Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rösler is planning the same Regulation internet for all - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

will consolidate all Internet operators should offer the same speed at the same price and have to manage their networks in the same quality – regardless of which vendor. With appropriate regulation Federal Economics Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP) wants the so-called net neutrality, ie the equal treatment of data streams on the Internet commit. Even in this term he wants to bring its project by the Cabinet and the parliament, and the hearings are scheduled for July. Also, the Federal Council would approve the regulation. The Internet should be retained in its present form and style, founded Rösler’s spokesman in Berlin on Sunday the plans. He stressed that the regulation is by no means a Lex Telekom. Regulation of the Minister plan “regardless of the current discussion about the business model of telecom.”

Yet it is also affected by the new rules just the Bonn telecommunications group. Because Rösler plans conflict with the plans of the German Telekom, in certain tariffs to curb surfing speed in the network when a Vielsurfer has exceeded a certain volume of data – who still want to surf faster, then would have to pay a surcharge. Although the speed of the former monopolist wants to fierce criticism from customers, Internet activists and politicians now not so much slow as originally planned. But Rösler regulation makes this variant of DSL brake unattractive. For Deutsche Telekom wants to exclude their own video services with high data volume of flow control – but that would be incompatible with the new requirements for equal treatment of Internet services


The draft provides for that the fastest possible transmission of offers on the internet must be guaranteed “no differences,” said Rösler’s spokesman. “Network operators may own content or applications of some third party not in principle preferable convey.” This would apply to all Internet operators, not only for the Telekom. If you think a company of the rules on net neutrality, the Federal Network Agency could step in and prohibit the practice of the Internet company. Currently, it is still impossible that Rösler spokesman said.

The Telekom

their surfing brake had always justified by the fact that the necessary because of rapidly increasing data traffic investments were slightly better financially then.

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Internet for all the same

Rösler is planning regulation

Internet for all the same


The federal government wants to force the German Telekom to treat their own and others content transmitted on the Internet the same. Economy Minister Philipp Rösler is planning a regulation of the “network neutrality” is to be ensured. Of a “Lex Telekom” but could be no question.

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