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Test Drive The three-liter car from Porsche - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Manufacturer New engines and new vision. Panamera II, here is the e-hybrid


, times have changed. Porsche introduced earlier one of his new sports car before, it was mostly just about how fast and how strong he is. Today you ask for coverage or charging times, and Porsche invites you to a saving ride. It was sensational 1.4 liters per 100 kilometers on average, the best performance, driven in the new Panamera S hybrid e. Was started of course with full battery, which has a pure electric range of 36 kilometers. The route led through the Bavarian foothills of the Alps.

Several passages downhill and a very ambitious-careful driving made the dream possible result. 3.4 liter, we can confirm from my own experience. In everyday life, there should be nine to eleven liters (without electric drives), as long as one does not chase the motorway. Colleagues on the consumption round (total 86 km) “just so” imports came to 7.5 liters on average, but also had the full battery to start.


Porsche launches the new e-hybrid on the market, the first sedan in the luxury class that can be loaded into the outlet. Almost four hours long, the full store on an ordinary connection, with just under half power. A charger (photo), which is designed for both is included.

engines duo consists of a 70-kW electric motor, the solo has enough power to accelerate the Panamera up to 135 km / h. Should it go faster, or an intermediate sprint desired, makes a strong kick on the gas pedal to come to the aid of the supercharged V6 engine (3.0 liters), which can contribute 333 hp (245 kW) to 95 hp, the electric motor ( System power: 416 kW PS/306, 590 Nm of torque from 1250/min). Then it goes into a minimum 5.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, and a maximum of up to 270 km / h

The standard consumption of e-hybrid is 3.1 liters, electric lines with zero consumption are taken into account in the cycle. Important: The V6 engine can charge the dead battery. This has a capacity of 9.4 kWh, it sits under the rear of the vehicle and limits the load volume. Instead of 445 liters a hybrid Panamera has only 335 liters of cargo space. So much technology is not cheap, € 110 409 are available for the e-hybrid in the price list.

The new e-hybrid belongs to the family of the Panamera II, which goes on sale in July. Porsche starts immediately with ten different models, there are five engine options, four wheel drive, and (also new) called extended edition, executive. A long Panamera (to have a turbo or 4S) measures 5.16 meters. It is 150 millimeters longer, with 12 inches of legroom in the back seat and three inches are a better access to the rear benefit.

Panamera also celebrates a new 3.0-liter V6 twin turbo premiere. 420 hp (309 kW) will now be sent to the rear wheels, instead of 400 in the “old” 4.8-liter V8. The standard consumption is still reduced by 1.8 to 8.7 liters.


and slightly modified base engine (3.0-liter V6, 310 hp) are available with four-wheel drive. The Panamera is simple for 83,270 to have wheel for 88 513 euros. The S costs 107,196 Euro 101 841 or 4S. The actual base model (for 81,849 euros) is the Panamera Diesel with its 3.0-liter turbo engine (250 hp/184 kW) has become something more economical with the same performance and now has a fuel consumption of 6.3 liters.

the 4.8-liter V8 of the GTS and the Turbo (440/520 hp or 324/382 kW), Porsche’s engineers have worked, they are now given as 10.7 and 10.2 liters of fuel demand. The turbo crack at a top speed of 305 km / h was the only one brand of 300 With 145,990 euros and 163 364 euros (long) he is also the most expensive Panamera (GTS: 121,595 euros). Only in the diesel and hybrid e-comes an automatic eight-speed Tiptronic used, all other Panamera transmit power by PDK Porsche double-clutch gearbox, the seven stages were extended to intermediate virtual transitions.

Porsche has first presented its 2009 Sport Sedan revised so extensive, that is spoken in Zuffenhausen of the second generation. From the first more than 100,000 units have already been sold, which were much more than expected. A third of the Panamera goes to China, a neighborhood in the United States.

the proportion of the hybrid model (previously five percent, but no plug-in option, much weaker electric motor and smaller battery) Porsche will increase to ten percent. Further impetus for the Panamera is hoped that by a more powerful diesel engine, which replaced the previous system in the coming year. The Turbo S and Turbo S executive then make the Panamera dozen full.

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short test drive – The three-liter car from Porsche

test drive

The three-liter car from Porsche

From Boris Schmidt

At Porsche, it was in the past years always something new: After an SUV with the Panamera, there was a family-friendly sedan, now surprise the Stuttgart with a hybrid model in the luxury class

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