Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sony PS4 at E3 in the ticker gleanings: Sony sells Playstation 4 ... - ABC Online

Sony has revealed some secrets on the world’s biggest E3: Finally, the Group has revealed how the game console Playstation 4 looks. Sony has also introduced many new games. And ended with a bang. All information in the ticker gleanings of FOCUS Online

clock 05:05. This declaration of war on the Xbox One of the Sony press conference ends . Playstation 4 to the game console from Microsoft will be around $ 100 cheaper. And also be available in time for Christmas this year

clock 05:02.
The price will be announced. $ 399 or 399 euros

05 00 clock:

It’s about the cloud service the Playstation . 2014 will be the first service in the U.S.

clock 04:53.

The shooter gameplay of Destiny takes a few minutes. With a few jerks very neat. MultiPlayers fans will be thrilled clock 04:46. About 100 games will be available in the first year for the Playstation 4 . Tretton talks about PS + membership and its benefits. These go over to the PS4. For the multiplayer mode membership

but apparently compulsory clock 04:42.
Tretton is back on stage. Small dig for Xbox One: PS4 games can be used to sell . Also playing in offline mode is possible. Another advantage. This time, the audience responded with cheers

04:40 clock. Mad Max The game released exclusively for the Playstation 4

04:38 clock:
Sporty it is in NBA 2k14. Funny Feature: Lebron James talks to his game Alter-Ego

clock 04:30. Now the makers of Watch_Dogs turn . The graphics impressed. Cameras allow you to give instructions to allies or to change the interior of certain buildings clock 04:22. continue with Assassin’s Creed. Black Flag is the new episode. As usual, you fluctuates over rooftops and in the new version on a ship. Grandiose battles and plenty of cannon fire can be seen

clock 04:18.
Final Fantasy XV and a new part of Kingdom Hearts to come to the PS4
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04:10 clock: A number of indie titles that have their debut on the PlayStation 4 will be called

04:06 clock.:
transistor, an action role-playing game is presented

clock 04:02.
It is unclear whether The Dark Sorcerer comes from Quantic Dream as a full game on the market or a tech demo. It looks very promising in any case. Adam Bo yes comes on stage

clock 03:56. More exclusive games for the Playstation 4 follow: Killzone: Shadow case, Drive Club, the action game Second Son and pops

03:49 clock. Shu Yoshida takes the stage. This is followed by a trailer of the game The Order. We see armed officers and a lot of weapons. The design of the new Playstation 4 will not say much

clock 03:44. Michael Lynton, Sony Pictures takes the microphone and says the good collaboration in music and videos. Some movies from Sony Pictures will appear exclusively on the PS4 and over 20 million songs you can buy or borrow from the first day of sales at

03:42 clock. The PS4 is presented. The console can, as usual, be placed flat or known. The applause, however, remains behave

clock 03:38.
Andrew House takes the stage and finally moves the Playstation 4 in focus

<. strong> 03:35 clock: Also the new Batman game is one of the party . At 25.10. should it appear

clock 03:33. The following Einspieler Games The Last of Us for PS3, Beyond two Souls and Gran Turismo 6

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