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14 June 2013 22:48

Patriotic Software Tips: According to a media report thousands support American companies, U.S. intelligence with internal information, including Provider Microsoft Windows and security software specialist McAfee. It should not be about user data, but easier to spy actions.

The scandal of massive worldwide surveillance by U.S. intelligence expands. According to new revelations of thousands of American companies assist the authorities with internal information. This is not about user data, but the help would facilitate espionage actions, the financial services provider Bloomberg wrote on Friday.

U.S. intelligence would get, for example, information about public yet unknown software vulnerabilities, as Bloomberg. With such knowledge, the spy agencies could spy on some other computers easier. The cooperation to various U.S. companies such as manufacturers of software and equipment, banks, providers of satellite communications and Internet security specialists involved, reported Bloomberg. Specifically, the Windows Provider Microsoft and Intel belonging to security software specialist McAfee were called.

The cooperation of the company with the U.S. intelligence agencies remain within the legal framework, emphasized the Bloomberg sources. Some American telecommunications companies would have access to secret locations and data outside the U.S. granted -. Would have required the consent of a judge in the country

contacts only a few people are known to the company and would often be threaded directly through the executive suite. The government cooperating companies pour it with attention, and provide them with information. At the same time some managers worked from patriotic conviction with the authorities.

Michael Hayden, a former head of the CIA and NSA, stressed that if he had a good relationship with a company that bar to contribute to national security, “I would do anything to thank them and give them the feeling that it is important and useful. ” As Bloomberg reported, was Google co-founder Sergey Brin in 2010 after a massive hacker attack secret information that pointed to a specific unit of the Chinese army as the origin of the attack. Brin was therefore even granted temporary access to classified information, so that he could attend a meeting authorities.

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