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Google is working on its own Android game console - Hamburger Evening Gazette

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Technical Update

Google apparently wants to shake up the video game market: According to media reports, the U.S. group is planning a video game console based on its Android operating system. The development of a Smart Watch and entertainment system Nexus Q is obviously promoted.

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The multimedia company Google appears to be the development of a Smart Watch, its entertainment system Nexus Q and, more recently, a dedicated Android video game console push

The multimedia company Google appears to be the development of a Smart Watch, its entertainment system Nexus Q and, more recently, a dedicated Android video game console push


Hamburg / New York Google attacks again – and this time the video game market: The U.S. group is planning a multimedia report According to the “Wall Street Journal” (WSJ) own a video game console based on its Android operating system. Even the rumor that Google developing an extensible software with intelligent watch and a new version of its entertainment system Nexus Q was corroborated by the report. Apple’s biggest competitor from Mountain View (California) wanted to expand the use of the Android system on smartphones and tablets also. The newspaper cites unnamed sources in its report.

known is Google’s Android operating system designed primarily as a rival to the iPhone iOS system from the U.S. computer giant Apple and other mobile systems like Windows Phone. Google wanted to demand the newspaper did not comment on the report.

With the Android operating system, Google has become the highest market penetration in mobile devices. According to data from market research IDC ran three of four smartphones sold in the first quarter of Google’s technology, tablets were 57 percent. Google earns on mobile devices, especially in advertising and selling apps.

attack on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

By now envisaged hardware offensive would attack the Internet, the video game company also place deer Sony and Microsoft, and Nintendo. Their latest game consoles become more and more entertainment centers: In addition to these games also offer features for home cinema, for video calls and much more. The new Microsoft Xbox and the Sony PlayStation 4 will arrive in the shops before Christmas. But there are already the Quya funded via a Kickstarter project, a gaming console based on Android.

The online games market is huge: The consulting firm PwC estimates that the sales for video games on consoles in 2012 amounted to around 25 billion dollars (19 billion euros) worldwide. 2017 it should reach around 31 billion dollars. Last traditional console games were advised by the competition of games on mobile devices under pressure. Google could both worlds connect more with Android console, the newspaper writes.

The Google competitor Apple is itself rumored for some time to work on an intelligent and extensible with software wristwatch, called a Smart Watch, as well as a new version of its entertainment system “Apple TV”. Google had already introduced an entertainment system called Nexus Q last year, but already set it back a few weeks after the presentation. The device should allow it to look at a TV movies from the Internet or via loudspeaker music from your own collection or also to hear from the net.

Google’s Android operating system has to be designed that can not only run on phones and tablets – but on a variety of different systems. The Group is also developing a computer glasses that has a mini screen and can be controlled via voice commands. Applications are also conceivable for household appliances such as refrigerators.

Google hopes to help private organizations

Google also invites private organizations to participate in a its map service Street View. Universities, tourism authorities or researchers can apply for it to contribute photographs for Street View as Google announced on Thursday. You will then receive a special backpack borrowed from Google, on which a camera is mounted.

The camera takes shots while hiking in all directions. Every 2.5 seconds, a photo shoot, says Google. The data is later incorporated into the Street View service. The tourism authorities have some of the camera service for Google, but the images could convince more people of a site visit.

The first partner is contributing the Hawaii Tourism Authority, the photos of trails along volcanic landscapes. “We will open this pilot program in the coming months for a limited number of groups worldwide,” Google wrote on a company blog. Street View shows in Google’s mapping service to recordings from the street perspective. Google added the service to always spectacular shots, as underwater pictures of the Great Barrier Reef off Australia.

heated discussion in Germany

In Germany there was at launch of the service fierce debate about privacy because photos of building facades, vehicles and pedestrians are made available online. Street View car number plates and faces, however, are anonymized with a filter. Residents in Germany could also be “pixels” their homes on request. According to Google, walked around 244,000 applications had to be processed before the start. These buildings appear pixelated irrevocably, as the Group has committed to remove the raw material.

is handled as with the new recordings with randomly geknipsten tourists is not clear from Google’s announcement. Presumably, the faces are also here defaced.

