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Mobile phone, SMS and Internet: So the phone bill when traveling remains manageable - STERN.DE

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itemprop=”caption”> phone abroad is no longer a pleasure more unaffordable. From 1 July prices in the EU are even more capped. ©

W he phoned in Europe with the phone, now only rarely experienced a nasty surprise on the bill. For years, the European Union deckelt prices – starting Monday they fall further. For the second time, prices for mobile surfing abroad in the EU are limited. Nevertheless, consumers should be aware abroad in any case, some basic rules.

Can I make phone calls abroad with my phone?

Most phones are unlocked from the beginning of the so-called roaming, so for calling in foreign mobile networks. But some providers require explicit activation – although the costs usually nothing, but may take some time to complete. Especially in exotic destinations demand is appropriate.

How much does the phone abroad?

Outgoing calls within the EU allowed for German customers with contracts starting Monday at 28 cents including tax cost eight cents incoming calls. SMS may still cost nine cents, their reception is free. In the coming year, prices will continue to fall. In countries outside the EU – and about in Switzerland and Turkey – apply depending on country and often very different, and sometimes much higher rates. The SMS receiving is free.

it worth a special international rate my mobile service?

particularly for contract customers many mobile companies offer special tariffs to foreign. These often offer cheaper prices per minute, but it will usually call charges per call added. So they are only viable for longer conversations. For longer stays or for frequent callers a foreign prepaid card from a local provider can be an alternative.

Can I go abroad with the phone and the internet?

Since more and more people have smartphones, they also want to go on trips as usual on the internet. Technically this is not a problem, however, can be expensive. In the EU, in July, a cost limit of 53 cents per megabyte of traffic. Reading the E-Mails are not too expensive, the sending of holiday photos and videos but can quickly go into the money. Some wireless providers offer daily or weekly flat rates. Although they are quite expensive and the data volume relatively low – although they may be worth


What should I watch for MMS?

also can be expensive to send MMS, SMS and a photo. The prices for this are unclear and depends on the size of the MMS, the country and network often includes different costs. Also the MMS reception abroad is often a charge.

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