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U.S. Government: No Data collection with PRISM - Heise Newsticker

The U.S. government reports on a sprawling collection of data on the Internet through a system called PRISM rejected. “PRISM is not a secret program to collect or vacuuming of data,” said U.S. intelligence director James Clapper on Saturday. “It is an internal computer system of government.” It serves to support the legally permitted collecting electronic information from the Foreign Intelligence. The government is getting information from Internet companies of American servers only on court order.

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James Clapper
Image: Clapper criticized the media that they are not in the scope offered his opinion on PRISM reported. The PRISM monitoring is legal, discussed in detail by the authorities and approved by the U.S. Congress. However, the intelligence could only publish limited information about PRISM, as this could give the enemies of evidence as to how they could remain undetected. Therefore Clapper can not explain all the misconceptions that circulated in public.

newspapers Washington Post and The Guardian had reported that the NSA gain direct access to information from users at large Internet companies with the PRISM system could. “You can literally see how your ideas come when you tap,” said the informant Washington Post .

The Guardian sat meanwhile continued his revelation series and reported by a system of the NSA, which give an overview of the collected worldwide electronic information. It Hot “Boundless informant” (about: boundless informant) and show, among other things, how to distribute data on individual countries. In March alone, the NSA had collected 97 billion units of computer data networks around the world, according to the system. Of this amount, 14 billion to 13.5 billion to Pakistan and Iran, as the Guardian reported.

heads of Google and Facebook had emphatically the allegation to grant unrestricted access to user data to the U.S. Secret Service. “We are not party to any program that would provide direct access to our servers by the U.S. government or any other government,” wrote Google co-founder Larry Page in a blog entry. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said something similar, and assured that his online network would be “aggressive” resisted any request for free data access.

were mentioned in the newspaper reports next Google and Facebook among others, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo – -

Internet companies confirmed at the same time that they provide the authorities with information on court order available


The New York Times reported on Saturday of systems for this data transfer. So be at least with Google and Facebook “separate, secure portals” have been negotiated for some of the company servers. The report left open whether these ideas were implemented. It was said that several companies have easier access to the authorities lawfully requested data and adapted some of their computer systems.

The report of the

New York Times PRISM not mentioned by name, and it’s all about the transmission of data on individual cases and on a legal basis. At the same time, the requests for foreign espionage law FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) be approved by a court of competent jurisdiction specifically and they were so secret that not even their existence could be confirmed, the newspaper wrote. To hand over the uncalled in FISA requests data is required – the Government to facilitate access to the information but not so about the short message service Twitter was able to refuse this. ( Material with the dpa ) / (anw)

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