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12 June 2013 23:49

whistleblower Snowden during an interview with the British newspaper “The Guardian”

(Photo: REUTERS )

He covered the U.S. spy scandal involving the Spähprogramm “Prism” on, now Edward Snowden claimed in the first interview after his immersion, the U.S. NSA have both since 2009 in computer hooked up in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland. Worldwide, according to him, should have been more than 61,000 cyber attacks.

He is currently the world’s most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden. The 29-year-old is the revealer of the U.S. surveillance program “Prism”. Now he turns to the first interview after he disappeared to the public – and raises serious allegations against the U.S. NSA (National Security Agency). In an interview with the South China Morning Post he throws the NSA before, they had hacked into computers since 2009 both in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland. In the interview the whistleblower reports of more than 61,000 hackers of the NSA – the world


target the Chinese University of Hong Kong was – but also students, officials and companies based in the city. It had not gone to military espionage. The South China Morning Post However, according to the vorglegten of the computer expert documents could not be verified.

Snowden said he will give this award information to reveal the “hypocrisy” of the U.S. government, contending that, in contrast to their opponents spy no civilian facilities.

The interview was held at an unknown location, Excerpts from the interview were published on the website of South China Morning Post. Snowden said that he had not contacted his family. And that he was afraid for his family’s safety and his own. “I will never feel safe.”

He also said in the interview: “I’m not here to deprive me of the judiciary, but to uncover crimes.” He wanted to decide the “dishes and Hong Kong people” about his fate, Snowden said. He continued: “I am neither a traitor nor hero I’m an American..”

revelations about U.S. Spähprogramm prism is how the world reacts to Snowden

to be submerged by its spectacular publication of the monitoring methods of the U.S. secret NSA While the former intelligence technician Edward Snowden, his information provide worldwide sensation.

(Video: Reuters Photo: AFP)

was NSA whistleblower employee in the past four years and as such had access to confidential documents about the systematic monitoring of internet users. This information is presented to the Snowden Washington Post and the British Guardian on.

It builds on the legal system of today ruled autonomously Chinese special administrative region. “I have had many opportunities to flee from Hong Kong, but I’d rather stay and fight in court against the U.S. government because I have confidence in the rule of law in Hong Kong,” Snowden said.

It must be expected that the United States accuse him of treason and secret extradition request. “My intention is, the courts and the people decide to leave my fate in Hong Kong,” the American, who is, according to a newspaper “secret place” in the former British colony that was returned to China in 1997 said.

He felt safe in Hong Kong and hope for a free and fair process, Snowden said the first, according to excerpts from the interview. He would stay until he would be asked to leave the business metropolis.

Snowden submerged in Hong Kong Guardian announces further revelations in

In case Snowden and the data of the NSA, there will be more revelations. The editor of the Guardian has announced that Snowden had done with the interview.

(Video: Agency: ) Several

familiar with the extradition lawyers, however, argue that Snowden in Hong Kong, the threat of deportation: “The attitude of the local judiciary seems too loud, if Uncle Sam wants you, Uncle Sam gets you,” said attorney Kevin Egan, Processing of similar cases in Hong Kong has

Between Hong Kong and the United States has an extradition agreement, but not between the United States and China. The big unknown in this game is the Beijing government can block the decisions of relatively autonomous authorities in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the head of the National Security Agency (NSA) has defended the monitoring programs of its authority as an important tool in counterterrorism. They played a central role in the defense against terrorist threats. In this way were “dozens” attacks in the U.S. and abroad have been frustrated, Keith Alexander said on Wednesday at a congressional hearing in Washington. Thus, for example, is by monitoring an attack was prevented on the New York subway system in 2009. Only through the analysis of Internet data through the Prism program, the intelligence agencies had come to the plans on the track.

The NSA chief stressed during the hearing that his agency compliance with the law and the protection of privacy “deeply committed” feel. The monitoring programs were subject to “strict guidelines” and were under “rigorous oversight”.

The U.S. government gets because of the monitoring programs under increasing pressure. The U.S. civil rights group American Civil Liberties Union (Aclu) filed a lawsuit against the systematic collection of data and telephone authorities accused the constitutional violation.

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