Friday, June 28, 2013

Google reportedly developed its own gaming console - Spiegel Online

Google is increasingly relying on Gadgets: After the Digital Glasses Glass Group of California is now also working on a game console. In addition, the engineers probably develop a wristwatch and a successor of the multimedia system Nexus S, which was stopped before the start of sales. According to “Wall Street Journal” Google wants to do with his gadgets Android operating system more attractive.

In the fall, insiders have told the newspaper, one of these devices should be brought out. What that did not reveal the informant. Important Google should anyway be the challenge to the competitors. At Sony, Microsoft and Apple

the smartphone market has already suspended its competitors with the operating system Google Android. According to market researchers at IDC Android smartphones dominated the first quarter of this year the market with a share of 75 percent. Apple had to settle for a second place for iOS and a market share of 17 per cent satisfied.

Sony and Microsoft are likely to be noisy with the announcement that Google wants to develop a gaming console. The two companies have recently introduced their new consoles. Sony wants to bring the Playstation 4 at Christmas for 399 euros in the trade. Microsoft sells the Xbox One from November for 499 euros. But increasingly making small games on the way to high-end consoles competition, an Android console could allow independent developers to step into the living room TV.

Shield, SteamBox, Ouya – and Google

the Ouya there is already an inexpensive Android game box for the living room, which is not built by Google. Alternatively, other consoles are in the works. Nvidia developed an Android box called Shield, the game makers Valve (“Half-Life”) is a Linux-based console called SteamBox.

In March, there had been reports that Google tinkers on a Smart Watch, which is based on Android. Now heats the “Wall Street Journal” these rumors further. Apparently Google wants to anticipate the developers at Apple. The group of Cupertino is rumored for several months to test a iWatch in the laboratory. With the idea of ??the two, however, are no longer alone: ??Samsung also developed a smart watch. Sony has already introduced a SmartWatch, but not much more than can expand the phone screen.

Google developers are also working on a new version of the Nexus Q entertainment system. Google had introduced the first version of the plastic ball a year ago, but never put the device in the stores. With the Google Nexus Q wanted to stream media content on TV and music systems, as fooling with his Apple TV box.


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