Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sony unveils SmartWatch 2 ago -

Sony has announced a new version of its SmartWatch for Android . From September 2 SmartWatch will be available with many improvements over the first attempt – at a price of 199 €


Sony SmartWatch 2 (Image: )

SmartWatch 2 sitting in an aluminum casing and comes with a strip of stainless steel in 2.4 centimeters wide. The weight is made with 23.5 grams only eight grams higher. Alternatively, a flexible plastic strap is available. Instead of the OLED screen of its predecessor Sony now installed a transflective LCD that is easy to read even outdoors. The resolution is 220 times 176 pixels.

Unlike its predecessor, the second splash proof SmartWatch, so that, for example, with the shower can. Also new is the use of a standard micro-USB slots, making it easy to store. For the installation and pairing with a smartphone NFC is used. The connection is maintained but via Bluetooth (version 3.0, although 4.0 would be available now).

Sony speaks of three to four days of battery life. The clock is as good as with any Android smartphone work – not only those from Sony. The new version is compatible with the apps for the first Smart Watch.

Just last week, Sony had made the firmware for its first SmartWatch generally available. Developers can thus create an alternative firmware and flash the device via a USB port. The company hopes that arises around the clock a complete platform with innovative applications. Finally, known to work with Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung also numerous competitors to watch. With Pebble also a Kickstarter project was recently delivered.

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