Tuesday, June 11, 2013

E3: Xbox saves one from Asia, PS4 Region Code Free - Heise Newsticker

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Sony’s gamble paid off: while bogged down with Microsoft Kinect, evacuate the Japanese with a significantly lower Price for the PS4 from. enlarge class=”source”> Image: Sony After Microsoft was already chipped and any respect during its E3 presentation of avoided to play Kinect camera, Sony made in three strokes short work of his competitors: No online compulsion, no restrictions on the dissemination of game discs. The knockout came with the price of 100 euros to the PS4 cost less than the Xbox one. Here, the PS4 graphics chip on the paper as much as 50 percent ** its 500 GB hard drive is also great, f aster. What the PS4 is missing is a 3D camera like the Kinect, Sony wants to offer it separately


However, Microsoft had shown no games, apart from a few voice commands the benefit of the camera. They gave no reason for players to spend hundreds of euros more for a camera that gives them no playability benefits. To compare it with a football game: Microsoft has in the first leg suffered a hefty defeat in the return leg and let his expensive star striker on the bench – no wonder it ran like against Barcelona in Bavaria


But it’s not all pink Sony: PS4 so players will need to complete a Plus subscription for the current 50 euros per year if they want to play online. Microsoft requires such a fee since the Xbox 360

exciting is the question of how large the numbers are that can produce Christmas Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft plans to ship in November in 21 countries, Xbox One, Japan and the rest of Asia are not with us. The batches produced be distributed to America, Australia and Europe. Sony has not mentioned any country, no extradition month, but it will hardly be able to afford to go to his home country. According to Shuhei Yoshida, Sony wants to protect the game discs with any region code.

Even though Microsoft for the Xbox requires one hundred euros more, they are likely to sell their stocks Christmas yet (although the snakes are not quite as long as the PS4). The question is how they react in the coming year and when they will reduce the price if the initial demand subsides. (hag)

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