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Two-tier Internet: Telekom wants to appease Internet users - Spiegel Online

Berlin – The German Telekom modified from their heavy criticism pace brake. Internet users who have consumed a certain amount of data per month, will now no longer be slowed down to 384 kbit per second, but at 2 Mbit per second. The news agency dpa learned from business circles.

Telekom currently advertises their DSL connections at speeds 16-200 Mbit. With 2 Mbits per second no video streaming is possible, for example in high resolution. On Tuesday evening Carsten Knobloch had reported on “Caschys blog” of the planned change.

2 May had introduced for new customers in the telecom landline data caps, above which the speed of your Internet connection can be throttled. The speed brake to take effect from 2016. More data volume users should then add an extra buy, as it is already common in mobile communications today.

providers should pay fast lane

criticism there is in the plans of the telecom because the company is also working on a two-tier internet. While the normal internet is throttled, users can purchase an extra service called Entertain. What volume of data obtained in this offering, users will not be additionally charged.

Internet service providers should be able to buy in the Entertain service. The provider pays the telecom money guaranteed to be available at the end of the month with his services even among its users. “Managed service” is what the group this model, in which the conventional Internet is artificially slowed down to allow customers and suppliers spend money on a fast track.

Markus Beckedahl of the digital society criticizes as hostile to innovation: “Big players will probably afford the passing lanes and want to have a competitive advantage over the competitors of tomorrow start-ups are open source projects and blogs. while looking into the tube and directed onto the slow side traces of the network. “

Network Agency and Cartel Check

The two-tier network of Telekom contradicts the network neutrality, the principle that all data should be treated equally in the transfer. But in this discussion, the group does not want to engage only. Because of the two-tier network, however, the Federal Network Agency and the Federal Cartel Office are alarmed. The guards check the plans currently.

criticism of the throttle plans be dismissed as a minority opinion of some frequent users who utilize the networks above average. Thus, it is currently from business circles: With the increase of the speed of a throttled line one wants to take the customer concern, not being able to use their Internet connection with 384 kbps per second. You have understood the concerns of the customers.

may be doubted. The Telekom had tried to explain the throttling plans: With 75 GB of data a month, could, among other 20 hours of video in HD to see and retrieve thousands of websites, it said in a infographic. Which was modified immediately by critics: Converted to a four-person household can be a day of a person visited only eight sites and ten minutes of video stream are considered. Critics also warn to compare the data consumption of today with that of 2016.

In a video journalist Mario Sixtus explains clearly how could affect the plans of the telecom.

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