Sunday, June 23, 2013

S4 Active Galaxy, Galaxy NX Ativ series: Samsung's new units pack and a ... - ABC Online

only lasted one hour presentation from Samsung – and at this time the Koreans lit a firework product. However, the show was pretty bizarre. Nine new smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras were shown. What can the device

Zack, chop, chop. Way you could describe what Samsung hosted at the press conference on Thursday evening in London. In just 60 minutes, the Koreans hewed out a product after the next – so fast that some viewers are unlikely to be come along. Among these were in addition to the already previously featured new offshoots of the Galaxy S4 series, such as the Active, the optical zoom and the S4 Mini also Ativ new products with Windows 8 -., And a special camera

However, the show was once again a bit strange. Quite as bad as in the presentation of its flagship Galaxy S4 three months ago, it was not – then introduced actor represents what the phone can

.This time it was “only” strange film inserts with an annoying baby and an adolescent Moderator: “Size does matter”, Jason Bradbury quipped with a Samsung manager, when it came to display. Both Bradbury and the Samsung boss stared at her pseudo-sloppy sayings always under the ceiling of the meeting room: there the teleprompter hung with their texts. Already at the beginning irritated Samsung’s marketing and sales executive DJ Lee the audience when he thanked not only buyers of the Galaxy S4, but also journalists that they had reported -., And even clapped enthusiastically while

The nine new devices rattled moderator and Samsung head first down quickly, after which they were presented with videos and on stage. What devices were presented and what they can, we show in the following pages.

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