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 Apple unveils new operating system iOS 7 before

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new notebooks, a new high-end computing, a new Mac system and above all, a completely redesigned system for iPhone and iPad. At a “big bang” from Apple but the fans are still waiting.

Apple says its rivals in the smartphone market with a radically renewed iPhone software to the fight. The new version of iOS 7 is the biggest change since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Monday at the in-house developer conference WWDC in San Francisco. With iOS 7, there are numerous new features and a distinct change in appearance. It is the first fundamental transformation of an Apple product since the death of founder Steve Jobs in the fall of 2011.

Among the other WWDC announcements are a complete remake of the professional computer Mac Pro, a new version of the Mac OS X system and an internet radio for listening to music via the Internet. Some innovations act as a counter-weighted design to the Google with the world’s leading smartphone system Android.

iTunes Radio initially only in the U.S.

“7 to install iOS is how to get a new phone,” promoted manager Craig Federighi, who is responsible for the technology behind the software. A new feature is the “Control Center” where you can get quick access to important settings – and also a flashlight function. Apple also makes switching between apps. The cumbersome compared to other platforms previous method was a frequent point of criticism.

The Internet radio had been long expected. The “iTunes Radio” is built directly into Apple’s music app. It searches for the songs themselves, the user can also specify a genre or theme. The service will initially be available only in the USA.

Clear design, menu transparent surfaces and 3D effects

The exchange of files such as photos between Apple devices using the new “AirDrop” As expected relief. Apps are updated automatically now. The connection to the car is in cooperation with a dozen manufacturers – including Mercedes, Opel, Honda and Nissan – improved. App developers get access to 1500 new interfaces and thus can install more features.

Optical gets the iPhone software including a cleaner design with transparent menu areas as well as new colors and 3D effects. The software helps clear the signature of the chief designer Jony Ive. He is not only responsible for the appearance of the equipment but also the operating system since the fall.

The iPhone is the most important product and the central earner of Apple. Recently there had been more and more criticism, iOS has changed too little, while competitors like Android and Microsoft’s

Apple software and polished to bring new MacBook Air

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