Thursday, June 20, 2013

Galaxy NX System Camera with Android and mobile - Heise Newsticker

compact cameras has already made his debut Android, now the first mirrorless system camera comes with the smartphone operating system on the market. The Samsung Galaxy NX works with the current version of Android 4.2 and a quad-core processor with 1.6 GHz. Online is the Mirrorless either via WLAN, UMTS or LTE. Photographers will share their pictures so directly in the network, send as e-mails or secure in the cloud. Like other recent Samsung cameras can also be the Galaxy NX with the smartphone remotely.

Samsung Galaxy NX in pictures

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Samsung looks at his new level lots on a 20-megapixel APS-C sensor and a hybrid autofocus. Like the NX20 they should be able to accommodate eight frames per second. Their lowest shutter speed is, according to press release at 1/6000 s over a large 4.8-inch touch display can control the camera. Lie to the resolution previously not available.

available from August

the Samsung Galaxy NX also from equips with the photo modes known of its smartphones. This includes, for example, “Sound and shot”, can be linked with personal audio greetings in the photos. With “Story Album” is an image management app on board, which will automatically combine photo albums from photo spreads.

In August, the Galaxy NX is expected to go on sale and will cost 1500 euros proud. The current top model of the NX Series, the NX20, was on sale at the beginning of last May, almost 1100 euros, now they have been around for about 600 euros. (ssi)

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