Monday, June 10, 2013

Apple WWDC conference in Live Ticker: Are all the previous rumors about Apple ... - ABC Online

Super Clock iWatch, a new look for the mobile operating system iOS, streaming service iRadio: Apple launches today its developer conference WWDC. Is interesting to see whether Apple CEO Tim Cook still has a surprise in his luggage. All information in the live ticker of FOCUS Online

clock 16:49. Two hours, then starts the WWDC 2013 Keynote from Apple CEO Tim Cook. A Look Back: In de DevCon 2008, 2009 and 2010 was actually Apple iPhone – iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Apple revealed the iPhone 5 at a separate event. In the last WWDC 2012 stood at the hardware MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display in the center

clock 16:21.
The Apple Store is not available: As always, when the Group introduces new products, the online store is offline for a while. This is after all an indication that there is new hardware. What is certain is that Apple will show new Macs

clock 15:47.
surprises there will probably be a few at the WWDC. Too much time has already been leaked in advance – the update of iOS 7 and iRadio. The streaming service, nothing stands in the way, after this weekend the last of the major record companies has signed a contract with Apple with Sony. So th at Apple can boast with a service like Spotify that something special has to offer. But maybe CEO Tim Cook still carry a different surprise. It at least hope the fans

clock 15:15.
It will take to 19 clock, then starts the WWDC (CET). However, many participants are already in the queue – and proclaim it via Twitter. There, publish blogs and photos on the building – for example, by artisans prepare the banner. To see it – the lettering 7, apparently for the mobile operating system iOS 7 That is presented is no longer a secret anyway.

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