The German tourist behavior reacted to the announcement. There already ways to look authentic images of beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions on the Internet, General Manager Claudia Gilles told the news agency dpa. “Photo and video sharing platforms offer this service. Previously Google has not yet approached with his plans to us, in the regions of the offer will be considered with interest.”

twice as many pixels as before? (May 29, 2013)

Unwired View writes, is in China for the information, the next iPhone will have twice as many pixels as the iPhone 5 The new smartphone will then have about 1.5 million instead of 730,000 pixels. So that Apple would enter the next-generation Retina. While the size of the display with four inches to remain constant, the design might change a little: According to rumors, the edges of the display phones fall in the future from even smaller


iPhone 5S camera with dual-LED flash? (27th May 2013)

At the starting soon Apple WWDC developer Fair (10 to 14 June 2013), again cook up rumors about iPhone 5S. Thus, according to Macotakara Apple plans to install a dual-LED flash next to the rear camera. So that could be better pictures in low light snap than before. Furthermore, is probably the start of iOS shortly before 7: The iPhone 5S would be the perfect device to introduce the fresh mobile operating system with its revised design


photographed components (May 17, 2013)

Boy Genius Report are several high-resolution images have been leaked to show the components of the iPhone 5S. In addition to the framework for headphone and speaker, a vibration motor, Antenna Flex Ribbon Cable for Wi-Fi and two SIM card holders are seen. The two rack mounts for the SIM card are displayed in gold and beige, which confirms rumors of several color versions of the iPhone 5S. Furthermore, the two components are limited compared to its predecessor in size from thin, the website …

photographed components (May 17, 2013)

… However, concrete conclusions about Apple’s plans for the newest iPhone will not allow the images. So far, it is assumed that the seventh generation of the successful smart phones does not differ externally from the iPhone fifth Interior shall shine as the expected iPhone 5S device but with a faster processor, a better camera and a fingerprint sensor.

Sharp builds iPhone 5S displays (13th May 2013)

Sharp seems to begin in June with the production of iPhone 5S displays, as MacRumors. As expected, these are LCD screens – the technology is already used in its predecessors. It also states in the report that the company already finished Japan Display and LG Display screens for Apple. The rumor that the iPhone 5S will appear in the summer, denied Ming-Chi Kuo. According to the Apple analysts work on the integrated fingerprint sensor delay the publication date. With the finished iPhone 5S is probably to be expected until the second half of the year.

From the 20th June 2013 Pre-order? (May 3, 2013)

As AppleInsider reports, the iPhone 5S from 20 Pre June 2013. Sales of the new smartphone from Apple will then launch in July. This at least is clear from a document that can be seen on a French website. Although the authenticity of the document can not check, but it has a strong resemblance to the data sheets as phone shops to get new mobile phone models in most cases. Furthermore, the date coincides with the 10th of to 14 June developer conference held by Apple. Here the group would have the option of smartphone (surprisingly) officially announce. The paper can further be seen that the 5S is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, 13-megapixel camera and iOS 7th

twelve-megapixel camera on board? (April 16, 2013)

Build a

Apple into the next iPhone an even better camera? MacRumors reported citing a Vietnamese website, Apple wants to replace the eight-megapixel camera with a model with twelve megapixels and improve the night shot mode and the High Dynamic Range. The rumor seems credible, since it is an upgrade to three megapixels compared to the previous model was already in the iPhone 4S.

colorful market with different screen sizes? (April 10, 2013)

The iPhone 5S comes in several colors and various sizes on the market, as MacRumors reports. Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets believes, therefore, that the new Apple iPhone with at least two and at most three different display sizes presents in July, so as to reach a wider audience. According to MacRumors, the Japanese website Macotakara writes also that the 5S will be in stores in five colors (including Apple’s standard white and black) in August. AppleInsider goes out, however, of only three colors.

