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Logitech and plan PowerA game controller for iOS 7 -

Games Blog published a blurry photo of a supposedly upcoming iPhone game controller. According to Kotaku, it is planned by Logitech model. Logitech and also PowerA had late last week against confirmed to work on such controllers for Apple smartphones.

Alleged Logitech controller for iOS 7 (Image: Kotaku)

Alleged Logitech controller for iOS 7 (Image: Kotaku)

The possibility of such an addition to the hardware was presented at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 last week. The company says that iOS 7 support such a hardware extension for control purposes. To ensure the necessary hardware but Apple said nothing.

shown Logitech pad seems four action buttons and D-pad to have. It also has a Lightning connector to 5 establish connection to an iPhone or iPod Touch fifth generation. Whether additional buttons sit at the front, as usual for consoles and controllers provided in Apple’s specification can not be seen.

Logitech did not comment on the authenticity of the image. It merely said that it would introduce a product in the fall, and iOS 7 is “an important step for games on iOS.”

The new operating system version iOS 7 is also scheduled until the fall. In parallel, there should be a new hardware model. For developers, but since last week is the first beta available.

Even today, there are already numerous games Controller for Apple’s mobile devices as an accessory, but since they are not provides the software, they have to take detours and are directly supported by game developers. Apple’s solution would however create a standard, the hardware accessories and apps mainly correspond.

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