friends should be allowed to play but the game only once.

came to the console that brings a sensor with high resolution camera, 3D measuring device and sensitive microphones, also under suspicion of espionage. Even in standby mode, the device listens to the spoken command “Xbox on,” it wakes from sleep. A device that disguises itself as a toy, but can possibly be transformed by hackers or intelligence services for the bug? The advertising industry provides statistics about who, when, at which switch spots? Succeeded communicators Microsoft only troublesome to dispel such concerns.

And then came the E3. The business meeting in Los Angeles, which took place last week, the most important of the year, Microsoft had the first shot, presented his offer in the morning, Sony followed in the afternoon. They had done at Microsoft to collect a whole range of exclusive titles, especially for hardcore games friends, the so-called core gamers, and points to make people forget all restrictions and concerns. But the opposite happened. With whom you also spoke at the fair – for a good strategy no one thought what Microsoft wanted its customers expect

.According to Sony

easy it was to present themselves as the good guys and at the end of their presentation to mention almost in passing, that you would on the Playstation 4 “self-evident” from the DVD can play games, sell, lend – and the hall raged. It is not so long ago that Sony was going massively against people who wanted to install on the Playstation another operating system.

surprising about Microsoft’s turnaround was therefore really just the time, just days after the end of E3. It was Don Mattrick himself, the head of the entertainment business at Microsoft, who announced the U-turn on the Xbox blog – the entry reads like an admission of complete defeat. This will probably not be without personal consequences. And Microsoft must now do everything we can to fill the Xbox One positive. Otherwise, the vote could go out quite clearly by Christmas wishlist.

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