production starts in 2 Quarter of 2013 (April 4, 2013)

The Wall Street Journal is sure that Apple with the production of the iPhone 5S will begin in the second quarter of 2013. The authors therefore expect that the slightly modified successor of the iPhone 5 already appear in summer. Sources for the report mentions the newspaper did not, but at the same time confirmed that the group is still working on a cheaper version of its smartphones. In the experiments, the housing material has been altered and dyed.

iPhone 5S with new technology? (March 12, 2013)

Icatcher reports of rumors, according to which the new iPhone will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor and an NFC chip. The speculation based on the fact that Apple has bought up the company AuthenTec, whose main business are security solutions for mobile devices. Now, Apple apparently plans to incorporate the digital payment system “-Wallet” NFC and identification technology in its next iPhone. China Times reports that the Taiwanese company provides chip bonding touch display and driver chip for the technology.

started production of the iPhone 5S? (6 March 2013),

As AppleInsider reported with reference to the Japanese blog Macotakara, to the production of the iPhone 5S already underway to small parts. According to an insider, Apple partner Foxconn started with the production of smartphones. Because the design of the iPhone 5S essentially corresponds to that of the current iPhone 5, one could manufacture both devices on the same pattern, the source continued. Back in January, had Peter Misek, an analyst predicted the bank Jeffries, the production start of the new Apple smartphones for March.

idea in August?

spring, early summer or winter 2013? The list of possible interview dates for the iPhone 5S is long. AppleInsider now brings the August 2013 into play. The reason for this is the statement of an analyst at Barclays Capital to the Chinese art EMSOne page (in German translation). It is also likely that the company was working on a low-cost version of the iPhone 5S for the Chinese market. In the devices, a chip from Qualcomm is to be used, which works with all LTE networks. Currently have access to mobile data turbo only in conjunction with a German telecom contract iPhone 5 owners. It was regarded as certain that Foxconn manufactures the smartphone.

Colorful pleasure

Macerkopf reports, Apple could release the iPhone 5S in different colors. Per vacancy, the company is currently seeking a “Anodizing Engineer”. As the blog says, it could be by the process of oxidation aniodischen color the surface of the housing unit. Previously, analyst Brian White had spoken up: How the blog Boy Genius Report reported to be available to his testimony in addition to black and white in pink, yellow and blue, the iPhone 5S


iPhone 5s – the latest technology at the start


The Apple Blog iOSDoc published several photos of the alleged iPhone 5S motherboard, among other things, on the one A7 processor is shown. The quad-core chip is clocked at 1.2 GHz. To the side are the “PowerVR SGX554MP4″ graphic unit (already plugged in the iPad 4) and two gigabytes of memory. For software, there are also new: According to the iPhone 5S iOS 7 is installed – with an improved Siri, Notification Center (message center)


iPhone 5s – the latest technology at the start


According SFGate has the iPhone 5S provides a “super HD” camera and a “Super HD” display. Apple equipped the smartphone a stronger battery (iPhone 5: 1,440 mAh) and the NFC wireless standard, it said. As MacRumors reports, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the company is selling the smartphone with integrated fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 5S in several variants?

China Times (German translation), citing industry insider reports, Apple is working alongside the four-inch iPhone 5S in a model with 4.8-inch touchscreen. The giant smartphone will be called “iPhone Math”. Another iPhone model will have a twelve-megapixel camera and come out just before Christmas. Peter Misek, an analyst at the bank Jeffries, according to MacRumors speculates about a cheap version with polycarbonate housing. The technology side EMSOne (German translation) quotes an analyst at Barclays Capital: The thought that a low-priced Apple iPhone 5S produced specifically for the Chinese market


Initial parts

NowhereElse French website published photos of alleged iPhone components. According to the author, these are around a portion of the speaker, which looks pretty similar to the current iPhone fifth A second component is derived from a prototype of the iPhone sixth Gadgetmill shows images of a finished smartphone, which comes from a Chinese forum, the iPhone 5S to represent.

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